Vancouver Dating: Meet Women in Vancity


Find singles like you in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. Vancouver dating doesn’t have to be a struggle if you know where to meet women, and how to attract them.

In this guide, I’ll show you a number of different options from online dating, matchmakers, and dating coaching.

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Whether you’re a single dad, young bachelor, or a single professional, keep reading to the end to explore all of your options.

Singles in Vancouver

Vancouver girls are a mix between Canadian born, tourist and foreign women who have immigrated. It’s an international city with a mix of cultures that gives men many options for dating.

You can find Canadian women seeking men almost anywhere within the city. Yaletown and Coal Harbor are great spots to meet fashionable single professionals. The West End is a bit more earthy but has a good mix of style and youth.

Richmond and Burnaby have a large population of Chinese, and if you go further West to Surrey there is a large Indian population.

The Dating Scene

A lot of men complain about the Vancouver dating scene. “Women here are cold” or “unapproachable”. Although it may seem hard to approach women in Vancouver, the reality is that it takes some practice and confidence to make it work.

Interestingly enough, a lot of women here complain that men don’t approach. If you’re a man who want’s to learn this skill then scroll to the next section. It’s easy to stand out when the standards are so low. Become a man who raises the bar.

Here’s a list of option to meet women in Vancouver

1. Dating Coaching

Date coaching is about personal growth (when done correctly). The industry has been tarnished by PUA’s and low quality coaches who can’t demonstrate what they preach. Coaches who practice what they preach still exist though.

Conquer & Win offers mentorships for guys who want to change from the inside out. The men we work with understand that the relationships we attract into our lives are a direct result of our own social skills. Experience levels, mindset, and direct action all play a part.

The Conquer and Win tribe is about taking control into our own hands so we can become better men. When we blame others for our situation in life, we give all of our power away.

With dating coaching you’ll learn:

  • How to confidently approach any woman in public (no more online dating or clubs)
  • Advanced social skills to maneuver any get together, whether personal or networking
  • How to become rejection proof so you no longer get burned by negative emotions
  • Confidence hacks to feel great when you really need it
  • How to text women so they reply and set up your date
  • How to have great dates which turn into second and third dates, then relationships
  • How to ask a woman home without being awkward
  • Conversation tactics to create deep connections and avoid running out of things to say
  • Positive self expression so you don’t have to “fake it” or filter the real you
  • How to get out of or avoid the friend zone
  • How to overcome shyness
  • How to be assertive but still polite
  • How to become the man you were meant to be

All coaching for Vancouver residents takes place in person. You’ll get hands-on practice and feedback from your coach, not theory. Meet real women while developing yourself and finding your ideal relationship.

Your coach is your personal wingman. He’ll demonstrate exactly how to do proper approaches which capture attention, create interest, and get dates.

All approaches are done as gentlemen (no pick up tactics), subtle, and look just like you’re talking with a friend. Learn the old fashioned way to meet women by clicking the button below:

If you’re tired of trying to figure out women and dating, isn’t time to try something new.


2. Speed Dating in Vancouver

A potentially fun way to meet women is speed dating. Although I’ve never tried it myself, it’s worth a shot. You can meet dozens of women in a single night who are all interested in meeting a man. To make it work you’re going to need to make a connection quickly. Most speed dating only gives you a minute or two to chat and make a decision.

If you use the same, “How’s it going?” that the other 20 guys just told her, then the chances of standing out are slim.

Here are couple sites you can try. As with most of the links on this page, this is not a personal endorsement.


This service will try to match you with up to 25 dates in a single night. They claim a 76% match rate, and you can come back for free if you don’t match.

Speedvancouver Dating promises a “low key, sophisticated approach to dating in Vancouver”. No name tags or being herded like cattle from one date to another.


Vancouver Personals

Old school personals ads are still being used by a lot of singles. In many cases, they’re free, so there’s not a lot to lose. One downside is that it’s not as popular as it used to be, so finding good quality singles can be more of a challenge.


Still, especially if you have ‘special taste’ and are looking for something discreet, personal ads can be a good option. You’d be surprised at who will show up at your door (both good and bad).

OK, it wasn’t the most positive start when I typed in ‘Craigslist’ and the first Google (image) suggestion was “Craigslist killer”. Still, I’ve actually done well in the past with this site. It’s a bit of a game of luck, but life is more fun when you don’t know what to expect.

