Mister Metokur: Crazy Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, Rape Culture Hysteria

Trigger Warning! Mister Metokur: Crazy Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, Rape Culture Hysteria.


I interviewed Mister Metokur a while back. We had an interesting conversation on the modern state of feminism, social justice warriors (SJW’s), PC culture, and all of the insanity it causes.

NOTE: The transcriber injected her own opinions, in brackets, throughout the transcription. I deleted as much as possible but it’s a long post. Just ignore….

Metokur: [00:19] … so, I thought, instead, I’d have some fun; so, I went with the name that I did.

Eddy: [00:22] Oh.

Metokur: [00:22] Mister Metokur is kind-uv an inside jab at people I used t’ know–to infuriate them a little bit.

Eddy: [00:29] Okay. I kind of like that a little bit. I get that, actually; it kind of goes along with your band. (Oh! By the way, I’m recording, just so you know, in case you were inclined to give me credit card information or something.)

Metokur: [00:38] (haha) Yeah. Not a problem.

Eddy: Okay. So you’re basically pissing off some people that you know. I was surprised you came back with a different moniker because the old one was pretty cool. Obviously, [inaudible 0:51] … but it’s still the same content, so it’s pretty awesome.

Metokur: [00:56] Yeah, I know. It’s weird. A lotta people like the guy in the wig picture, which is funny, because the company that picture’s pulled from is a costume store! (They went outa business.) If they’d hung around for an extra year, they probably woulda sold a few o’ those, but they’re long gone.

[1:17] This was probably one of the first images in the Google searches I did for “aristocrat”. I thought “That’ll work.” So I went with it (that picture).

Eddy: At least, there can’t be any kind of copyright after the people are gone.

Metokur: [1:25] Oh, yeah; they’re gone! They’re long gone. (I’m not sure what happ–[incomplete statement]. I’m not even sure who the particular person that modeled for that is! Or if they’re even aware that I was using it, but–[incomplete statement]. Yeah, I used it for about a year or two and then shut down the channel.

Eddy: Yeah? When listening to that voice, I just have that picture in my mind the whole time. I guess I thought you were that actual guy, talking.

Metokur: [1:48] (haha) A lot of people have told me that.

Eddy: When did you start doing that: attacking others, making fun of them; making sarcastic videos?

Metokur: [4:05] I guess it’s always been something I did. I like to poke fun of things. For a lot of the accounts I had, well before Internet Aristocrat, that’s kinda what I did. Just various groups on the Internet or kinda subsets–yeah, like Juggalos or, you had the Sonic Phantom. Just stuff like that. It was more lighthearted-kinda stuff, really, but with the SJW stuff, you’ve really seen that kinda rise to prominence–I’d say within the last two to three years? Maybe four years?

[4:37] It really, in part, I think is kinda perpetuated by Tumblr, itself–because I think you have a lotta college kids that learn about this in class from whatever kind-uv a social science class they’re taking, and then they wanna talk about it, so where [are] they gonna talk about it? What platform [are] they gonna use?

Well, they might use Facebook, but Tumblr’s kinda crafted for this demographic, for this audience. And so, they go on… and it’s almost like a–[incomplete statement]

The problem’s almost two-fold because, not only are they going on with what they learned in the classroom, but it’s a game of telephones, so they’re mixing it up even more. So it becomes even more ludicrous and more ridiculous when it’s reposted.

[5:13] So you get all these things–like people talking about “micro-aggressions”. (I’m sorry; I can’t even keep track o’ this stuff, at this point.) “Head-mates” and “Ken-types”. You know, the preferred pronouns… and the scary thing is, at first, you can just kinda laugh at it and wave it off like it wasn’t a big deal. But, what happens, is that people start to go other places: they don’t just use Tumblr, they use other social media.

And what happens is that people pick up and this stuff goes with ’em. So, now, you see in Facebook–if you’re in America, you have a preferred pronoun listed on your profile page.

Eddy: On Facebook? Really?

Metokur: [5:53] Yeah! I believe; I could be wrong on this. If you look into it, I’m fairly certain that’s true, now. Just weird things like that. I mean, even look at Twitter–what they’re doing right now with their new CEO. New harassment policies… and they’re going to be purging ten million accounts, apparently… which is ridiculous because, if you look at–[incomplete statement] They’ve released their first quarter’s earnings, I believe, and their stock just dropped. This was one week after the new harassment policy they’re putting into place, and it dropped 22% of its value.

[6:22] Then, the CEO comes out and says they’re gunna purge 10M accounts becuz they’re not safe fer work. They’re posting inappropriate things (pornography, essentially) and it’s making it hard for us to monetize the platform. We can’t get advertisers to come in and wanna do this.

[6:39] So, it’s just this mentality of taking something that was attractive or interesting (because it was chaotic!)… [incomplete statement] You could go on the platform and, yeah, you could run into stuff that you don’t like, but that’s part o’ the appeal. Instead, we’re gunna make it into this squeaky-clean, PC-friendly, safe space where nobody’s feelings get hurt, and it just–[incomplete statement]

[7:00] Yeah, and that mentality… that kind of attitude is really pushed by these people. And I see Tumbler’s kinda like that. That focal point: it’s like Ground Zero, really, of spreading it t’ other social media platforms, like Twitter and like Facebook and–everybody! YouTube, I’m sure, as well.

