The Attractive Man Bootcamp Review

You might have heard of Matt Artisan and his Attractive Man Bootcamps, and you're interested in joining one soon. But what should you expect from it, and will it be worth the investment? Let's find out.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the following:

  • What the Attractive Man Bootcamp is about
  • The various activities within the Bootcamp and whether they're any good
  • The Bootcamp's cost and whether it's worth it

Let's start with the basics:

The Attractive Man Bootcamp

Attractive Man Bootcamp

Instructor Matt Artisan is a famous dating coach whose company, The Attractive Man, regularly holds 3-4 day Bootcamps for men. These Attractive Man Bootcamps are typically held in big cities worldwide, with many sights to see and beautiful girls to meet and talk to.

Through their boot camps, Matt and his team literally walk their clients through the all-important skills of approaching women and having conversations with them. They also balance the on-the-ground training with classroom lectures and performance evaluations.

The Lectures

The Bootcamp's lectures are done in a comfortable classroom setting, where topics like confidence, fashion, the female mind, and other essential elements of attraction are discussed. It's when the team gets to know their clients and their individual roadblocks when it comes to meeting women and talking to them.

As valuable as the lectures might be, the real highlight of the Bootcamp's classroom portions is the roleplaying portion. These are interactive drills where clients get to talk to real women that Matt's team hired specifically for the Bootcamp.

The Roleplaying

The roleplaying drills immediately put each client in a situation where they must approach and talk to a beautiful woman. These models are there specifically to help you eliminate any approach anxiety before you step into town.

This is a great selling point of the Attractive Man Bootcamps because it lets you practice talking to a pretty girl without the risk of getting rejected. You'll also get valuable feedback that will destroy your approach anxiety and give you the confidence you've never experienced before.

The Infield

The infield portions are when you build on your newfound confidence even further. You go out to town for a few hours each session (at least once during the day and after dark), approaching women with Matt and his team observing you closely.

As you and the others approach more women, you'll get instant feedback from the ladies you approach and your dating coaches. That way, you'll fine-tune your approach and get even better results.

The Evaluation

As you roleplay with the models and approach women in town during the day and night, you'll be filmed by Matt and his crew. Later, you'll review the footage as a group to spot areas in your game that can be improved further.

The review is essential because you tend to miss things when you're in the moment. For instance, you might spot errors in your body language that you never knew you had. You might also realize your posture makes you look shy--that sort of thing.

The Ongoing Support

One of the best parts of The Attractive Man's boot camps is the ongoing support that continues well after the boot camp has concluded. For the next 12 weeks, Matt and his team will stay in touch with you as you put what you've learned into practice, giving you more good tools to help you get more dates.

They'll ask you about your progress--how many women you've approached, how many you've successfully asked out on a date, and even if you've gotten into a new relationship. This ensures that progress continues indefinitely until you achieve your goals for love and life.

The Cost

The Attractive Man's boot camps can be held anywhere, from America's biggest cities to the capital of a country in Southeast Asia. Depending on where the boot camp is held, you can expect to shell out $1,000 to $2,500 for the experience. You'll also need to cover your food, drink, and other expenses.

Is Matt Artisan's Training Worth It?

In this article, we covered the following:

  • What the Attractive Man Bootcamp is about
  • How the Bootcamp is helping nice guys all over the world become more confident with women
  • The Bootcamp's cost

Now, the most important question of all: is it worth it?

Previous Bootcamp graduates have reported getting really great results after their time with Matt, as shown in the testimonials on The Attractive Man website. If you feel you can only meet women and get a date if you destroy your approach anxiety, and if you have the time and resources to commit to a 4-day weekend camp, it's definitely worth it.

Is there anything about The Attractive Man Bootcamp that you feel we should have mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments below.

For now, if you're a man who's not really interested in joining a boot camp, but would like to gain unshakable confidence with women nonetheless, then I'd love to hear from you. Click below to see how I can teach you to approach women effortlessly, wherever you might be in the world: Vancouver Dating Coach

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