Top 5 Most Common Questions About How To Approach Women - Everything You Need To Know

I've been coaching men for years, and I usually get the same questions over and over again by guys who are interested in learning how to approach women.

So, I've compiled the top 5 most common questions I get as a dating coach about how to approach women.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • The answer to the top 5 questions about approaching women
  • How to avoid being creepy
  • What to say on your approach

And much more. Keep reading to find out:

The Top 5 Most Common Questions

Here are they are, in no particular order:

#1. Can I Approach A Woman Wearing Headphones?

The answer is yes, actually. Very easy. Headphones don't really mean anything. A lot of people have a habit of listening to music.

I used to listen to music a lot in the street as well, but I stopped doing that, so I could start learning how to approach women.

Because it kind of puts you in your own little world, you're not really aware of your environment.

So, it's a lot easier to go and make that effort to go talk to somebody if you don't already have earphones that you have to take out.

In all the years I've been coaching and approaching women, it's only ever happened once that one girl said, "I can hear you".

But, a lot of women will take their headphones out as soon as they realize you're talking to them as well.

You just have to make sure you get their attention with a gesture, as well as your voice so they know that you're talking to them. You have got to be in their field of view.

#2. What Should I Say?

That's kind of a big question. The simple answer is whatever comes to mind.

It depends on the situation, you can be direct and actually give a compliment. You can tell her you saw her from across the street, and you thought she looked really nice and you had to come say hi.

It can be that simple and that direct. And it's great, because you kind of get to the point really fast and you're going to find out really quickly if she's interested or not.

And you might spark some interest too, just by making that effort.

If you're in a situation where maybe a compliment's not really appropriate, there's other things you can say.

Usually, you just make a casual comment, something relevant in that environment that you can comment on, but this will be a much bigger topic to go into.

But, really, don't overthink what to say. If you see someone, say what pops in your mind, just try it out. It's better to say something than not to say anything at all.

#3. Won't I Be Bothering Them?

The answer's no. But also yes, it depends. You're not going to please everyone you talk to. Maybe your approach doesn't come across the right way.

If you get good at this, you're going to get a lot more good reactions and better outcomes. And women love it, if you're sincere.

You don't have to be really good at this to get a good reaction either.

As long as you're sincere and you keep some space, don't get in her personal bubble and don't follow her either.

If you approach somebody who's walking, make sure as soon as you get her attention, you stop walking. That way, if she doesn't want to talk, you can just keep going. But no, you won't be bothering her.

I didn't bother my future wife when I approached her, or all the other girls that I approached.

If they're not interested, they'll say they're not interested or they'll make an excuse. Just make it easy for them to go.

And an additional note, basically, no woman is going to be upset if she gets swept off her feet. No woman wakes up and thinks "Oh, I don't want to talk to a really cool guy and get into a relationship" or something else, right?

Don't have the impression that every woman is looking for a relationship, because that's not true either. Some women are also looking for casual relationships.

But yeah, if you do it right, they're going to appreciate it. Everyone appreciates a sincere compliment.

#4. How Can I Avoid Being Creepy?

As I mentioned already, stay out of their personal bubble. Don't get up in her face, don't be shoulder to shoulder.

Give them some space when you approach. Generally, my rule of thumb is if I can reach my arm out and I can't touch her, that's a pretty good range.

I'm a tall guy though, so it's a fairly good distance. If you're shorter, you might add some extra distance to that on top of an arm's length.

So, first rule, don't get in her personal space. Second rule, speak to be heard.

When guys start speaking quietly because they don't want anybody around to hear because they're being self-conscious, that always comes across as creepy. It’s because it sounds kind of weird, like you're doing something wrong if you're whispering.

So, don't whisper at them. Make sure you speak confidently, loud. You want to be heard and be direct, depending on the situation.

Being direct will avoid being creepy because you're getting to the point and you're showing your intentions up front.

Maybe it goes without saying, but don't touch them. Don't go and tap someone on the shoulder. I've seen that before.

Women don't like it. Nobody likes it. Nobody likes it when a stranger does that, so don't do that kind of thing.

Don't focus on being creepy. Instead, focus on getting to know her.

#5. How Can I Approach A Group?

First of all, if you're not approaching singles, you shouldn't really be worrying about approaching groups.

But, if you're already approaching single women, groups aren't that much harder.

Let's say just start off with a group of two and then you can build up from there. If both women are attractive, you compliment them both.

If you're doing a direct approach on the street or something like that, that's really easy. And then you can choose which one you like the most or which one likes you the most.

When you get those queues, if you only like one, then you start by approaching the one.

But you have to now involve her friend as well, because if her friend doesn't like you, she's going to pull her friend away and your approach is over.

So make sure you involve the other girl. If you're not attracted to her, it doesn't matter.

You just have to kind of address it and say, "Hey, sorry to interrupt you, but I had to go talk to your friend". And she's probably going to understand. She's probably not going to pull her friend away from a cool guy.


Here are the top 5 most common questions and their answers:

  1. Can I approach a woman wearing headphones: yes, but you have got to make sure to be in their field of view and to get their attention
  1. What should I say: it depends on the situation, but don't overthink what to say. It's better to say something than nothing at all
  1. Won't I be bothering them: usually no, but it depends. Just be sincere, don't get in her personal bubble, and don't follow her
  2. How can I avoid being creepy: don't get in her personal space, speak to be heard, and focus on getting to know her
  1. How can I approach a group: approaching groups isn’t that much harder than approaching single women. You could say, "Hey, sorry to interrupt you, but I had to talk to your friend"

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