Eddy: I saw, actually, a post by some Internet thing, but the CEO (or someone like the CEO) of Tumblr was on there and said something to the effect of apologizing for having a certain kind of people on there who were like him: a white man. (They’re using that to tag people like him[self]. He said it better than I’m saying it.)

Metokur: [7:48] Yeah, he probably didn’t foresee that the very platform he’d helped develop would end up attacking the very person who developed it. It’s almost like–or a similar situation to [that of] the founders of YouTube!

[7:57] I remember when Google put into place the policy (I think this was seven or eight months back) that, to have a YouTube account, you absolutely must link it to GooglePlus, to be able to comment. One of the founders–I can’t remember which one–hadn’t been on his YouTube account since about 2007 and he popped on to say, “What in the fuck are you doing, Google?” and that was the last comment he made.

[8:16] So, it’s kinda funny watching these people who create these platforms. Seeing where they’re going, I imagine the guy who created Tumblr is thinking, “What in hell have I created from this social media platform that has become this joke, this carnival?” It’s just spawning off ridiculous things.

Eddy: It’s a [inaudible 8:37]like–when it really translates into Reba and into real-life policies. You probably know of the California Anti-Rape policy on university campuses, right?

Metokur: [8:46] Now, is that the one where… [incomplete statement] Now, that’s the crazy thing: if we were having this conversation five years ago, I’d say, “Oh, I know exactly what you’re talking about.” But, at this point, there are so many policies in place that it’s hard to keep track.

[8:58] Is that the “consent at every step” one? Is that the one where the school does its own investigation to interpret rape allegations and has evidence decided by them, rather than the legal system? Which one are we talking about?

Eddy: Jeez, now you’re confusing me. I thought there was one. I’m going down a deep, dark road, here.

Metokur: [9:21] (haha)

Eddy: There was one that kind of had the big umbrella but it’s like both people are drinking but the girl was drinking, too, then the guy raped her. (Yeah, I think it’s a step-by-step thing, too, or he had to ask for consent, verbally, at every step.) [talk about killing any romance]

Metokur: [9:40] Yeah, I think it was the Chappelle Show did a skit four or five years back about this, where two college students wanted to have sex with each other and they had lawyers present in the room.

Eddy: Oh, yeah.

Metokur: [9:53] They had to sign forms in triplicate to be able to touch each other, come to an agreement about how far they would go.

[10:00] Today, there’s an app out there that can send that so you can get consent at every step. They have to sign their names and enter information if they click <NO>. (I think it sends a message to the police.) It’s really crazy.

Eddy: Wow, I can’t even imagine this stuff.

Metokur: [10:14] (haha) Yeah! Well, it’s taking people who are at a point when they’re young adults and they need to start learning about responsibility and decision-making now they’ve transitioned out of high school and mom and dad’s house (essentially–I mean, they may still be living there ‘cuz it’s cheaper and college is so damned expensive!), but for the most part, they’re kind-of going out and “spreading their wings” on their own, and it’s coddling them. It’s telling them they’re not adult enough to make a decision; they’re not adult enough to live with the consequences; or, if you do something and you regret it, we’ll let you blame something like this.

[10:47] Now, that’s not to minimize people, such as girls who have been raped or kids who were uncomfortable or wrong, but there’s this attitude that’s going on on campuses everywhere where it almost seems like they wanna treat them like they’re in elementary school, e.g., you couldn’t possibly make a decision! You couldn’t possibly decide to take a shot of whiskey and then decide to have sex.

Eddy: If you’re a woman.

Metokur: [11:10] Yah, if you’re a woman. That’s right. If you’re a man, that’s tough luck, because man can’t be raped (according to Tumbler and, apparently, quite a few (haha) university campuses, at this point because of the whole “privilege plus power” is what defines if something is a transgression).

[11:31] So, you can’t be racist against white people, a man can’t be raped, you can’t be sexist against men; you can’t discriminate against the rich. It’s anybody who has wealth and power, essentially–they’re fair game, at this point.

Eddy: Hmm… I think about this whole kinda genre, sometimes because I’m of a mixed race: I’m half Mexican and half Caucasian. So, I’m wondering if I have immunity from them because of my mixed race status? Or, I’m just a white guy in disguise–or how this works? I’m not sure.

Metokur: [11:58] Well, yeah, you think it would be funny to kind-uv sit there and puzzle it out. If you look at occupy Wall Street–I think it was. It wasn’t Zuccoti Park, but it was another one of their kind-uv side rallies–but they introduced progressive stack and they address that! They actually created a list that listed who had the most privilege and every specific group you could imagine.

[12:18] So, they had males who were completely white, who were Mexican, who were black, who were Asian, who were mixed. Were they straight? Were they not straight? Were they transsexual? Were they not transsexual? Atheist or this? Then, they have women and, then, disabled. And they created this list that had about two–three hundred entries, essentially, and you could track where you were on the privilege scale!

Eddy: Wow.

Metokur: [13:01] It’s insane! It’s insane is the only way to put it, I guess.

