What NOT To Talk About On A First Date?

The topic of what not to talk about on a first date could be a really big one. There could be literally endless things that you shouldn't talk about on a first date.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • Some of the big and common things that usually come up on first dates and shouldn't
  • Why you shouldn't bring certain topics up

Trust me, it's best if you know this. It'll save you from the pain and suffering that comes along with the calluses that you're going to get on your hand when you go home. Alone.

Let's jump into it.

What NOT To Talk About On A First Date?

Here are the biggest things to come up on a first date and ruin it.

I've experienced at least some of these myself when I made mistakes. So, unless you're 100% certain you're on exactly the same page, you really shouldn't be bringing these up.

Scratch that. Even if you are on the same page, it's best not to bring these topics up on the first date. You can bring them up later as you get to know each other.

The topics are:

#1. Abortion

Abortion is a very heated topic. Obviously, this is going to be a major date killer.

I suppose if you are on the same page, you could connect on that, but it's a very heavy topic. It's best to keep things a little lighter on a first date.

That doesn't mean you have to talk about superficial things, you want to get into someone's aspirations and their ambitions. But abortion isn't one of them.

#2. Your Favorite Political Party

Or just politics in general aren't a great first date conversation.

This can lead to a very heated discussion or at the very least, someone not liking you or someone, aka your date, not going home with you.

#3. Identity Politics

Just like any other politics, identity politics are a no go, whether you're for or against.

This is something which can get heated very quickly.

#4. Your Bank Account Statement

Don't start talking about how you do have lots of money or how you don't have lots of money. In either case, it's not going to put you in a good light.

If you're talking about how much money you have, it's going to come across as bragging unless you've got a gold digger and that's what you're trying to attract.

It's probably not going to go very well. And if you don't have a lot of money, why bring that up?

That's also something that's not going to be putting you in a great light.

#5. Past Relationships

One of the most common first date topics that people don't like is an ex or exes. Stories about your exes, basically.

Stay off the entire topic about exes. Nobody wants to hear about what your ex did or how much you hate them or whatever.

Most often this is just going to put you in a bad light.

Even if your ex was the worst person in the whole world, then it's still going to put you in a bad light because they're not going to know her story.

She's going to be thinking, "wait a second, is this true? Is this not true?" The angrier you are about your ex, the worse it's going to make you look.

It's best to avoid this topic completely. Nobody cares.

I'm going to stop this list here. The number of topics you could go into, that you probably shouldn't go into on a first date, could truly be endless.


There are tons of topics that are best left untouched for first dates, but here are the main ones:

  1. Your views on abortion
  2. Your favorite political party, or politics in general
  3. Identity politics
  4. Money or bank account statements
  5. Past relationships or stories about your exes

Leave me your favorite first date topics that you shouldn't go into in the comments section below.

If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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