What Should You NOT Do On A First Date?

What should you not do on a first date?

The topic of what should you not do on a first date could be huge. There's going to be a lot more things you shouldn't do on a first date than there are things that you should do on a first date.

That's why in this post, you'll learn:

  • The most common things that guys do on a first date that they shouldn't do
  • Why doing these things ends up ruining your chances of getting laid

And a lot more. Let's jump into it.

What Should You Not Do On A First Date?

In no particular order, here are a list of the most common things that might happen on a first date that you really shouldn't do:

#1. Introducing Her To Your Family

This is just your first date, so introducing her to your family is really a no go. It's going to come across as way too serious and she's going to probably run for the hills.

#2. Going To Dinner

This one may be surprising to a lot of you because hey, what the heck? Dinner is one of the most common first dates.

That's one of the main reasons why you shouldn't do it. Other reasons are: It's exactly that but that's also one of the

It's costly, you're going to end up paying for her, and you're probably not going to see her again.

Plus, you're going to have your mouth full of food, which isn't a great start to a conversation.

So, instead of becoming a meal ticket, it's better to pick something that's either low cost or no cost. But hey, if you really want to splurge on dinner, 7-11 has hot dogs.

#3. Hanging Out With Your Friends

Hanging out with your friends may not seem like a bad idea. But, if you think about it, when you're around your friends there are always non stop distractions.

You're going to be chatting with your friends. And sure, yeah, you could put on a display of how cool and social you are, but it's not really needed.

Besides, it would be a lot better to have a one on one conversation with her.

#4. Going For Drinks

Going to the bar to get drinks is actually a good date, but only if you limit it to one drink. Maybe two.

If you don't put that limit, the cost is going to rack up super fast and your behavior is going to be changing, probably not for the positive if you go overboard.

#5. Complaining Or Saying Anything Negative

This is a big one, and it includes exes.

If you come across as negative or you're complaining about things, no matter what it is, it'll put you in a negative light. Even if you're right.

Stay positive, focus on her, get to know her, and you'll have a much better date.

#6. Going Hiking

Hiking is a great activity and it's awesome once you're already a couple or going with your friends or just doing solo hikes.

However, taking a first date out on a hike is something that's going to probably commit you to investing a lot of time. You don't want to be on a first date for a super long time, trust me.

The shorter the window, the better. Don't tire your date out with a really long date. On top of that, you don't quite know her.

So, if you're taking her on a first date on a hike and you're investing all this time, you'll be stuck with her.

It's better, easier and faster to go somewhere that's close by. You can always bail out if the date isn't good.

#7. Having A Movie Date

Going to the movies can potentially be a good first date, but... once again, we're dealing with the cost and you're paying for somebody you're probably not going to be seeing again.

Plus, you don't get that one on one conversation while you're having a movie.

The good news is there are some ways you can make it better. If you're talking into each other's ears, you can make it a little more intimate and there's other things that might happen.

However, generally speaking, unless you can get physical, then it's better not to bring her on a movie date.

It's better to do something where you can actually have a conversation and make eye contact when you're facing each other.

#8. Choosing Overly Expensive Dates

Don't do anything that's going to cost you a boatload of money, especially if you're going on a lot of dates. (if you don't have a lot of dates, you may want to fix that)

But if you start going on dates regularly, all the dinners and all the rides everywhere and all the drinks start to add up.

You don't need to do it. You don't need to spend money on your date to get her interested in you.

In fact, oftentimes it's going to work against you if you're just dishing out money for girls.

There are a lot of other things that could be covered on this about what you shouldn't do, but these are some of the most common.

Leave a comment in the description to let me know what you think you shouldn't do on a first date.


The topic of knowing what you should not do on a first date is huge, but there are definitely some things you need to keep in mind, such as:

  1. Introducing her to your family: it'll come across as way too serious for a first date, and that’s probably going to make her run
  2. Going to dinner: shocker, I know. But… you should avoid these types of dates because they’re common, expensive and too complicated
  3. Hanging out with your friends: your date deserves your attention, and she really won’t be impressed by your “social skills” when talking to your friends
  4. Going for drinks: if you don’t limit yourselves, the cost of a date like this can rise up quickly
  5. Complaining or saying anything negative: remember, a date is all about getting to know her and focusing on her, not in other things
  6. Going hiking: it’s a great couples activity, but it’s not a good fit for a first date. It commits you to a longer date with isn’t convenient for you, so it’s best to skip it altogether
  7. Having a movie date: again, these types of dates come out to being way too expensive and very hard to get around having meaningful conversations
  8. Choosing overly expensive dates: you don’t need to do this, especially if you have a lot of dates planned out. Showing off your money isn’t a good strategy in this scenario

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below.

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