What Should A Guy Text After The First Date?

What should a guy text after the first date?

In most cases after a first date, you really don't have to text anything.

Generally speaking, at least for myself, I won't text her until the next day or the next few days to set up the next date.

However, it doesn't hurt to follow up and tell her you had a nice time. Just make sure your text isn't overdoing it.

You don't want to come across as needy, or like you loved her too much. Oh, and definitely don't thank her for the date.

After all, you're not a doormat and you shouldn't be worshiping her for her attention.

Another thing you could text after the first date besides saying you had a good time is: "Hey, let's get together again next week. When works for you?", and set up that second date right away.

But, I want to know, how do you like following up after the first date?

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