Eddy: I saw some other video who did some similar to you[rs]. He mentioned something about the whole Occupy Wall Street, how that was just like a lot of movements–they’re kinda co-opted by a lot of feminists and SJWs–and it kinda screwed Occupy Wall Street by making it a crazy house instead of what it was about, which was the Wall Street corruption and financial system, and the betrayal turned into your chosen gender and all the other craziness that comes along with it.

Metokur: [13:15] Yah, yeah. I’ve talked about this, myself, in the past, but you, basically, had a gathering of people who had a very simple point. I mean, sure, their platform wasn’t completely specific. (It was a little bit vague.) But, “at the end of the day”, they had a couple of core points:

(1) We don’t like corruption.

[13:32] I mean, who’s going to disagree with that? Who’s gonna say, “I want corrupt politicians”? Who’s gonna say, “I want banks to be able t’ buy my politicians”? (That seems really simple.) I can’t imagine anybody of any political persuasion to say, “No! I want my political person to be corrupted by almost any persuasion that exists!”

[13:50] So, you see they’re out on the street? They’re protesting this and they’re doing it their way. But it stops being about financial corruption and starts being about territories.

[14:04] I remember seeing Occupy rallies where they were talking about Native American rain dances and no-rape zones.

Eddy: Oh, no shit.

Metokur: That is, in itself, just surreal to me! I understand that they were reported–that there were two or three assaults–I think in Zuccoti.

[14:27] But, yeah, so they established areas, basically, that were “no-rape zones”. So, I don’t know how this stuff works: I guess it’s “scout’s honor” if you walk into that zone, you’re not going to rape anybody. Step outside, watch out! But, inside that zone, you can’t touch anybody. And it got ludicrous! And they introduced the progressive stack and they started talking about how if you were a transsexual, black midget you should be able to speak before the white, straight male–even though what you may be saying might have nothing to do with politics or banking or anything!–but, because you are less privileged, you should speak first.

[14:59] And, by the time people had started to (really) grasp how crazy things had gotten, they were already the butt of jokes across America. I mean, you can look at the Colbert Report. He actually was sympathetic toward Wall Street and, actually donated money and donated these bicycles that generated electricity, so they could run computers and stuff like that. And he felt bad for them, so he went down there to do two episodes.

He was going to give them the chance to tell America and all those millions watching the Colbert Report who they were and what they were all about. And, who did they send to interview with Stephen Colbert? They sent–you know? It was almost like a stereotypical SJW hipster. (They have the thick-rimmed glasses. They’re wearing the crazy-looking clothes. They have all the hand signals.) The woman introduced herself as “Ketchup” and said that she was “female bodied” and he asked her what she was talking about.

[15:59] By the time that interview was over (to me, at least), watching this take place in real time, that, to me, was the death of occupied Wall Street when you have somebody who’s giving you a platform to go on television and talk about who you are and you go on instead and start talking about crazy shit? It’s game over. You’re not going to recover from that.

Eddy: Yeah, I remember watching a clip of that. I just remember the androgynous-looking people. I didn’t watch; I just thought that was enough for me.

Metokur: [16:25] Yeah? It was just surreal and I’m thinking the entire time he’s going to make jokes, because that’s what he does on the Colbert Report. He’ll give you a few minutes to make your point or to respond. He’ll give you a few minutes to at least say, “Hey, yeah, we’re against this and we’re against this.”

[16:37] But they didn’t! They were too enamored with the idea of being on TV and being—-I dunno, able to tell people about how progressive they were [and] they just never got around to saying, “Yeah, we shouldn’t.” (Essentially, they had the opportunity to reverse course, really, and get their message out and sway mainstream America, who they were tryin’ to talk to, and they just didn’t. They dropped the ball.

Eddy: There was something you mentioned already, you know? Talking about if you were a black transsexual midget you should be able to talk first, and I saw a video on your site of the crazy woman who said that women had to speak for the classes.

Metokur: [17:17] Oh, yeah, yeah; that’s a policy she’s tryin’ t’ push. She actually implemented that in her own classroom! She was trying to implement that at the university she wasvisiting, but she actually uses that in her own classroom. So, if you’re a woman–this is how she has it structured: in any classroom, if you’re a man, you can’t ask any question, you can’t ask for clarification, you can’t suggest anything, you can’t offer your insight or your opinion, and you can’t speak first when an assignment is due. A woman has to do it first… because they’re privileged. And the only way to counteract that privilege is by making them wait and go last.

[18:01] So, what happens when you’ve paid five, six, seven–$800 to attend those classes for your degree and you’ve worked your ass off and you have an important question? Maybe there’s a test coming up but all the female students in the class know what to do. They don’t need to ask a question! Well, tough for you–you don’t get to ask a question… you’re privileged: you oughta be able to figure that out on your own. It’s insane!

It’s like putting–I think it was the University of Santa Barbara that wanted to put trigger warnings on their class syllabi because you might read Shakespeare and you might go, “OMIGOD! I think I just read a word that offends me and I can’t recover from it.”

[18:39] You know? God bless college students, but I remember going through it myself: we’re lazy as hell! [speak for yourself, M.M.!] In college, you wanna cut corners, if you can.

