Why Girls Never Look At You (and 6 ways to be more attractive)

So, you're here to learn why girls never look at you. There could be a lot of different reasons for that, including physical.

In this post, you'll finally get the answer to this questions by learning things like:

How to be more attractive

  1. Stand straight: stand tall to make the maximum use of your height
  2. Head up: if you don’t practice this, it'll take height off and you won't look confident
  3. Chin up: it’ll make you look more confident and edgy
  4. Eyes looking forward: you need it to have situational awareness and to look confident
  5. Hands out of your pockets: your arms should be on your side hanging naturally
  6. Have your shoulders back: it’ll emphasize your natural shape and give you broad shoulders

How to boost your confidence and be more attractive to women

  • Style: wear proper street shoes and clean, fitting clothes
  • Fitness: it’ll help you with a lot of areas: you’re going to have more energy, feel more confident and have better posture
  • Eye contact: make strong eye contact. You may sometimes get a smile out of it
  • Make sure you're feeling good: if you’re happier, you’ll attract more positive attention
  • Smile: don’t show a frowny or neutral face. Smile, it’ll get you positive attention

And a lot more. If you want more details on these key points, keep reading.

Let’s get into:

Reasons Why Girls Never Look At You

Here are some reasons why girls may not be looking at you.

Think about what a girl might like and what might attract her attention, what may attract her eyes.

Obviously, physical attraction is big here to attract a woman's attention, so looks will make a difference.

But one thing that's very often overlooked for looks is body language. Guys are very often walking around giving the wrong signals.

I know that these body language mistakes will have guys blend into the background and not attract the attention of women.

It'll actually make you feel less confident if you're making these body language mistakes which will make you further less interesting for the women around you.

You need to project that confidence to the world to attract the kind of attention that you want from women.

How To Be More Attractive

Here are some ways to make yourself look better, to be more attractive, and get more eyes on you when you're walking down the street:

#1. Stand Straight

If you're not standing straight, if you got a curved back and you're leaning forward or something like that, regardless of how tall you are, you're going to be shorter by doing this.

Stand tall to make the maximum use of your height.

You don't have to be tall, but make the maximum use of your height by standing tall.

This will also make you shorter, when you walk around looking at the ground and have your head down.

You don't want to do that. It's going to take height off and also does not look confident.

Plus, you're going to not have situational awareness.

You're not going to even see the girls passing by if you have your head down.

#2. Head Up

If you walk around looking at the ground and have your head down, it'll take height off and won't look confident.

#3. Chin Up

So have your head up, but also have your chin up. Just a little bit.

It looks slightly arrogant, but it's also going to make you look a lot more confident and give you a little bit more of an edgy look.

#4. Eyes Looking Forward

Don't look at the ground.

You're not going to have situational awareness and it just doesn't look confident.

Plus, when you're walking down the street, if you really want to get attention from women, it's important to also make eye contact with them.

You'll never catch eye contact with women if you're looking at the ground.

#5. Hands Out Of Your Pockets

Just like hunching over or bending forward is going to make you shorter, having your hands in your pockets is going to make you look smaller.

Your arms should be hanging by your sides naturally. Relax freely.

It's going to give you a better stride, it's going to look a lot more confident and it's going to make you feel more confident.

#6. Have Your Shoulders Back

This will emphasize your natural shape as a man.

It'll give you broader shoulders and it'll make you breathe properly instead of if your shoulders are rolled forward, compressing your chest.

You don't want to do that. It's going to be bad for your energy and bad for your look.

By fixing these body language problems, you're going to make yourself feel more confident, which automatically is going to attract more attention from women.

How To Boost Your Confidence And Be More Attractive To Women

Here's another list of things which will also help you.

It's also going to affect your personal appearance, as well as the way you feel about yourself and the way that other people feel about you when they see you:

#1. Style

An easy way to improve your look is to dress a little bit better. It doesn't have to be fancy.

It doesn't have to be expensive clothes, but wear good shoes.

Don't wear running shoes unless you're running. Wear proper street shoes. Clean, properly fitting clothing will be good.

If you're not sure what to wear, if you don't know what kind of style is going to be good for you, go experiment.

Go try on some different clothing and see how it fits and looks, and get an attractive woman's opinion. Probably somebody working at the retail shop.

#2. Fitness

Another easy way to be more attractive.

Obviously it takes work and it takes some dedication, but this will pay off big, it's going to give you big dividends basically.

You're going to feel better, you're gonna have more energy, you're going to feel more confident.

It's also going to help your posture too.

A lot of the time when guys have bad posture, it's because it's a habit, for starters.

However, certain back muscles or shoulder muscles are going to be weak because you're used to that bad posture and you need to exercise to correct that.

#3. Eye Contact

When you're walking around, try to make eye contact with women.

Don't stare through them, but just kind of casually glance around.

If you make eye contact with somebody and she looks away, then you look away too. Just continue on.

But if you make eye contact with a woman and she holds her eye contact, you hold yours. You're most likely going to get a smile out of that.

That's going to be a good way to start conversations as well. Be sure to do this on dates or when you're meeting or greeting anyone.

Have strong eye contact, don't have your eyes darting all around or looking at the ground.

#4. Make Sure You're Feeling Good

If you're doing all these other things, it's going to help you feel better.

Feeling good about yourself and doing the things that you know you need to do to get what you want in life will give you a boost of energy.

Basically, you're going to have a different kind of aura about you.

You're going to look happier, you're not going to look frowny faced and that's going to attract more positive attention.

#5. Smile

A lot of the time when I hear guys talk about how they can't meet anyone or everybody in the city it is so cold, they walk around with their frowny face.

When they greet people at a store or doing anything, they keep that same kind of not really neutral, but it's not a great face.

You don't want to be greeting everyone with a resting bitch face. It's not flattering and you're not going to get any smiles back.

If you're meeting women, and this includes at a restaurant or coffee shop or anywhere, there's lots of dating opportunities out there.

But if you don't smile, it's not likely you're going to get the kind of attention you want: positive attention.

To learn more about attraction, check out this post that's about why looks don't matter much.

Emphasis on the "much" part because they do make a difference, but it's not the main thing, check out this post.

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below.

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