What Drink To Order On A First Date?

There's really no rule about what drink to order on a first date. This 100% comes down to personal preference.

You could get a fancy drink with an umbrella in it or a beer, whatever you like.

There's only one rule when it comes to getting a drink on a first date, and that is: don't drink too much.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Drink Too Much On The First Date

It should be obvious why you shouldn't drink too much on a first date, but I'll go over the reasons in case you're not familiar with them:

#1. You'll Make A Fool Out Of Yourself

If you drink too much, your inhibitions tend to go down, and a lot of people can't really control their alcohol.

#2. You'll Make Bad Decisions

Maybe this girl isn't the right girl for you, not even for a one night stand, and you might regret it in the morning when you wake up next to her and realize that you made a mistake.

#3. It Requires A Lot Of Money

Drinks are expensive. A lot of drinks are like 8, 9, 10 dollars or more.

So if you're having multiple drinks with a girl, chances are you're going to be paying for them as well.

That's going to be the cost of your drinks, plus her drinks, to pay for a girl that you probably won't see again.

#4. You Shouldn't Rely On Alcohol To Get Laid

This is a huge one.

If you rely on alcohol to get laid, meaning the girls that you sleep with have to be drunk in order to go home with you, then there's something wrong.

It means you don't have the confidence to take a woman home without alcohol. You're depending on this as a crutch.

If you're good with women, you're confident, and you have social skills, you don't need any alcohol whatsoever to take a woman home and get her to sleep with you.

She's going to be turned on by you and your personality, and she's not going to need alcohol to feel that.

Of course, a little alcohol is okay to set a mood, but don't get wasted just to get laid.

When it comes to what drinks to have on a first date, you make the choice. Just take it easy so you can actually have a good date and focus on creating attraction and see where it goes.


Should you order alcohol on a first date?

Ordering alcohol on a first date can be a great way to get to know someone,as long as you don't overdo it and make a fool out of yourself.

It can also be a fairly cheap date if you keep it to one drink.

What alcohol should I drink on a first date?

The alcohol you drink on a first date is 100% personal preference.

There's nothing you're going to drink that's really going to impress or turn off your date, so you make the choice.

What drink should a man order?

A man should order any damn drinks he wants to order. But a typical choice, obviously, is beer, as well as different kinds of hard alcohol.


The choice of what drink to have on a first date is entirely yours. It doesn’t really matter what you order, as long as you don’t drink too much. 

Here are the main reasons why you should keep this golden rule in mind for your first dates:

  1. You’ll probably make a fool out of yourself
  2. You’ll make bad decisions
  3. It gets really expensive, really fast
  4. It’s not good to rely on alcohol to get laid

That's all for this one. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below.

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