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Meet more women in 2 days than you have in the last 2 years

Get a 2 day Social Mastery Bootcamp to jump-start your mentorship results.

 Bootcamps are a great way to get a boost in experience in a short time. Although a bootcamp can't replace a mentorship program, it can give you a big head start so you can overcome approach anxiety and meet more women faster.


  • Low key approach strategies which women respond to
  • The best ways to open a conversation in the street, cafe, grocery store etc.
  • How to create interest with body language
  • Conversational strategies to keep things interesting
  • How to ask for her number
  • How to follow up by text to set up a date
  • The best way to deal with awkward silences if you run out of things to say

And more.

You'll also build resistance to your own nerves. All of us are conditioned from past experiences (or the lack of experience) and that often gets in the way of our goals.

When we react nervously to approaching a woman it can feel like we're wearing concrete shoes. All of the muscles tighten up including in our faces. That muscle tension multiplies the stress reaction making it even more intense.

It's literally paralyzing.

Within seconds she's gone, and you'll never know what could have been.

Your bootcamp will accelerate your ability to overcome anxiety by multiplying your experience levels dramatically.

When combined with a mentorship it will help you learn faster by getting more experience upfront.

Repetition is the mother of all skill: With this solid base of reference experience you can continue to build your confidence, social skills, and ability to attract relationship quality women.

One on one bootcamps are $1177 per day, but get the full 2 day Social Mastery Bootcamp and save $665

What you get

  • 2 full days of intensive one on one training
  • Massive experience meeting women
  • Learn multiple scenarios to get dates
  • check-circle
    New levels of confidence
  • check-circle
    An enhanced mentorship experience

Slow and steady wins the race, but an extra push can help burst through sticking points for faster progress.

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