Singles Bars

Clubs or bars have never been my favorite place to meet women, but mostly because I’m not into them. If you like bars then you won’t have any problem running into single Vancouverites. The main challenge will be trying to get their guards down after 10 other drunk guys just tried to awkwardly hit on her.

Pubs can be better though, especially if you like a more chill environment with a more mature demographic.


Yaletown Brew Pub was always one of my favorites. Easy to talk to people, good beer, and a nice patio in the summer for people watching and hanging with buddies.

It’s easy to mingle with women here if you have a casual approach. Go in with a smile and a positive vibe and most women will respond well. Of course, that could be said for almost any situation.

The Cambie in Gastown has a bit of a dive bar feel without being a dive bar. It’s a good spot for a burger and fries, some beer, and there’s no shortage of women.

There’s a mix between local Canadians and tourist because of the location. Gastown attracts a lot of travelers as well as some sketchier people…

Overall it’s a fun spot if you enjoy bars. It gets loud like any bar, so get your vocal cords ready if you want to approach women.


3. Online Dating

Vancouver dating sites are abundant. It can be pretty easy to get dates online, but it can also be tough if you don’t understand how it works. After the age of 35 it gets more difficult because everyone filters the age range, so you’re left with some not so ideal choices…


Still, if you can figure out how to put together a great profile and the right pics, dating online isn’t too hard. Here are some of the best dating sites in Vancouver.

Still one of the biggest dating sites out there, Plenty of Fish has a large user base which means more options for you. It’s 100% free although I think there are some ‘upgrade’ options available if you want to go hardcore.


I did well on this site, although just like any online dating, beware of women misrepresenting themselves with outdated pics.

Another site I used to get a lot of success on. Not as big as POF (last time I checked) but which still has tons of users. I actually liked the profile format on OKC better than POF for the most part. They have a number of questions and you just have to fill in the blanks.

I wrote a rather comical profile that got a good response. Write one which fits your personality but don’t go too serious.

4. Dating Apps

Some of my friends have gotten a lot of dates using apps. Before I stopped using online dating completely I never tried, but you may find some success.


Apparently one of the causes of the increase in STI’s in Vancity, so it would seem that Tinder is helping people get laid. From most of what I’ve heard, tinder is a hookup app. It may not be the best choice if you want to meet someone for a relationship.

Having said that, relationships can form from any contact. It just may not be ideal if that’s your main objective.

5. Matchmaking

Matchmaking could be a good route for anyone who doesn’t want to learn social skills or confidence. Hey, a man without social skills or balls, what more could a woman ask for?

The reason I say this is because becoming the kind of man women are attracted to takes work. You have to deal with deep seeded fears, rejection, learning how to read people and yourself, and it takes time. A matchmaker may seem like a good idea, but it’s putting in the work to develop these skills that makes us better men.

Avoiding our fears makes us weaker, and it makes us into the kind of men who who women don’t respect. If she doesn’t respect you, she’s not going to stay with you. Not for the long haul.

It’s also much more satisfying to know you’re relationship is a result of your own actions. When you can start a conversation with a random stranger, turn that into a date, and then a relationship, you’ve got a real story to tell your future kids. It’s also more romantic than saying you were matched by an agency.

It could be said that this is true for online dating too. It doesn’t take any courage to message someone online. That’s why I prefer meeting women in public to all other methods.

But hey, if you still want to check out a matchmaker here are a couple of options in Vancouver:


It’s Just Lunch will set up your date and you don’t even need an online profile. This can be good for guys who want some privacy.

Executive Search Dating has a “relationship guarantee” and will, as they put it, “recruit” compatible singles to meet you.


Dating bootcamps, or social training workshops, are intensive weekend programs designed to give you the maximum amount of experience possible in a short time. It’s good for guys who have some dating experience and want to brush up on their skills, or guys starting from scratch who want to learn a new way to meet women in Vancouver.

The downside to a bootcamp is that there isn’t any support after the training is done. This is why a mentorship is superior because you get time to develop lifestyle habits, social skills, emotional intelligence (EQ), and confidence as a man. All of this takes time to learn.

A bootcamp can be a great start for anyone who wants to get their feet wet before committing to longer term training.

Want to try a bootcamp or other training program? Click here to contact me directly.

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