[18:45] So, if you’re telling classes of students that if they’re triggered by something, they don’t have to take it, who-the-hell’s gonna show up to test? (haha) Who’s gonna show up to do the assignment? Who’s gonna bother to read Hamlet, ya know? Or, they don’t wanna bother to go through the text!

[19:06] College was supposed to be a place to go where you could talk about politics and ideas and to express yourself! And to talk about anything! And it’s not anymore. And you can’t anymore. You have to conform. It’s not a place to grow anymore; it’s a place to shrink. And it’s an affront to what education–or, higher education is supposed to be.

[19:29] You’re not fostering young minds, you’re not guiding them along; you’re not learning new things: you’re stifling any creativity or insight they might ever have by making them conform to group things. And, worse than that, you’re giving them complexes by telling them that, if they’re not part of any of these new, special-privilege, minority groups, that they’re worthless!

[19:50] It’s thrown aside the idea that how good is your merit, how good is your argument–and how compelling is it–and, instead, it’s saying your skin color decides whether we listen to you or, your sexual organs decide whether we listen to you. And that kind of ideology–that rhetoric? Nobody knows what that is.

[20:02] We’ve gone through that, already. It’s perverse course. It’s not saying to the black guy anymore, “Hey, you can’t speak because you’re black. It’s saying to the white guys that, “Hey, you can’t talk because you’re white!” … to express yourself and to talk about anything and they’ve changed that. You’re not fostering new minds; you’re stifling creativing… you’e telling people who’re not a part of these special groups … instead it says your skin color and sexual organs

Eddy: … It’s kinda an affront to old progressive values where, at least I understood them, or where actually striving for real quality, not … people who were in power before, now they can be oppressed. There’s no , whatsoever.

Metokur: [20:51] and that’s really telling. It is! I mean, here you have a guy who thought he was going to be like the ACLU. He thought he was going to have all these cases where he was kind-uv the administration, stomping down on a liberal student, and he was really shocked to find that (haha) it was the reverse: that he had a lot uv conservatives or he had a lot uv straight, white males coming in and saying, “I don’t know what the hell’s going on!”

[22:58] One of the cases was just mind boggling: they had a janitor (who was also a student at the school through the work-study program) and he was reading a book about the KKK–a history of the KKK–and a female professor saw him reading this book and told him it was racist and he needed to get rid of it, and demanded he be expelled and fired.

[23:19] The school started harassing him; they started going after him, and they get involved and, not only do they find out that the book was about the fall of the KKK, the craziest thing about it is, is that the book was in the school[‘s] library.

Eddy: No way.

Metokur: [23:36] Yeah. It was something the university offered its students to read.

I don ‘t know what is going on with college campuses; I don’t know what is going on with universities, but it’s mind boggling. It really is crazy, when you think about it. That’s what kinda inspired a lot of your more-recent videos, to get back to your first question about why I kinda switched tactics from just casually making fun of stupid, little groups on the Internet to talking about broader issues or talking about the craziness you’ll see on Tumblr.

[24:05] It’s becuz somebuddy has to! You have to be able to engage with this kinda stuff; you have to be able to laugh at it. If you can laugh at it; if you can mock it and call it out for what it is, you can sway people. And, if they laugh at it with you, they’ll realize how fucking stupid it is. (I guess that’s one of the goals of the videos.)

Eddy: Yeah, it seems like there’s no–there’s basically a Tea Party of the left, right? Of these kinds of groups of people? There’s no reason involved when you’re tryin’ to deal with these kinds of people that can be negotiated with, really. Right? They’re really “out there”.

Metokur: [24:47] Well, yeah; I think it’s kind-uv a–[incomplete statement]

I think it’s a lot of things coming together to make this “perfect storm”. You have these college campuses coming across with their ideologies and this notion of victimhood to a large majority of students. It’s not their fault they didn’t get the job, get the A on the test, have a nice car; it’s not because they lack work or study ethics or, because (haha) they didn’t try hard enough.

[25:15] It’s because there’s a white guy over there. It’s because there’s a straight person down the hallway. It’s because there’s–whatever! Pick any group!

[25:22] Add technology to that, which is just fuel for narcissists. There are all these technological platforms where they can speak their minds. So what happens when you have these people who think they can do no wrong who have technology where they can go on and talk completely about themselves? They compete with each other! They say “Oppression Olympics! Who’s the most oppressed?”

[25:45] It’s insane, but that’s what’s happening! It fits the “perfect storm” of being fed this ideology and being able to focus on yourself, constantly, and inflate your ego. Everybody starts to compete for who[mever’s] the most oppressed and who has it the worst. (Bring in the progressive stack! Let’s see where we measure up.)

[26:04] So, because, whoever’s the most oppressed always wins, you can’t ever fight my argument if I’m higher up on the stack than you.

Eddy: Check your privilege.

Metokur: [26:08] Yeah (haha); that’s exactly what it is!

Eddy: It’s kind of a–[incomplete statement] It’s basically an entrance of what a place for retards.

Metokur: [26:17] Yeah… yeah; it’s becoming that. Yah! It’s strange to watch the transformation because, you know? I’ve used the Internet for–gawd! A decade plus? And I’ve seen the transformation that’s happened, you know?

