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Walk up to any woman, get a date.
I’ll help you do it.

“Eddy didn’t just help me polish some skills, he changed my life.” – Ed Stevens, Vancouver B.C.

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What Is Vancouver Dating Coaching?

Just like a personal trainer will get you results in the gym, date coaching will get you results with women. I’m a personal trainer for your love life and will make sure you reach your goals.

The best aspects of positive psychology and exposure therapy have been incorporated, along with practical “infield” training (wingman) to help you attract relationship quality women.

Coaching takes the guesswork out of your romantic life with a goal based plan, specific action steps, mindset training, and support. Your proven personal blueprint has been crafted from over 12 years of successfully coaching men, in Vancouver and worldwide, both online and in person.

He already had a great career, and now his love life is great, too

What Do I Get? (Benefits)

Become your best self and stand apart from other men. Here are some of the benefits of dating coaching:

Meet women naturally and never be limited again

You'll learn how to meet the kind of women you want without clubs or apps. Expand your options so you're not limited to where and how you can meet women.

Start conversations with anyone

Never be stuck not knowing what to say when you see someone you want to meet. You'll learn how to start conversations in any situation.

Get confident

Develop social confidence which can be used at work, home and in your love life. Get past the nerves which stop you from meeting higher quality women and asking for dates.

No more neediness

Being needy pushes women away and diminishes your own self worth as a man. Develop your self esteem and personal worth so you can get into quality relationships. Own yourself as a man and feel pride in who you are.

Friend zone?

Nope, never again. You'll learn how to stay out of the friend-zone with attractive women you want to date.

What about conversation skills?

Avoid awkward silences, meaningless small talk, running out of things to say, and boring conversations. Your conversation skills will be super charged so you can feel chemistry with anyone.

Better relationships

Not only will you meet your ideal girlfriend or wife, you'll improve your relationships with your friends and family with better communication skills, self expression and confidence.

Have great first dates which turn into seconds, thirds, and relationships

Tired of women disappearing after the first or second date? Learn how you can become irresistible and get women coming back for more.

Stop self sabotage and negative self talk

Remove the barriers to success with women that keep too many guys single and unhappy.

Rodby's Experience

Rodby got real results from his dating coaching in Vancouver.

How Does It Work?


It starts with a quick phone call, and if coaching seems right then you get a free consultation either in person or online (location dependent).

Your Blueprint

A custom dating & social confidence plan is designed for you. Your program is based on your unique needs, goals and situation.


An action plan is implemented with your coach to start meeting real women. You’ll either get in person (personal wingman) or online training.

Support & Mentorship

You'll get support and stay accountable so you don't fall off track. Reach your goals faster than by doing it on your own.

Who Is It for?

Men who want to make big gains in their dating, relationships, and social life will benefit from dating coaching. Whether you're in Vancouver, or anywhere worldwide.

I generally work with guys in tech, IT, engineers and entrepreneurs. You’ve got a great career but haven’t figured out dating and relationships yet. It doesn’t matter if you’re “too ugly” “too short” or Asian, Indian, white or black, you can learn to attract relationship quality women.

Who It’s Not for

Conquer & Win dating programs are not for pick up artist (PUA’s), anyone with a fixed mindset, or anyone who isn’t open to challenging themselves. It’s also not a matchmaking service.

Mentoring & Dating Bootcamps

Mentorship programs are 100% custom and generally run between 3-6 months so you can build authentic lifelong confidence, advanced social skills, and get the girl you want. It takes time to create positive habits that will change your life.

Your program investment will depend on how much help you need and whether training takes place in Vancouver, your city, or online.

Short term programs, boot camps (normally 2 days) and workshops are also available. Apply below to learn full program details:


Dating Coaches Near Me?

Training is available worldwide, either online via Skype or in person in Vancouver, Canada. I’m also available to fly to cities like: Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, NYC, and Asia, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Seoul and your city too. Just ask. 

This engineer made it happen, so can you

About Me

I learned how to overcome depression, social anxiety and shyness 21 years ago. I decided to change my life and learned principles from positive psychology and exposure therapy. I didn’t have the luxury of a coach at the time so the road was long.

After learning online dating, I realized that the best place to meet women was in public. Single women are everywhere, we just need to have the courage to say “hi”. After many months of trying on my own I decided to try a dating coach in Vancouver. I signed up for a short bootcamp with a few other guys, and that experience changed my life. Relationship coaching will change your life too.

I’ve been training men since 2011 to improve their social lives and get confident with women.

My writing is featured on Lifehack, The Art of Manliness (AOM), Order of Man, PsychCentral, VancityBuzz and many other sites. I’ve also been interviewed on Global News, the Menprovement Podcast, Roundhouse Radio and the CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show, and have spoken at SFU (SFUAMB), for Innovative Fitness, and various men’s groups in Vancouver and Seattle.