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Learn how to meet women in Canada’s largest city with personalized coaching.

Toronto is a great city with a lot of beautiful women, fine restaurants and interesting things to see. The last time I was coaching in Toronto it was a blast, so I’m now opening dating coaching registrations for Toronto men.

If you would like to get confident, meet women, and find your ideal relationship, then keep reading.

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1. Is dating in Toronto Difficult?

Dating in Toronto isn’t any more difficult than in any other Canadian city. In fact, with so many women everywhere it’s easier to find good quality dates.

Some people may find it difficult but this usually has to do with experience and attitude. If you’re a man who’s willing to learn, you won’t have any problems with Toronto women. Some guys prefer to ask this question “Why is dating in Toronto so difficult?” instead of looking inwards for the answers.

The more confident you are, the less dating challenges you’ll have. It all comes back to skills, mindsets and experience. Focus on yourself to get maximum results with women.

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2. What’s the Toronto Dating Scene Like?

Toronto is full of international women and local singles who are open minded and ready to meet guys. While I was coaching in Toronto I met a lot of easy going women. They were almost always happy to stop and have a conversation.


My client did well too and ended up picking up a hot waitress. We also hit some cultural events where it was even easier to start conversations with attractive, well dressed women.

Most of the approaches I did were on the street, but restaurants, cafes and bars were also great spots. Besides good coffee, it’s easy to start conversations with women who are seated nearby. You just have to be willing to make a comment to get it started.

Finding attractive Toronto singles isn’t a problem, even in -20 weather! The cold winter weather wasn’t my favorite, but I still managed to get numbers and plenty of conversations. Of course, I took my student to indoor locations, but there’s no reason to pass up a good chat when commuting.

While downtown, I took my student to the Eaton Center, Yorkville, Old Toronto, the CN Tower and nearby the University of Toronto. We covered a lot of area so I’m missing a bunch of spots, but those one stick out to me.

The Nespresso Boutique-Bar and Goldstruck Coffee on Cumberland St. were a couple of my favorites for coffee and socializing.

3. Dating Workshops in Toronto

Get one on one coaching right in your city or online dating coaching on Skype. Long term mentorships and weekend dating bootcamps are available.

Date coaching is your path to shorten the learning curve so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Watch and learn at your own pace while your coach demonstrates exactly how to approach women in public settings.

You won’t learn any creepy PUA (pick up artist) tactics. Just confident communication, assertiveness, and how to express yourself authentically as a man. Liberate yourself from online dating and clubs so you can meet women as part of your lifestyle.

Dating immersion mentorships are 100% custom, so pricing will depend on how long we’re training together. Most mentorships run between 7-30 days and give you daily training for maximum results. Just like learning a language, you’ll get good with women faster with daily immersion.

For information about joining an immersion program, enter your details on the form below. After we talk on the phone I’ll design your program and put together all of the details. There’s no obligation to join.

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4. Why This Program Excels In Getting You Results


A lot of programs out there use superficial tactics and training which doesn’t get to the root of the problem. You’re excited at first and even meet some women, but end up back in the same place when the excitement fades.

This frustrates you because you know how important it is to invest in yourself, but nothing seems to stick. That’s why Conquer & Win’s dating programs are different; you learn authentic confidence with proven methods from positive psychology and social skills, not superficial tricks or sleazy tactics.

It’s a life changing experience which helps you get permanent results based on the best training available.

5. Your Coaching Experience

  • Learn dating skills directly from your coach while observing, then get full breakdowns. This will give you the opportunity to see how it’s done correctly.
  • You’ll then get the opportunity to implement what you saw, and the techniques you’ve been taught. This new experience will start to condition your mind to see meeting women in a whole new light.
  • Because coaching is one on one, you’ll get 100% of your coaches attention for faster results.
  • As the days pass, you’ll see and feel the difference that immersion makes. Each day will build upon the last, further developing your dating skills and success mindsets.
  • Get honest daily feedback to sharpen every aspect of your approach with women. Including the way you carry yourself and what you communicate to other people.
  • Develop powerful non-verbal communication skills which set you apart from other men. Before you even say a single word women are judging you. With your new non-verbal skills you’ll project the right first impression before you even say a word.
  • Get proven techniques that allow you to take control of your nerves and social anxiety, so you can always come across as calm, cool and collected.
  • Learn advanced social skills that will not only help you to get great dates, but also in the boardroom, with family and for making new friends. The power of your social skills is your ability to positively influence others.
  • Immersion works because it’s your key to direct influence on a daily basis. You won’t just be receiving expert dating instructions, you’ll also get to experience your coaches lifestyle.
  • Just like learning a language through immersion, our character is affected by the people around us. Develop positive psychology, an abundance mindset and the qualities which attract women. When your “inner circle” is successful you’ll be elevated too.

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6. Toronto Dating Bootcamp

For shorter programs, weekend bootcamps are the way to go. Bootcamps start at $2786 CAN + expenses. 1 day bootcamps and workshop options are available too.

Two-day weekend immersion bootcamps include:

  • Video taped coaching so you can see yourself in action for faster progress
  • Done for you dating blueprint
  • 30-day Bold Action Challenge with weekly accountability
  • 30-day email and phone support after the program
  • All materials included
  • Optional: Get an additional 3 months of Skype coaching to stay on track and keep making progress after the bootcamp. Inquire below.

In this 2 day intensive workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The proven, “predictable dating blueprint” a step-by-step framework guaranteed to improve your confidence with women
  • The “right words” to start a conversation in any situation.
  • Advanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills so you can make a great impression every time.
  • Proven confidence “hacks” to instantly change your state when approach anxiety kicks in.
  • Conversational skills that create deep connections and avoid awkward silences.

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Be remembered by women and become the man she’s been waiting for.

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