[26:31] There was this wild west where you could do anything. You could go to any site you wanted; you could do whatever you wanted! And, it’s just… it’s not that anymore. And it’s getting more and more strict. What I thought would be doing that, or what I thought would be the main force behind that would be corporations, copyright protections; maximization of profit, [those] that kind[s] of thing[s]. (That’s always what I thought it would be.)

[26:53] But it’s turning out to be more users, themselves. They’re saying you have to implement speech codes, stringent banning policies; you can’t let this person speak, you can’t let them sign up for an account! They’re self-censuring themselves and it’s just… it’s crazy!

[27:12] It’s–it’s–it’s Animal Farm. (You know, all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.)

Eddy: Yeah.

You mentioned humor, before; that’s another thing that these kinds of people really have trouble with: they don’t know what a joke is. And, they can’t understand context. (Kind of like the Colbert Report–when he did the–what was it? Ching, chang, ting, tong…

Metokur: [27:33] (haha) Yeah?

[inaudible, cross talk 27:33]

Eddy: … or whatever?

Metokur: [27:35] Yah, yah. That was pretty great. Whatever.

[27:37] That led to Suey Park doing the #CancelColbert, which got her on Huffington Post and, you know? Huffington Post is usually very sympathetic to these people, but she got on there and, basically, told the host that he needed to shut up and check his privilege. And the host looked at her like, “Are you insane?”

[27:54] And that was the end of Suey Park.

[27:57] But, yeah, Colbert makes a joke which, actually, was mocking something somebody [had] done–not about Asians, but about parroting it because it was so stupid! But they took that thing and said he couldn’t make that joke because it’s just as oppressive.

Eddy: Yeah. I don’t even see how the oppression comes in, anyway, especially for a girl like Suey Park, whose apartment looks pretty nice and who comes from a pretty nice class, as well. (Asian-Americans aren’t in the ghettos, right?)

Metokur: [28:28] Right. That, too, always kinda throws ’em off. You’ll hear a lot uv SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) talk about privilege, and they define it–all these different categories: race, sex, all these things. But, they rarely ever talk about class. They never talk about the economic situation. Because, what you’ll find, more often than not, is that the people who are screaming, “Check your privilege” are usually the affluent students. They’re coming from really nice neighborhoods, mommy and daddy bought ’em a BMW, they don’t hafta worry about college tuition… so it’s silly to hear them saying that to people who, maybe worked their ass off to get to college–or, are struggling to pay their rent–as they’re “sitting in the lap of luxury” on Twitter, or on Tumblr, or on Facebook, saying, “No, you’re horrible! You have privilege. You’re life is easy!” whilethey’re making minimum wage, flippin’ burgers or working as a car mechanic, or whatever laborious task you can think of, you know? There’s nothing wrong with it, but they never address that. They never address that because it screws up their arguments and they don’t want that. (And they might be the one with privilege, by their very definition.)

Eddy: But they’re Tweeting about this on their $800K or $100K dollar iPhones about how other people are privileged, right? So?

Metokur: [29:39] Well, yeah. And that’s the craziest thing.

[29:42] I think it was Briana Woo (in a a related Game or Gay thing) who’d made a lot of statements talking about things like “all these people have privilege” and all this stuff. And, it turns out [that] her parents had given her $200K to start her own game company and she’d taken all these trips… so she came from a wealthy family.

Eddy: Whoa.

Metokur: [30:04] It’s ridiculous to hear this kind of person say you have all this privilege when they, themselves, are. Well, I didn’t get a quarter of a million dollars from mommy and daddy to go start a game-development company. I had to work my ass off to get to where I am! (That kinda thing.) You know what I mean?

Eddy: Man! My dad gave me two hundred bucks once to buy a suit for a job and he pardoned me because I couldn’t afford to pay him back.

Metokur: [30:20] (haha)

Eddy: That was my privilege.

Metokur: [30:21] Yah, yah–I mean that’s the thing. I mean, yah. It’s just… it’s really hard to keep your sanity, I guess, when you look at this kinda stuff if you don’t try to take the tactic of making fun of it and having a laugh, because it gets really depressing. You start to see that, while, to you, it’s funny–to an outside observer, it may be confusing… but, to them, it’s very real. They really believe this! I mean, they are really indoctrinated in believing the stuff they say and that is a scary thing.

Eddy: It seems like, too, that standing up to them seems to work, in a lot of cases. You probably heard about the recent Protein Worldcontroversy?

Metokur: [31:05] Yeah, Protein World was great. That’s the best example and I really hope people follow that example. It’s never apologize. If you look at people who did apologize to these sorts of groups–to these Social Justice Warriors–they will knitpick your apology, they will tell you that you did it wrong–oh, who’s the guy who played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek? … Do you remember? [fyi – it’s Will Wheaton]

Eddy: I know the dude you mean, but I can’t remember his name.

Metokur: [31:26] Yeah? I’m blanking on it too, but he’d made a post on Tumblr and had made some offhand comment on it about spirit animals. I mean, there was nothing insulting: he was just talking about them. And people came in and made accusations that he was misrepresenting Native American ideas and the Native American culture. And he did–he apologized for it. And then, they said, “You don’t get it; you’re a white guy, stop “mansplaining” things to us. You need to apologize better.”

