Relationship Coaches Near Me: Is It Time to Hire a Relationship Coach?

If you found this article by Googling "relationship coaches near me," you're probably in the market for a relationship coach. You might already be convinced that hiring one for your personal life will help you build the healthy relationship you've always wanted.

But is it really the right decision to make right now? This article will be your "final check" before making the investment.

You're about to learn the following:

  • About relationship coaches and how they're different from other professionals
  • Signs it's a relationship coach you need and not some other coach
  • Signs a relationship coach is not the professional you need
  • How to find the right relationship coach for you

Let's make it quick and start with the basics:

What is a Relationship Coach?

A "relationship coach" is an umbrella term for any non-medical professional who helps clients achieve their relationship goals. Relationship coaches may offer life coaching, marriage coaching, marriage counseling, and other personal development services for individuals and couples.

Different relationship coaches solve various problems for different audiences. For instance, many coaches may specialize in only helping men, women, married couples, or struggling partners.

Relationship coaches differ somewhat from life coaches, who focus on helping people with their career goals or problems outside of dating and romantic relationships. They also differ from marriage counselors, who focus on identifying a married couple's underlying issues instead of helping them achieve their goals.

Signs You Need a Relationship Coach

Here are some telltale signs it's a relationship coach you need and not some other professional:

  • You know precisely why you're struggling in your relationship and need help finding out how to solve your problems.
  • You want your coach to help you achieve your personal goals for your love life.
  • You're not looking for medical help or therapy.
  • You want to focus on only the most important aspects of your relationship, like feeling heard, how to create desire, or building problem-solving skills.

Get a relationship coach if you're looking for the right solution to your problems, concrete steps to put that solution into play, and achieve that happily committed relationship you've always wanted.

Signs It's Not a Relationship Coach You Need

Meanwhile, a relationship coach will not be able to help you in the following situations:

  • You don't know why you're having relationship issues and need help finding out.
  • You want a professional to diagnose any mental issue you might have that's causing your relationship problems.
  • You want career counseling, professional development, or services that other coaches offer.
  • You feel it's medical or couples therapy you need, not coaching.
  • You're suffering from low self-esteem, and it's hurting your relationship.

In such cases, you must see medical professionals like psychiatrists or marriage therapists. In the worst cases--such as when your relationship problems have given you depression, chronic anxiety, or suicidal thoughts--head straight to a nearby hospital's emergency department for help.

"Choosing a Good Relationship Coach" Checklist

So, let's say you're 100% sure it's a relationship coach you need, not a therapist or counselor. How do you sort through the dozens of relationship coaches in your region to find the right one for you? Here's a handy checklist:

  • Try to get some third-party approval. If a friend or family member recommends a relationship coach to you, that's a good endorsement of their work.
  • Try to find the coach's credentials. Relationship coaches aren't required to get a license or master's degree, but those with credentials have shown their commitment to helping people like you.
  • Do a bit of homework on each coach. Check out their websites, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, and media appearances. By looking at their work, you'll quickly zero in on the coaches you want.
  • Will they work with you in your preferred manner? A relationship coach may offer their services via one-on-one sessions, multiple sessions in a group, or virtually.

Some relationship coaches work by offering free consultations, so feel free to chat with them for a few minutes to ask them some basic questions and establish your comfort zone. See which is best suited to turn your problems into a game plan of actionable, achievable goals.

Find the Relationship Coach You Need Today

In this article, we covered the following:

  • How relationship coaches are different from medical professionals and counselors
  • A checklist for knowing it's a relationship coach you need
  • How to tell if you don't need a relationship coach and instead need a medical professional
  • A checklist for finding the right relationship coach for you

Do you have a handy tip for choosing a relationship coach that you feel should be included in this article? Let us know in the comments below.

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