When Indian Men Get Rejected

'When Indian Men Get Rejected' is actually true for when most men getting rejected. So, I'm going to be throwing in a few pointers here as well, like what to do when you face rejection. This video is by Captain Sinbad. Let's go.

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-Hi, how are you?

Hey, I'm good, how are you?

-I'm doing pretty good, thanks.

I hope, I hope I'm not bothering you.

Are you, like, busy?

So for starters, never tell a girl you hope you're not bothering her, right? If she's interested in you, you're not bothering her. She wants to talk to you.

But, if she's not interested in you, then maybe you are bothering her and then maybe it's time to move on. Right? She's the wrong girl for you. You don't make a connection there.

In the middle of something or?

-No, I can talk.

And it also comes across much less assertive. That comes across as insecure. Right? So even if she was interested in the beginning, when these kinds of little things add up and you could kind of push her away.

Oh, yeah, I had a great time with you last week, you know, when we went mini golfing, I was just wondering, like, you want to like, we should do it again, you know, like, do you want to, like, go see a movie or something?

-Me and you?

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Whenever you're inviting a girl out, don't ask her if she wants to go do something. Tell you should go do something or we should go do something or let's go do something, right? Be more assertive, it always comes across much more attractive and much more confident.

Yeah, or I mean,

-I might, I might be busy.

For sure yeah, yeah, yeah,

We all know what that means.

Yeah, yeah. No, that stuff...

So that's cool. I'm really busy too.

Like, I just like to always be doing things.

That's great.

Listen, I'll catch up with you another time and it was so cool to chat with you in life.

All right! Bye now.


Some of us were meant to walk alone, I suppose. That's me, my path is different. I'm alone, a lone, wolf.

I'm better off in solitude and in solitude I'll find my voice. In solitude, I'll find my anger. In solitude, I would become what you could have only dreamt of having been with.

Reject me?

No, I wouldn't let end like this. I've turned my pain into art. I've become bigger than you ever could have imagined. And you'll ruin the day you ever left me, woman

*Indian song plays*

Why did she not call me back, man? It's been hard on the streets with my slack snacks, man. I'm going to be a star! You cannot stop me. She broke my heart, she broke my heart... You broke my heart.



-Hey! It's me again.


-Hey, I just wanted to call you to say sorry. I was just a little bit busier earlier chatting up with some friends, so it's just kind of hard to talk. But I actually am free if you're still open to hanging out, again?

You are?


You want to see me, again?

-Yeah, I want to see you again.

Oh, awesome!


So he is surprised, obviously, but, you know, if you're in this kind of situation, a girl asks you out, don't confirm again like, 'oh, you want to see me again?' Just be like 'oh, cool let's do that', right?

You know, go along with it. You don't have to do it to confirm again verbally. She already told you.

-That's for sure. Let me know if you're free, ok.

Yeah. I'll get back to you. All right.

-OK. Awesome!

-Awesome, bye!

The best thing to do here is he's like, I'll get back to you. Don't get back to her. Like, set up the day right now. She just called you, she wants to set up a meeting. Don't get back to her later. Just tell her now and check her schedule and say 'hey, let's get together on Wednesday at seven o'clock' or whatever the time at so-and-so place.

Right? You got the schedule back then. Maybe she'll cool off again. I don't know. These things are very, very finicky with dating and women are kind of like squirrels when you start dating and you just meet somebody and they disappear just like that. So better be fast, be assertive and it's much more likely to actually happen.

I'm a psycho!

So yeah, don't be a psycho like he said. It sucks to get rejected. It feels bad. It's OK to feel bad about it, too. If you get rejected and you feel bad, just whatever...Go with the flow, go with it.

But you don't want that burden to stick with you though you don't to be obsessing about it and thinking about the next day and the day after and then just letting it consume you.

That's the problem when, when rejection goes too far or that bad feeling from rejection goes too far as well, we let it take control.

It's alright to feel that initial burden is like kind of sucks. It can, it can hurt, but hey, get back on the wagon. Go talk to another girl. Go ask somebody else out. That's the way you really get rid of this whole, you know, this bad feeling from rejection in the first place because you have abandoned your relationship options or you getting off.

Listen To The Audio Version Here

You can always meet another girl and another and another and you can date somebody. And if that doesn't go well, I can date somebody else. You know, you're always confident you can always meet somebody else.

That's really how you could get rid of these amplified emotions that are really kind of go out of control from rejection because, you know, usually it's because there's no other options.

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And that might have been the only girl you asked out in the last six months or a year or even the last month. Right? If you've been asking out other girls and other girls are saying yes, you go out with people.

It's not such a burden anymore. When one girl says no, it doesn't work out for some reason, you have other options. So keep looking.

So leave me a comment below. Let me know how you handle rejection and until next time - Conquer and Win.

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