Sex Coach for Couples: Do You Need One?

Do you need a sex coach for couples? If you and your spouse are having trouble in the bedroom, and you can't seem to fix the problem yourselves, then the answer might be yes.

So, how does sex coaching work, and what should I expect?

In this article, you'll learn:

  • What sex therapy is and how it works
  • What happens in a sex therapy session
  • Common issues that sex coaches help solve
  • How your coach will work with you
  • What to prepare before your sessions
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions about sex coaches for couples

Let's get started:

What Sex Therapy is and How It Works?

Sex therapy focuses on helping individuals and couples address sexual issues and concerns. Sex therapy provides an open, safe, and non-judgmental space for patients to explore their thoughts and feelings about sex.

Through conversations with the therapist, clients can gain insight into their issues and learn healthy ways to express themselves sexually. Additionally, sex therapists help clients become more comfortable and confident in addressing complex topics with their partners.

By fostering a supportive environment and providing education on healthy communication and intimacy skills, sex therapists offer individuals and couples the tools they need to build stronger relationships.

What Happens in a Sex Therapy Session?

During a typical sex therapy session, clients are invited to discuss their thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. The therapist will provide guidance and support as the client shares their experiences related to sexual concerns.

Additionally, therapeutic techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) may be used to help examine underlying beliefs about sex and relationships that may be contributing to difficulties experienced in the bedroom. The therapist may also provide education on healthy communication, intimacy skills, and other aspects of sexual health to empower the client with knowledge about making positive changes.

Through a combination of talk therapy and educational strategies, sex therapists help create an open dialogue between partners to better understand each other's needs, wants, and desires.

Common Issues That Sex Coaches Help Solve

Sex coaches typically help with a range of issues, including:

  • Low libido
  • Sexual trauma
  • Difficulty communicating about sexual needs and desires
  • Unsatisfying sex life
  • Poor body image and self-esteem
  • Lack of trust in a relationship
  • Infidelity or relationship issues related to sexual activities
  • Sexual performance anxiety or fear

What to Prepare Before Your Sessions

Before your session with a sex therapy coach, it is important to be prepared for an open and honest discussion about the issues that have been bothering you. Your coach will create a safe environment for you to openly express yourself and ask questions, so it is important to come ready to talk.

It is also helpful to bring along relevant documents or readings that could help your discussions. Additionally, take some time before the session to reflect on how you want the session to go and what goals you would like to achieve.

Lastly, come with an open mind and trust that the coach will help you lead a healthier, happier life.


To wrap up, let's answer a few related questions commonly asked about sex coaches:

Why does sex therapy sound intimidating?

For many people, sex therapy can sound intimidating due to its highly personal nature. It is also an unfamiliar process that can feel uncomfortable and may take some time.

Do I need sex therapy?

Signs that you may need sex therapy include:

  1. Difficulty developing or maintaining intimate relationships with your partner.
  2. Poor communication surrounding intimate issues.
  3. Increased feelings of isolation and disconnection.

How do I find a sex therapist?

Finding a sex therapist is done most easily through an online search or referral from a healthcare provider. It is essential to research the therapist's experience and qualifications to ensure that they are best suited to meet your individual needs.

Do you have sex in front of a sex coach?

No, sex coaches do not involve sexual activity during the coaching process. Instead, they focus on helping clients develop healthy attitudes and behaviors related to sex and intimacy.

How much does an intimacy coach cost?

The cost of an intimacy coach varies based on the time required for sessions, but typically these services range from to 0 per hour. Another factor to consider is that some coaches may offer discounted packages or group-based pricing for accessing their services.

Find Your Sex Coach Today

To recap:

  • Sex therapy helps individuals and couples address sexual issues and concerns.
  • During a typical sex therapy session, clients discuss their thoughts and feelings openly and honestly while the therapist provides guidance and support.
  • To make the most out of your sex therapy sessions, prepare for an open discussion about your issues. Also, bring any relevant documents.
  • Sex coaches will never ask you to perform any sexual activity during the sessions.
  • It's easiest to find a good sex coach via an online search or a referral from a healthcare provider.

So, do you and your partner need a sex coach? You now know how to find one and what to expect if you do. Good luck!

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