Eddy: Wow…

Metokur: [31:56] So, it’s crazy, but if you stand up to them, like Protein World did, they shrink! There’s nothing they can do. Their trump card is always saying, “You’re oppressing me. You’re a bigot. You’re sexist.”

[32:08] If you can just brush that off? That’s it. They’re done. They have nothing else to do. That is their one trump card: they use a couple o’ words to try to paint you as a bad guy using whatever language, the popular phrase of the moment–but if you shake it off? Yeah, you’ve got what’s going on with them, which is basically great sales?

[32:27] I think it’s funny as hell.

Eddy: They’re hilarious.

Metokur: [32:29] Yeah! Yeah, it was! If I’m remembering this right (‘cuz I’ve been kinda reading up on it as it’s been going on) but it was the two main guys behind the company! It wasn’t somebody managing the Twitter account. It was the actual owners talking on Twitter, making fun o’ these people (which is just endearing!).

[32:46] You know? I have no interest in their product, but I love the company for it, you know what I mean? It creates good will among people who are thinking, “Great! I’m glad somebody finally didn’t cave into this! I’m glad somebody just stood up and said, ‘You’re just being idiots. Stop!'”

Eddy: I actually wanted to buyI use Protein myself, but actually wanted to stop so I don’t know if I still need it, but, whatever–I get it.

I wanted to order their Protein because I thought ‘cuz I thought, “fuck those SJWs”. (You know? I always support this company because they’re hilarious in standing up to them.)

Metokur: [33:13] Yeah, I think what–[unfinished thought] I hope other companies take notice because, I think that it’s kind of a weird marketplace. I think a lot of companies–or certain companies, I should say, found kind-uv a niche market with SJWs, that they could sell them products that–I don’t know… reflected their ideas of oppression–like drinking “male tears”. You know? You’ll see those coffee mugs.

[33:36] I’m sure the company doesn’t give two shits about SJWs, but they’re probably making money “hand over fist” selling ’em!

Eddy: Which one was this again?

Metokur: [33:42] On Tumbler, you’ll see a lot of people drinking from coffee cups–mugs. That kinda stuff. And they usually will say, “male tears” on them. It’s a lotta–it’s kind-uv a feminists’ thing. But, I’m sure whatever company’s making them–printing them, is making money “hand over fist”. (The opposite, I would imagine, would be true with the protein world. They stand up to them, have some fun with them, don’t back down! Your product is good. People like it and they’ll buy it because you’re standing up to them.)

[34:09] I think that’s one of the problems with the world today is people have become–I don’t want to say afraid or weak, but yeah, they’ve shrunk away from the idea of conflict. Anything to avoid it. Everybody’s become conflict avoidant. “I don’t wanna have an argument! I’ll just bow my head and apologize.” Well, don’t! If you’re not wrong, don’t! That’s the power these people feed off of: they expect you to apologize. If you don’t it, it short circuits them and they freeze up. They don’t know what to do.

Eddy: Hey, man, don’t mock people’s triggers. [amen. too many people nowadays are trigger-happy for less things.]

(both chuckle)

Metokur: [34:40] Oh, yeah, their triggers! How insulting is that? Can you imagine how real that is for them? I mean, not even just veterans, but somebody who went through war or something that was horrific? I mean, just monumentally horrific? And they, honest to God, have Post Traumatic Stress syndrome.

[35:00] They really do get triggered by a firecracker blown off by them or by a sound. They’re living with that–and here comes some, I don’t know–white kids from the suburb and he’s saying, “Please don’t use the word ‘orange’; it triggers me.”

[35:15] Oh, get the hell outa here! What an insult to people who actually deal with something that’s hard to deal with? [he’s right!]

Eddy: Yeah; I applaud you.

[both chuckle]

Metokur: [35:23] Oh, thanks, man. (haha) … But, you hafta stand up to ’em; you just have to. I think people are starting to do that: I’ve noticed it more, at the very least. Because, I think if you start standing up to it and you mock it and you have fun, everybody watching will pick up on that and it–it’ll become the stupid thing to do. Being an SJW will become stupid and nobody’ll wanna do it, you know what I mean? It’ll become stupid! (haha) You’ll be too ashamed to act like that… because you’ll realize you just–you look silly.

Eddy: Well, see, it’s really embarrassing! It’s embarrassing seeing this stuff. (You know? … I don’t know.) (haha)

I don’t know! (I don’t know how else to put it.)

Metokur: [36:04] I know–the more you talk about it the more you kinda go over it, it just makes your brain short circuit. You kinda start to lose your ability, really, to process what the hell’s going on because it just seems… it seems like a joke! (It seems silly, doesn’t it?) This can’t be real; this has to be a joke. But, you’re seeing it in real life, now. You’re seeing it on college campuses where people are getting protested because they wanna give a speech where students are getting expelled because somebody gets offended and where college curriculums are getting butchered because somebody might be triggered.

[36:38] It’s ridiculous!

Eddy: Speaking of which–and you’re probably familiar with this, as well–but there was this guy who got banned from participating in lectures because he brought up some good points about rape culture and all this kinda shit.

