Should I Use A Dating App?

If you're getting tired of sitting around your couch and dreaming about having a date, then you might be asking the question: should I use a dating app?

This is actually a great question because whether or not you should use a dating app really comes down to what kind of guy you are.

I'm not talking about your personality necessarily. I'm talking about your stats, which include your age, your height, and how good looking you are.

Even pretty average guys can get some success with online dating.

The thing that happens with online dating is you'll be filtered up by the woman's search criteria, which includes your height and your age.

They're going to be looking at a certain age range, certain height range, and even financial stats.

If you're working at McDonald's and you have to use a stool to reach the cash register, online dating may not be for you.

The vast majority of time, if you have a big lie on your profile about your height or your age or your income, it's going to be discovered very quickly when you meet these women.

What does it say about you as a man if you have to lie in order to attract somebody?

Of course, that does not mean you should give up hope.

There are other options for offline dating which could give you a lot more success.

Let's say if you're a really good looking guy, you have a great income, you're tall, you have great photographs, and you're in the right age range.

That means online dating will probably be a blessing for you because the vast majority of women on there are going to be messaging you or responding to your messages.

So, should you use a dating app?

Depends on what kind of guy you are.

No matter how you look, or your age, or your demographics, it's worth giving it a try because it doesn't take much effort, and you'll find out very quickly if online dating is for you or not.

That's all for today. If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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