Cam Adair Interview: How To Kill Rejection And Become A Happy, Confident Man

"The quality of our lives comes down to the decisions that we make, and life is just a series of decisions." Anxiety, depression, and the fear of rejection will make any man feel hopeless, but you don't have to be chained to these emotional lows. Cam Adair, a Tedx speaker and the founder of Kingpin Social, […]

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Eddy Baller Interviewed On The Dean's List On Blogtalk Radio interview  On The Deans List  Business Podcasts on Blog Talk Radio. I go into what it really takes to build your self as a man, and how to create challenges which improve your list.

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Ernesto Hoost Four Time K-1 Kickboxing Champion Interview: 49 And Still Fighting

Ernesto Hoost is a four time world heavyweight K-1 kickboxing champion from the Netherlands; he recently came out of retirement at the age of 49 to fight Peter Aerts for the vacant WKO World Heavyweight Championship. At the age of 15 Ernesto started kickboxing and soon discovered that he had a natural ability which led […]

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How To Flirt With Women: Ariel & Simone Talk about Smitten Book

In this podcast interview, Ariel and Simone, authors of Smitten Book, talk about how to flirt with women. To check out more you can go to

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Meena Avery On How Men Can Add Rough Sex & Take Charge In The Bedroom

Meena Avery, "dating deviant" and sex blogger talks about online dating, rough sex, dominance and how to take charge in the bedroom. A lot of men are scared of getting rough during sex and are under the impressions that women are basically Disney movie characters. Meena dispels some myths about women and rough sex, and talks about […]

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Zan Perrion Interview: Women, True Romance, and the Art of Masculinity.

This was a great interview with Zan Perrion of Ars Amorata, author of The Alabaster Girl, and a dating guru who originally appeared in The Game but does not consider himself a pickup artist. Honesty, directness, and an appreciation for what he calls "The art of women" are all woven into his approach to dating […]

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Everyday Racism in Sweden? (Or, How not to Pick Up Swedish Girls...)

Everyday racism in Sweden? I think not. This is more how not to pick up Swedish girls than a story of racism. My take on this video, as well as my own story on my experience with racism. Watch the video, or read the transcript below. What are your thoughts on this topic? Leave a […]

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JT Tran Interview: The Asian Man's Guide to Meeting and Dating Beautiful Women

My Interview with JT Tran, the "Asian Playboy" and successful entrepreneur who founded The ABC's of attraction. The full transcription (unedited) is below if you prefer to read, or click play on the video to watch. [00:09] Welcome to the show, everyone! Today, I have J. T. Tran of The ABCs of Attraction as my […]

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Darren Djfuji: Treat Your Life Like A Business to Attract More Women, Money, and Success
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