Walk up to any woman, get a date.
I’ll help you do it. 

“Eddy didn’t just help me polish some skills, he changed my life.” – Ed Stevens, Vancouver B.C. 


What is dating coaching?

Just like a personal trainer will get you results in the gym, date coaching will get you results with women. I’m a personal trainer for your love life and will make sure you reach your goals.

The best aspects of positive psychology and exposure therapy have been incorporated, along with practical “infield” training (wingman) to help you attract relationship quality women.

Coaching takes the guesswork out of your romantic life with a goal based plan, specific action steps, mindset training, and support. Your proven personal blueprint has been crafted from 6 years of successfully coaching men.

What do I get? (Benefits)

Become your best self and develop new qualities which will make you stand out from other men.


  • How to confidently approach any woman in public so you can get dates (no more apps)
  • Great conversation starters for any situation
  • Real confidence which can be used in any social situation (work, friends, women)
  • How to avoid showing too much interest (needy) but still be honest, direct and assertive
  • Avoiding or getting out of the friend-zone forever
  • Fluid conversational skills so you don’t get those ‘awkward silences’
  • How to have a great first date which turns into a second date and more
  • How to get past small talk for meaningful conversations and that feeling of “chemistry”
  • How to invite women home without being awkward
  • Instant confidence boosters so you can feel great talking to women without anxiety
  • EQ (emotional intelligence) conditioning for better communication
  • Overcome negative self talk and self sabotage
  • How to get a girlfriend which turns into a long term relationship
  • How to avoid the biggest turn offs that keep nice guys single

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