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Dating in Vancouver can be tough for men who don’t have the right tools. This is why relationship coaching can mean the difference between finding great dates and watching TV alone on the weekend.

It doesn’t just stop at dating, coaching will help you get into healthy relationships with quality Vancouver singles.

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1. What Is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching, also known as “dating coaching” gives single men the edge to meet women in Vancouver.

A lot of guys here have had bad experiences trying to meet someone and say “hi” but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Coaching improves your social skills, confidence, sensitivity to the “signs” that women give, and your ability to take advantage of opportunities that most men would never see.

“Men don’t approach here” is something I hear from a lot of Vancouver women. You can be the man who stands out from the crowd with the skill development that a Conquer & Win dating coach provides.


  • How to meet women without online dating or clubs.
  • How to read women so you know when to ask for dates, go for a kiss, or invite her home.
  • Confidence hacks to overcome social anxiety or approach anxiety.
  • Powerful body language to attract women.
  • Conversational skills so you never have an awkward silence again.
  • How to create deep connections with women.
  • How to have great dates which turn into second dates and relationships.
  • How to screen women for “red flags” so you can avoid toxic relationships.
  • How to overcome deep insecurities that hold men back.

And more.

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2. What Relationship Coaching Isn’t

Dating or relationship coaching is not matchmaking. Matchmakers give you “the fish” instead of teaching you how to be independent and do your own damn fishing.

Do you want to be dependent on someone else to find dates for you? Most guys don’t, which is why learning confidence and advanced social skills is better for our personal development as men.

Unlike other dating services, coaching develops your character and creates stronger men. What's the point of finding a woman to date if it’s going to crumble when we show our insecurities?

Most dating services, dating agencies, dating websites, speed dating, singles events, and online dating are all band-aid solutions which don’t get to the root problem. It’s important to learn why you’re single in the first place, and find the solution.

Wherever we are in life, everything comes back to us.

Counselling is another route that many men take when their love lives don’t go well. Although there can be some benefits from counselling to uncover hidden issues, there isn’t a counselor on the planet who will show you what to do, step by step, to meet and attract women.

3. Life Coaching

Conquer and Win coaching contains an element of life coaching but without the fluff. When you’re trying to improve yourself as a man, and want to meet the woman of your dreams, vague promises and feel good mantras won’t cut it.

A lot of life coaches focus on “clarity” or “fulfillment” as an end goal, but these are side effects of doing the work. It’s important to have a solid plan or ‘blueprint’ that will make things happen in your life, objectively.

Feeling great and being fulfilled are positive side effects of getting your hands dirty, and seeing your dreams materialize before your eyes.

Conquer & Win coaching will help you:

  • Experience deeper connections with women, your friends, and in your professional relationships.
  • Overcome self esteem issues which cause self doubt.
  • Develop your masculine virtues which promote mental health and vitality.
  • Get into healthy romantic and platonic relationships with women and men.
  • Develop your mission or greater life purpose so that you don’t rely on women to feel good.

Personal growth is a real journey and it can be tough. Don’t do it alone.

4. Vancouver Dating Scene

There’s no limit on attractive Vancouver singles. The last time I checked, there were over 2.4 million people in Vancouver. Walk down any street and you’re bound to run into someone who catches your eye.

Beautiful women are abundant, it’s just a matter of learning how to approach them. If you want more dates then taking the initiative is necessary.

Instead of going to clubs or resorting to Tinder or OKCupid, it makes sense to learn how to meet in natural settings. It’s much more romantic, ballsy, and is an easy way to stand out from men who rely on online dating or bars.

There’s a lot of Asian, Indian, white, and recently Hispanic women too.

No matter what your tastes are, you can find what you’re looking for whether for long term or short term relationships.  Women here, whether foreign or local, are friendly and open to meeting good men.

5. Who Coaching Is For

Single fathers, divorced men, the chronically single, guys who are tired of online dating, and men who want better quality relationships will all benefit from coaching.

I work with professionals in IT, Tech, engineering and entrepreneurs. If you have a positive attitude and are ready for more in your relationships and life, sign up below for your free consultation. Space is limited each month due to time restrictions.

6. Why I’m a Relationship Expert

I started out with severe depression, social anxiety, shyness, and even had health problems. Being extremely negative didn’t help my situation either.

I had to learn from scratch how to become a stronger man and how to have great relationships. I started experimenting with online dating, then eventually moved on to approaching women in public.

I found that meeting women without using fake courage (alcohol) in a bar, and not hiding behind a screen, was extremely satisfying and liberating.

Not only could I now meet women anywhere, but my own confidence levels skyrocketed. It changed me as a man and eventually became the business that I run today.

I’ve been with hundreds of women and on over 1000 dates. I’ve done almost anything you can imagine in the relationship world including monogamous long term, short term, open relationships, flings, one night stands, and various other situations which many men fantasize about.

I’ve also been studying personal development, psychology and dating dynamics for years.

Having this level of experience gives me perspective that most people in the dating industry just don’t have. What that means for you is mindsets and social skills that you can learn for a happier, healthier love life.

7. Coaching Programs

Vancouver coaching is available in person where I will demonstrate exactly how to talk to women. If you don’t live in Vancouver I am available to fly to your city or for online coaching via Skype.

I’ve coached guys around the world including in Asia (Hong Kong) and Seattle, Toronto, Colorado, Boston, Calgary and more.

Coaching programs run between 3-6 months for life changing mentorships. Short term programs or social bootcamps are also available.

I’ve been coaching full time since 2011 and have crafted all programs so you can get maximum results.

Fill out the form below to apply for a complimentary coaching session.

Learn about effective strategies to get your love life to where you want it. Apply now

8. Q&A - Relationship Coaching

Can a life coach help with relationships?

Life coaches are usually “jacks of all trades” and don’t specialize in relationships. Relationship coaching is a niche which requires years of experience focused on dating, confidence, social skills and relationship skills.

Do relationship coaches work?

The short answer is yes. By getting outside help you can learn about your weaknesses and blindsides, as well as learning strategies which work to improve your love life.

Are dating coaches worth it?

That really depends on your coach. A good dating coach will give you direct feedback so you can learn why your love life isn’t where you want it to be. In some cases you can get in person coaching and live demonstrations to see how your coach approaches women.

Who is the best dating coach?

Eddy Baller is the best dating coach in Vancouver. Nobody else has helped as many men (and women) to improve their love lives through building confidence, developing advanced social skills, practical conversation starters, and mindset development.

What do relationship coaches do?

Relationship coaches for singles help by:

  • Identifying gaps in experience and dating skills.
  • Helping clients get hands on practice talking to women.
  • Giving direct feedback so that clients can improve after every conversation.
  • Mindset development to overcome relationship-killing negativity and self defeating habits.
  • Developing a plan of action.

How much does a relationship coach cost?

Relationship coaching varies widely in cost and quality. Some relationship or dating coaches charge as little as $100 per session or as much as $500.

What does a dating coach do?

Dating coaches or “love coaches” help men by building their confidence and showing them how to approach women, start conversations, and successfully ask for dates. Conversational skills, body language, and even the right way to ask women out are also covered.

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