What Should You Order On A First Date?

What should you order on a first date?

The answer to this is going to depend on whether or not you went to a bar, a restaurant, or a café, or some other kind of venue.

There really isn't any rule about what you should or should not order on a first date.

Generally speaking, if you're a guy, the best thing you can do is avoid going anywhere that's going to cost you an arm and a leg.

This is because you can spend all the money you like on your date, but it's not going to help you attract her.

It's not going to help you take her home or do anything else, including starting a relationship. Plus, it sets a bad precedent that you're this guy who just spends money on her to try to impress her.

But hey, life costs money and dates sometimes cost money too, especially if you're doing it wrong.

Although, you're not always going to be able to enjoy a free date or a wiener at 7-11.

Taking that into consideration, if you are going to go to a bar, restaurant or a café, just choose whatever you like.

Avoid getting bottle service or ordering whole bottles of wine or anything like that because that's going to run up the cost very fast.

If you're at a bar, enjoy one drink. Or if you go to a restaurant, order something that's going to be pretty simple and easy to eat and not cause a big mess.

Plus, that's going to actually allow you to have a conversation and not talk with your mouth full.

If you go to a coffee shop, you can pretty much order anything and not go wrong.


Here's one common question guys ask about what to order on a first date:

How should you eat on a first date?

When eating on a first date, avoid eating with your mouth open or make any mouth noises.

This is guaranteed to annoy your date and you're not likely to get a second date after that.

Also, avoid talking while your mouth is full.

You're probably going to spit something out, as well as giving her some seafood because you're going to see everything in your mouth.

That's it for this one. If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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