Where Do People Meet?

I need to ask you a serious question: where do people meet?

Well, it's not really my question.

But if you're a guy who's had trouble with online dating and you're like, "to hell with it. I'm not going to do this shit anymore", then that means you're searching for alternatives and you're wondering things like:

Where do people meet? Where can I meet a good woman and get a date or a relationship?

Lucky for you, there are lots of alternatives to using dating apps or online dating sites.

One of the great things about meeting people offline is that you get to develop your social skills, your confidence, and your personality as a man.

This is because to make this stuff work, if you want to actually meet somebody in public, for example, you need some confidence to go do it and you need some social skills to make that connection.

I'm going to cover the top places that people meet so you can find a great woman for a date or a relationship. Let's go.

Where Do People Meet?

Here's my top list of where people meet in no particular order. I suggest you try all of them to sharpen your skills and to meet as many women as possible.

#1. The Grocery Store

While shopping, take advantage of the fact that there are women everywhere in a grocery store. Many of them will be open to conversation if you do it the right way.

#2. Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are great not only for meeting the patrons there, but also the women who are working in the coffee shops.

Very often there will be single women there and a lot of them will be open to conversations, they'll just be relaxing and having a coffee, maybe a cake.

As long as you open your conversation with a smile on your face and a friendly voice, the vast majority of women there will respond to you and be kind.

#3. The Street

The street may not feel very inviting to get a date. However, we spend a lot of time on the street and you're going to be passing by a lot of attractive women.

Why not take advantage to get into a conversation? Although, usually this requires what's called a direct approach, which requires a lot of balls and some skills.

But if you're willing to learn, then the world is your oyster.

#4. Restaurants

Restaurants will often present more challenges because there's going to be a lot more groups or couples at a restaurant than in a coffee shop.

There still will be some single women you can talk to at tables as well as the waitresses, who very often are quite attractive.

#5. Meetup Groups

If you want something that's not quite as courageous as approaching somebody on the street, a meetup group may just be for you.

The great advantage of going to a meetup group is that you'll be part of the same group, so it's a lot easier to introduce yourself.

Plus, you can also pick activities that you actually enjoy. No matter what it is, it's a win win.

#6. Networking Events

This will work a lot better if you're an entrepreneur or some business owner, or if you're interested in business.

But hell, even if you're not interested in business, you can go there and check things out, you may even get some good ideas.

Even though generally speaking, this will be a little more formal, women are women everywhere no matter where you go.

If you meet some single women at the networking event, you'll have a chance to score a date there as well.

#7. Sports Teams

If you get involved in your favorite sport, not only can you get fit and have some fun, but you'll also have a chance to meet other singles and even make some friends too.

#8. Take A Class

For just about any kind of topic you can think of, there is a class you can take to get better at it.

A great advantage to taking a class in order to meet someone is that no matter what happens, even if you don't meet someone, you're going to acquire a new skill. You get better at the things you like.

However, chances are you'll have an opportunity to meet friends and women as well who are interested in the same things you're interested in.

#9. Join A Club

You can join a political club or even a rock climbing club, it doesn't really matter.

The point is you're going to meet like minded people there, have a chance to make friends, as well as have a chance to meet women who are interested in the same things you are.

#10. Join A Volunteer Organisation

You have a chance to make a difference and help other people. Plus, if that's your thing, you'll also be able to meet other people who are also just as compassionate as you are.

This is where we're going to stop the list.

Obviously, the list could be a lot bigger, but tell me your favorite way to meet people in the comments below.


These are the top 10 places where people meet, in no particular order:

  1. The grocery store: there are women everywhere in any grocery store, and many of them will be open to conversation
  2. Coffee shops: very often there will be a lot of single women you could talk to. As long as you open with a friendly voice and a smile, you’ll be good to go
  3. The street: for this, it’s better to learn how to do a direct approach so you can take advantage of the fact you’re gonna pass by lots of attractive women
  4. Restaurants: here, even if it’s a little more challenging, you can still talk to attractive single women and waitresses
  5. Meetup Groups: you’ll be doing something you like, it’s going to be easier to introduce yourself and you won’t have to do a direct approach
  6. Networking events: it’s a little more formal, but attractive single women are everywhere, even in a business settings
  7. Sports teams: you’ll be involved in your favorite sport and meeting new people while having fun
  8. Take a class: even if you don’t meet someone, you’d have developed a new skill. And if you do meet someone, she’ll be interested in the same things you are
  9. Join A Club: you’ll get a chance to meet like minded people and make new friends
  10. Join a volunteer organization: you’d be making a difference while meeting people who are compassionate, just like you

If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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