Will White Women Date Asian Men?

Are you an Asian man who wants to meet and date white women, but think that white women will not date Asian men?

Well me as a non-Asian man, I'm here to tell you that's false.

And how do I know that?

Well, the majority of my clients are Asian men, and a lot of them come to me with this idea, this limiting belief that white women will not date them because they're Asian.

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But through experience, they find out this is not true.

They end up getting experience actually talking to white women and asking them out on dates.

And the entire illusion that white women will not date Asian men just gets blown away.

In this blog, you will learn the following:

  • How to overcome the fear that your race keeps you from dating white women
  • How to gain real-life experience meeting and dating women of other races
  • How to gain experience and effectively change everything in the dating game

There is a sort of mystique that gets created around things that we don't have any experience with.

If you've never asked out a white woman nor dated one, there's gonna be a sort of mystery around it. It's gonna feel like it's just not possible.

Instead of being framed as, oh, I've never asked out a white woman and I've never dated a white woman - it's gonna be white women don't date Asian men.

As opposed to taking that and being like, okay, I have limited experience. You need to find out what's actually true.

It becomes this blanket belief and you believe that all white women just won't date all Asian men.

Well, maybe with some exceptions, and usually those exceptions, aren't you right?

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But when you get experience, it changes everything.

If you can start talking to these women, they are so mysterious right now because you never dated them and you've never asked them out.

Or maybe you have limited experience asking them out and you got rejected maybe.

Now, you apply this blanket belief to all of them, that none of them are gonna date you because you're Asian.

You don't even know that the woman who rejected you wouldn't date you because you're Asian. It could have been the way you asked her out.

Maybe you asked her out with a lack of confidence or you had a kind of a nice guy approach. There are lots of different reasons why women will reject the guy's advances.

But what I say is: it doesn't actually matter. Because it doesn't matter how many videos you watch, how many people tell you that you can or can't, or how many books you read.

The only thing that matters is you actually get out there and get the experience for yourself.

Because that's going to dissolve the illusion that you're not able to do this thing that you've been thinking about: dating white women.

On the other hand, it could become a self-confirming belief.

You could ask out one white woman and she rejects you, now it's because you're Asian, right?

Well, one experience is not good enough.

You have to go out there and get multiple experiences.

Plus, you have to keep in mind that when you're doing this, you're probably not going to come across super confidently.

You have to build your confidence and your social skills so you can become more effective.

And so that more women say yes to you when you ask them out and not just white women, it could be anybody.

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But yes, white women will say yes to you too. But you have to build your confidence and communicate in the right way in order for that to happen.

And that's going to take some time, and that's going to take a lot of practice.

But I guarantee if you start on this journey, you start building your confidence with women, and start building your communication skills – those mysterious white women will start saying yes to you.

And so will other women, too.

You don't have to limit yourself because of a lack of experience or because of some bad past experiences.

You can overcome that and get the results you want.

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Listen To The Audio Version Here

To recap, here are some actionable tips to help you gain confidence and put yourself out there:

  1. Don't let prior negative experiences deter you from trying again
  2. Focus on gaining real-world experience
  3. Always work on building your confidence and communication skills

Now, are you an Asian man who's had some positive or bad experiences with white women?

Leave a comment below. Until next time, conquer and win.

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