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Interested in expanding your reach to a different audience? If so, Conquer & Win is now accepting guest contributors to write for us.

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If you’re in line with the values listed below we’d like to consider your writing.

Conquer & Win stands for:

  • Facing adversity and overcoming it
  • Self mastery
  • Healthy bodies and minds
  • Traditional Masculinity
  • Community
  • Healthy relationships and friendships
  • Family
  • Stoicism
  • Grit
  • Financial independence

We’re against

  • Safe spaces
  • Cultural and political marxism
  • Women and man bashing
  • The emasculation of men

Contributor guidelines

Contributors will get their post promoted on social media, to our list, and in some cases through paid ads. In return we ask that you share your post with your social media following on Facebook, mailing list, and other media.

We are looking for writing on:

  • Personal stories of triumph or defeat (with a lesson)
  • Manly how-to’s such as mechanical tutorials etc.
  • Opinion pieces
  • Life lessons
  • Masculinity/manhood
  • Family
  • Fatherhood
  • Dating & relationships
  • Divorce and break ups
  • Philosophy, especially stoicism
  • Health & fitness
  • Mindset
  • Current events and culture (without being directly related to politics)

We’re also open other male related topics and will take anything into consideration. A focus on stories and ideas coming from personal experiences is preferred. ‘How to’s’ are also accepted.

Spelling and grammar

All submitted post must be edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and concision.


A conversational style is preferred. Include sub headings which break the content up, and paragraphs no longer than three sentences. A narrative story which demonstrates your points or sets the tone should be included in the beginning. Stories are much better for connecting with audiences and holding attention than lectures.


Please verify any claims being made before submitting post. You may link to reputable resources within the post.


All post must be original content and cannot be published elsewhere without explicit permission. By submitting your writing you agree to allow Conquer & Win to use it for promotional materials, including, but not limited to republishing on other sites. Credit will be given to authors.

Submissions & Pitches

Submit your idea to eddy @ conquerandwin . com or through the form below. If you already have an article you may forward it. Paste within the email. Do not send any attachments as they will not be opened.

Include a two-three line author bio as well as a photo. You may include a link to your website and social media.

You may also put one link within the body of your article back to your blog. It must be related to and support your topic matter. Links to porn, gambling, dating review sites, online dating sites or other SPAM sites will not be accepted. No affiliate links.

Post should be 2000+ words minimum.

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