6 Features That Can Take a Dating Site from Good to Great

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Why settle for what’s average when you can have something that’s awesome? Different dating sites are made for different people; when you’ve found the one that’s best for you, you won’t have to guess – you’ll know.

If you’ve ever found yourself messing around on a platform that just doesn’t seem to be giving you results, don’t assume that you’re the issue – it might be that the site doesn’t offer the right features for you.

All you have to do is look for a dating platform that’s a better fit. Maybe you are looking for a face-to-face chat experience like CamSurf, or maybe you are looking for something a bit more subtle at first (like sending messages back and forth).

There are a few key features that you’ll want to look for when choosing your next dating site. As long as they get most of these features right, you can feel confident in having a great online dating experience.

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6 Features That Can Take a Dating Site from Good to Great

1. Filters that weed out the unwanted attention

Sometimes you want to play hard-to-get; at other times, you just want to be impossible for certain people to match with. If there’s something specific you’re searching for, you probably also know what would make someone a no-go.

Some dating sites offer filters that can be applied to inboxes, searches, and the visibility of profiles or pictures. Others have a setting that archives or deletes old conversations, so you won’t start getting messages because you ended up being someone’s plan B.

Some sites get really technical with their filters, like Mesh. They’re a dating website that focuses on fine-tuning which members are allowed to send you messages. You can set the filter to block users with dealbreakers like text-speak, profanity, copy-paste messages, or drinking habits.

2. Messaging features that encourage the volume and quality you want

Free and unlimited sounds great most of the time, but that’s not always the best option for the messaging feature on a dating platform. See, unlimited free messaging means that you’ll get a ton of messages that will take you absolutely nowhere.

If you don’t have a problem with sorting through all these messages, knock yourself out. If spammy messages really bug you, though, just find a dating site that puts limitations on who can send them.

For instance, Match.com doesn’t let users communicate directly unless they’ve matched with each other. With this system, you can control how many people are talking to you – if you’re getting too many messages, just pare down the profiles you’ve matched with.

3. A sign-up process that’s not too long, and not too short

Here’s what that could look like for different people.

Person A wants to find their soulmate. Just like anyone else, they have their own unique personality, some hobbies, and a few pet peeves. If they’re going to get accurate recommendations, they’ll have to spend a big chunk of time creating their account.

There will probably be a questionnaire or two, as well as a few other details to fill in. By the time they’re done, they may have spent over an hour – but it’ll pay off when they start looking through matches that are all fairly accurate. Dating sites like eharmony would be best for someone in this scenario.

Person B is getting back into the dating scene, and they want someone who can show them a fun time. Good looks and a sense of humor are a must, but beyond that they’re pretty open-minded. There’s no need to agonize over the details that go into making an account;

They mainly just need to show what they look like, say a little bit about their personality, and maybe mention a couple of things that would be dealbreakers.

A dating app like Tinder would fit the bill in this scenario, since there’s minimal information required for signing up, but lots of possibilities no matter what you’re looking for.

4. Integration of social media for added authenticity

Dating platforms tend to have a problem with people who enjoy using fictional identities, so having a way to validate someone’s identity online is a plus. Plenty of dating sites will ask if you want to sign up with Facebook or Instagram when you’re setting up your account, and there are a couple of reasons to take advantage of this feature.

For one, you’re telling other users that you’re a real person, and you aren’t trying to keep your life a secret. For another, you’ll save some time as a lot of information can be auto-filled from your social media account. What’s not to love?

5. Search tools let you get straight to the point

They say that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey; however, that doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone’s online dating strategy. Filters help you get rid of the stuff you don’t want, but search tools help you find exactly what you do want.

Say you want someone who’s average height or taller, with brown eyes, age 30 to 35, who works as a chef. With the right online dating site, you can just plug that information in and start looking at the options.

6. A matching system that focuses on the same things as you do

Are you hoping to find someone from your hometown, or would you rather find someone who shares the same niche interests as you? Depending on how a dating site’s algorithm works, you could get either one, or anything in between. Make sure your priorities are being met in the way a dating platform recommends matches, otherwise you’ll have a hard time getting anywhere.

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The tricky part of online dating shouldn’t be using the actual platform

If you’ve been struggling with not getting enough relevant results, receiving too many spam messages, or feeling like the dating platform just doesn’t get what you’re searching for, you might just need to switch to a different site or app. You’ll eventually find a dating site that works for you, whether you’re outgoing, shy, professional, or nerdy.

Once you’ve done some research and found the right platform, you’ll realize just what you’ve been missing.

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