Should A Guy Pay For The First Date?

Should a guy pay for the first date? No. Thanks for reading. I'll catch you on the next one. Just kidding, there is more. But not much more.

In this post, I'm going to explain:

  • Why you should not pay for your first date
  • What to do instead so you can stop simping for the female Illuminati or whatever

And so much more. Let's get into it.

Should A Guy Pay For The First Date?

If you're a guy, you're probably used to the idea that you have to pay for the first date and every other date until you die.

You may be asking: what happened to equality? You see, everyone's equal until the bill comes.

Let's get real here. Many women will take advantage of you as a guy and use you as a meal ticket, and you'll get nothing in return.

No kiss, not even a peck in the cheek, and no sex. You'll be lucky to even get an awkward friendzoning side hug.

So, why doesn't paying for the first date work?

It's because the act of paying for the first date is not a turn on. It's not a factor in attraction.

It's not eye contact, it's not your confidence, your smile, it's not your personality. Think about it, how horny is she going to get just because you paid for dinner?

Attraction is not created by paying for things, but there is a catch 22 here.

If you go on a date and the bill comes and you don't pay and you bring up, "hey, what's your portion? How much are you paying?"

That's going to be a turn off too, because now you're going to look cheap.

This happened to me once. I was on a date with a really beautiful girl. We went to a restaurant. It was pretty nice.

We were having dinner and chemistry was strong. Everything was going well. When the bill came, I got her to split it.

I said, "oh, yeah, that's your glass of wine there". Anyways, there was an immediate reaction to that.

Unfortunately, I 100 % feel like I had taken it all away, and because of that, I basically killed the mood completely.

I took her for dinner, I should have just sucked it up and paid for the goddamn date.

I'm not saying that paying for the date in that instance would have turned her on, but it would have avoided turning her off.

So... what's the alternative? If you're paying for your date, you're just a meal ticket, and if you don't pay for your date, you turn her off. What can we do then?

Alternatives For The First Date

So... what's the alternative? If you're paying for your date, you're just a meal ticket, and if you don't pay for your date, you turn her off. What can we do then?

Try one of the following:

Option #1: A No Cost Date

Do something that doesn't cost any money. That could be a walk to the beach, the park, or some kind of other attraction.

Option #2: Going On A Low Cost Date

Go for a tea, have a coffee, have a drink. I mean literally one drink, otherwise that could be very expensive.

If you choose either of these options, you're not going to be put in the place where you are basically forced to pay for a date or sacrifice any kind of mood there might have been.

But hey, it's your choice. That's all for today.

If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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