Why You Should Never Put Women on a Pedestal

Are you putting women on a pedestal by saying things like, 'she's out of my league' or 'she'd never go for a guy like me'? I'm going to explain why this kind of thinking is actually the reason you're not getting these kind of women.

And one of the root causes of your challenge to get into great relationships. And I'm also going to talk a little bit about what you can do about it and how to change your mindset so you can start getting better at attracting women.

Now, one of the problems with guys putting women on a pedestal is they automatically assume they're little angels and they're pure and also other weird things about purity and these kind of ideas and judging woman's character by their looks.

You know, assuming they have better taste, better intelligence and only will go out with model looking guys because they're attractive.

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Women are not as innocent as you think. They have all the same character traits and flaws that men do and all sorts of other issues. An attractive woman is just as likely to have bad relationship skills and bad character as a woman who's unattractive and you're putting on a pedestal and you think is so pure and great.

And so while you're putting your co-worker or whoever it is, whoever your crush is on a pedestal and thinking she's so out of your league, she's probably getting your face stuffed into the couch right now by some dude who doesn't give a fuck and isn't putting her on a pedestal.

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Attractive women are not saints. In the moment you take them off of that pedestal, you'll start opening up your dating and relationship options and actually find an attractive, high quality woman with a good personality and good character. Just because somebody is attractive does not mean make them out of your league.

However, that kind of thinking is definitely the sort of thing that puts them on a makeshift throne being held up by a bunch of guys who think that these women are so great just because they're good looking. If you want more relationship and dating options, you need to start judging each woman individually by their actual personality.

And that means you have to meet them, as well. And usually when you meet them and start getting to know women, a lot of them aren't as great as they seem on the outside when you're looking in from the street or whatever, or you see another group of people who have attractive women but they're not in your group. So you don't know them personally, you just think they're so great.

So you have to meet these women, get to know them and date them to actually be able to know if they're actually good relationship quality women. Otherwise, you're just looking at a surface appearance and it's completely superficial. She could be a great woman or she could be a total snake. You never know until you actually start dating these women and start learning about their personalities and their personality flaw.

In order to get into the best kinds of long term relationships, you really need to know a woman's personality. You need to get to know her inside and out and find out if you guys are on the same page or not and as well as the fact is, if there's any red flags and she has baggage or other issues that you're not going to want to deal with. Because trust me, you really don't want to deal with those issues.

You need to find somebody who is already complete and whole without you. And you guys can join forces and become a team. But for the ones who have issues, you're never going to fix those issues and just don't carry on with your relationship and poison the whole thing. And I've been through that before.

So to build your confidence in this area, you really need to get out and talk to these women that you have this kind of false image about.


Because you're going to start learning who they really are and what they're really about and whether you connect with them personally as well. Once you start getting dates with attractive women, they're not going to be mysterious anymore.

And you're not going to have them up here because you're going to know they're just people with the same kind of flaws that you probably have as well.

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And to start getting dates with them, you get out and start talking to them or learn how to approach them, learn how to start conversations in public or social gatherings, even though it might be limited right now.

But it's not going to be limited forever. And there's still opportunities even now. And for the clients that I'm working with to talk to attractive women and learn these skills and get dates.

And if you want personal help in this area, that's what I do with the guys, I coach them. I actually take them out, show them how to talk to women and help them get dates, as well as online coaching for guys who are outside of my city.

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So now I want to know what you think. Leave a comment below. Leave me your opinion. If you have any questions, I'll answer them in this YouTube video or if you have a different opinion, I want to hear.

So until next time, Conquer and Win.

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