What Should A Guy Do After A First Date?

What should a guy do after a first date?

Well... if your first date is like most first dates, you're probably not going to see her again. Let's be real here.

So, you should go home immediately and masturbate furiously while her memory is still fresh in your mind.

Or, you could take a chill pill. Relax. You don't really have to do anything after a first date.

Sometimes it's nice to follow up and send her a message and say, "hey, I had a nice time". But don't overdo it.

If you overdo it saying you really enjoyed yourself, or "let's do it again", or that you're going crazy about her, it could come across as needy.

Especially if she's not quite on the same level, maybe you enjoyed the date a lot more than she did...But hey, she could have still enjoyed the date.

Don't come across too strongly if you follow up with a letter, or text message saying you enjoyed the date. Definitely don't send a letter.

Another thing you should not do after a first date is send her a thank you. Don't thank her for the date.

This will definitely come across as needy and sound like you haven't had dates for a while, which may be true, but you don't want to project that at her.

Don't be so grateful that a woman gave you a little bit of attention that you're willing to throw yourself at her and push her away in the process.

But what do you do after your first dates? Leave a comment below.

If you have any questions, also leave them below.

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