What To AVOID Asking On A First Date?

What to avoid asking on a first date?

In this post, you'll learn:

  • The most common things you should avoid asking on a first date 
  • How to avoid most of the ridiculous options (really, this list could be huge)

If you ask any of the questions you're going to read about, then they could kill your chances of getting laid or getting a second date. Let's get into it.

What To Avoid Asking On A First Date

When going on a first date with a girl, it may seem like you're avoiding landmines in terms of topics for things that might just blow up in your face and ruin the whole date.

However, it's really not that complicated. Most of the time you'll be good if you focus on her and get to know her.

Basically, you need to get to know the things that are important to her, and not stick to superficial topics too much.

With that, you'll have a good chance of creating a connection because when people talk about themselves and they open up what things are important to them, it'll make them like you, ironically.

Top Questions Or Topics To Avoid

Here are a few things you should avoid asking on a first date:

#1. How Much Money Does She Make?

It's not a topic that most guys care about because we're really just looking at her looks... And obviously, the personality too.

Yes, that's important, I know.

But hey, what attracts us to women initially is the looks. Let's be real.

Although it is more common for women, there are some male gold diggers out there.

Bringing up the topic of her income could seem too personal on a first date, and it may seem odd to her that you're asking this question.

#2. Asking About Her Exes

Although most guys won't do this, some guys will bring up the topic of exes. This is a topic that should be left on a need-to-know basis.

Most times you really don't need to know anything about her exes.

#3. How Many Sexual Partners Has She Had?

This will definitely come across as too personal, and she's going to wonder why you care about how many sexual partners she's had.

#4. Sexual Topics

Yes, of course you want to get into sexual topics with your date. But on a first date, oftentimes it's really not going to work well.

You'll probably be more likely to actually take her home and sleep with her before she'll talk about sex without being turned off about it.

Of course, this is not always the case, but if you're watching this video, you're probably not so smooth that you can bring up this topic without turning her off.

Instead, you should be seducing her with your personality, your eye contact and the way you're using your voice, not with the topics you're talking about.

#5. Any Political, Religious, Or Otherwise Controversial Topics

Hey, you're not there on your first date to have a debate with her.

Otherwise, you're going to be going home alone because you're a master debater.

So, what do you think you should be avoiding asking on a first date? Leave a comment below.


Remember, there are five questions and topics you should stay away from if you want your first  date to go smoothly:

  1. “How much money do you make?”
  2. Anything related to her exes
  3. The number of sexual partners she’s had
  4. Any type of sexual topic
  5. Political, religious, or otherwise controversial topics 

That’s all for this one. If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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