Should You Hug On A First Date? (AWKWARD)

Should you hug on the first date? Well... this is a question about personal preference rather than what you should or should not do.

Despite that, there are some things to consider when you're deciding whether or not you want to hug on the first date:

Firstly, do you like to hug?

If you don't like to hug, then why even bother forcing it on her? Are you even good at hugging?

Or do you give those awkward upper chest hugs where it seems like the other person really doesn't want to be touching you, but they're doing it out of some sort of obligation? Nobody likes those.

In fact, how many people like hugging strangers? Is there even a point to hugging on a first date?

For example, going for a kiss makes sense on a date because you're actually establishing the nature of your date: it's a romantic thing, it's not a platonic thing.

Plus, you could escalate it further after the kiss and kissing is just kind of fun.

On the other hand, a hug is something you can do with your grandma. And...I guess you could kiss your grandma too, you sick f****. But that's not what this post is about.

The point is that a hug doesn't really do anything to advance your date. It's not going to make things more intimate.

Yes, hugging is great within a relationship, it does feel good and it feels good between family, but it's not going to take your date anywhere. Let's be realistic.

My rule of thumb is this: if she reaches in for a hug, then I'll go for it. It's fine, because she's the one I stepped in.

I don't mind hugging, but I'm not going to jump on her and hug her and make this awkward situation otherwise. You decide for you.

It won't necessarily hurt, but you can avoid the awkward moment of going for a stranger's hug just by skipping the whole thing anyways.


Here are some common questions about hugging on a first date:

Is hugging okay on a first date?

Hugging is okay on a first date, but you need to gauge the comfort level of your date before you reach in there.

One good way to go for a hug on a first date is not to step into her space, but simply open your arms up as if you want a hug and let her come in to hug you.

What does a hug on a first date mean?

A hug on a first date usually doesn't mean much. It's just a common way for a lot of people to greet each other or even to say goodbye.

Should I kiss or hug on a first date?

Kissing or hugging on her first date is a personal choice. Kissing will take your date further and establish a romantic vibe, whereas hugging won't really do anything.

That's all for today. If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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