You know? He wasn’t saying anything offensive, but apparently, some of the people in the class–(Was it a gender study class? I forget what it was.) But he made some points like–“What is this rape culture?” and kind of challenged what the teacher was telling everybody. But the teacher didn’t like that and said it triggered everybody, so he/she banned this dude from the class.

Metokur: [37:11] No, now that one I’m not familiar with, but, again, it wouldn’t surprise me. Yeah, yeah… what kind of college students are we creating?

[37:20] You’re going to take a class. You’re studying the subject (or whatever it may be). They may want to give you assignments and tests that see whether or not you’ve been paying attention and what your interpretation of the information is.

[37:34] So, are you allowing students to look at the information and interpret and explain their interpretation and their reasoning behind it; and, then, maybe challenge that idea? Or, are you creating students who will say what everyone else says–because they don’t want to fail?

[37:49] I mean, the thing of it is, college costs a lot of money! So, what is a student to do when he / she has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get into this class? Is he/she going to risk it and speak his/her mind (like this guy you mentioned did)? Or, will he/she just keep his/her head down and let it get even worse?

[38:01] I think that’s part of what has allowed this to become such a joke–is that so many people were in that situation where they heard a professor saying something crazy–or they heard students in the class backing that idea, and they’re longing to stand up and say, “You people are insane–and here’s why–but, if we do that, they’re gonna fail us.”

[38:20] You know? Who’s gonna look out fer me?-kinda thing. It’s kinda spread. And, it’s been going on for a while. But, if you go and look at the Seinfeld wars from the nineties or Socal and the Socal hoax (where he was talking about post-modernists coming into scientific fields and giving these really bizarre interpretations of science), or–just crazy stuff–that didn’t belong in actual hard sciences.

[38:45] So he created this hoax where he wrote in to two of their best journals and he wrote what they wanted to hear. Nothing was real, but he used a lot of big-sounding words and he told them what they wanted to hear, and they published it and heralded it as this great thing.

Eddy: Wow.

Metokur: [39:01] And the moment they did, he came out and said it was complete and utter bullshit and called them idiots. (This was in the nineties!) So, you see people in the STEM fields who kinda saw this thing coming and wondered “what the hell’s goin’ on?” and now, here we are, some twenty-or-so years later and it’s spread everywhere.

[39:19] People didn’t kinda pick up on those early warning signs, you know? Going back to the Silver Glade thing, they said, “Hey, once we switched power in the sixties and seventies, it started to (kind of) metastasize and, by the time we got to today, it’s just this full-blown tumor. What are we gonna do? Are we gonna excise something that’s almost bigger than the host, itself, now?

Eddy: Yeah. Maybe it had a chance to grow just because it seemed so ridiculous to a lot of people? Maybe no one paid attention to it until it sprouted and took off?

Metokur: [39:46] Yeah, I think that’s part of it, too. Yeah, because I would suppose a student goes to class, goes home, has dinner and says, “Yeah, gawd, you won’t believe what I heard in gender studies!” Or, “You wouldn’t believe what my sociologist professor told me!” And his parents say, “Oh, yeah, yeah… whatever. Did you watch the football game?”

[40:07] If you have that happen enough times and, you know? Fast forward ten years to now you’re at the point that it’s no longer that one crazy class each week, it’s now that one crazy semester class that’s taken daily. (They’ve gotten to the point that since no one’s complained to this point, so they guess it’s completely acceptable to act like this.)

[40:27] You have incidents like the feminist professor of–I think it was Porn Studies–again in California. There was this one study–I think it was at the University of Santa Barbara (again). They were doing some pro-life rally. Typical college stuff where you’d see groups out protesting. Occasionally, you’d have preachers out there or hippies out there to “legalize pot” or “do this or do that”. (You always see that in a college campus environment.)

[40:54] This particular group was “Abortion’s bad; we’re pro-life” and one of the girls had a sign. Well, the professor walked by, saw the sign and said she was triggered by the image and assaulted the girl holding it. Well, the girl turned out to be underage. The professor hit the girl, removed her sign and had other students hold the girl back while she took off and destroyed the sign.

Eddy: Wow.

Metokur: [41:15] And this is a college professor. This is a person on staff. The college defended her, saying she was triggered so the assault was okay. What in the hell? That’s absolutely insane!

Eddy: You’d think that would contradict their idea of personal space and not attacking people… Oh, I guess it only counts if it’s on Twitter. (haha)

Metokur: [41:41] Right, right. Yeah; it’s the–[incomplete thought] I looked it up–[incomplete thought] Somebody had wrote about “kaufkatrapping”. If you know… it’s hard to explain –but, Google it if you get a chance; it’s really interesting.

[41:59] It talks about this mentality of using an argument that’s so flawed that the only reason you’re using it is (basically) to bully the other person into going away. And that’s kinda what their ideology is: it’s this notion that I may set the rules for the game and you come on the board the same way I do. But the second you have an advantage, I’m going to change the rules–or reinterpret them because you’re more privileged than I am. (I’ll just use whatever word I need to use to make, so I’m going to make my actions acceptable and yours, unacceptable.)

[42:24] So you have an adult (or a professor at some college) assaulting somebody who was doing a protest.

[42:34] It’s perfectly acceptable because she was triggered. If that had been a male professor who’s conservative and a pro-life protestor, whaddya think woulda happened? Oh, he woulda been “hung out to dry” in the press. They would’ve talked about how assault cannot be tolerated on college campuses; it’s unsafe, he needs to be fired immediately and the college needs to apologize and have courses and seminars where everybody can hug and talk about the experience. (haha).

[43:00] It just–[incomplete statement] I wanna see a world… I guess, lemmee put it this way: I’d like to see colleges where it’s just equal opportunity at the start. Everybody gets a fair shake and you’re judged on your ability to produce results. How well do you do in your classes? (That’s all we care about!)

[43:19] We don’t care about anything else. But, it’s very quickly becoming a place where the moment you walk in, you’re judged on all these other factors: for things you never should be judged on.

[43:29] I don’t care what color you are; I don’t care what sex you are; I don’t care who you choose to have sex with. All I care about is how well you do on your assignments: are you lost? Are you paying attention? Do you care about the courses you’re taking? How do you rank up against other students?

[43:46] That’s kinda been lost: I don’t know what happened to that. Or, at least, to me, that’s what education was. It was kind of a meritocracy-based system and, it’s not anymore.

Eddy: Even the economical things–like the feminists who go on about the wage gap and one other thing. There’s been studies showing preferential treatment for hiring women for certain kinds of positions. (I think they did a big study for a bunch of universities for hiring of women versus men for certain positions: educated positions, basically, and the women were chosen over the men to a large degree.) Even when this kind of stuff happens, they still want to keep pushing that envelope for more dominance.

I guess not even the whole facade of equality’s kind of out the window.

Metokur: [44:38] Well, yeah. Yeah, and that’s the thing. I think it’s one of the most insulting things, kind of, about it. I guess I would place all these social groups under Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), really. We’ve become so pervasive that any group you can think of, really, has pretty much been tempted to this point.

[44:45] You saw this take place with atheism–er, Atheism Plus. You can’t just be an atheist, right? If you’re an atheist and you wanna go to a convention, that’s not good enough anymore. You need to be a feminist; you need to be this and this and this–because, if you’re not, you’re a bad person and you can’t hang out with the group. And you see that: that took place with feminism, that took place with atheism. That took place with any group you can imagine, that they’ve all been pushed under this umbrella of social justice.

[45:22] These people don’t–[incomplete statement] It’s not about equality for them! They don’t want to be equal; they want to be elite. It’s what you said earlier about the elite class: they want to be the person at the top–because that’s the position they crave. They don’t want to give you a shot at that! They don’t give a “shit” that their information is outdated or it’s bad; they’ll just keep using it and if you question it, well, you’re [inaudible word 45:52] and you need to shut up and check your privilege.

Eddy: Yes; they want to make gender studies the kind of study you can do to get a high-paying job after university.

Metokur: [46:01] Yeah; that’s ridiculous. I’ve heard a couple of horror stories, really, about college campuses wanting to make mandatory classes for things like yeah–gender studies or things like that–but yeah, for degrees that have nothing to do with it.

[46:16] If you’re going into college and it’s STEM-related: if you’re going in to do math or engineering (or whatever it may be), and they’re telling you [that] you need gender studies? Oh, that’s ridiculous! I don’t know how that’s going to help you complete an equation or make sure your bridge doesn’t implode.

[46:31] But that’s kinda what they’re pushing ‘cuz they want everybody to feel this new doctrine (this new dogma) of the current age which is,essentially, either “you should feel really good about yourself and because you’re oppressed” or “you should feel horrible because you exist”.

[46:51] And, the thing is this (and I talked about this earlier, as well), to me, the notion of privilege is second original scent. You’re born with it and you can’t do anything to get rid of it. And, unlike the original sin kinda thing where, if you’re religious, you pray to get rid of it? There’s no way to get rid of it if you’re born white or if you’re born male or if you’re born straight, or if you’re born any of these groups.

[47:15] And, the crazy thing is, they’re moving the goal posts now. It used to be if you were a straight, white male you were on the “shit” list. They’re expanding the “shit” list now. So, now, if you’re a straight, Hispanic male; if you’re a straight, Black male.

[47:31] They’re even going after gay people, now, and saying that they’re appropriating culture from black women.

Eddy: Yes; I saw that!

Metokur: [47:36] How insane is that?! So, it’s growing it now. They’re starting to group even more people together and telling them they’re “privileged”. What are we going to be looking at, “at the end of the day”? You know, 20 years down the line? Who’s going to be the most oppressed? It’s going to be one type of person: I don’t know who it’s going to be, yet. But, it’s going to be silly as hell to look at, I’ll tell ya that much.

Eddy: It’s going to be all trans-gender people in wheelchairs who are running the world. (haha)

Metokur: [48:04] Well, yeah. If you kinna wanna get an idea of this, there’s a YouTube video that is just [as] funny as hell. I think it’s called Cultural Marxism: a CIS Story. It’s an argument between a couple of lesbians (who are LGBT members) having some kind of [a] meeting on [a] college campus. In comes this group of hipsters who identified as being transsexual and it’s [about] them arguing with the lesbians for 20 minutes–saying that because the lesbians don’t want to (and they actually say this)–because they didn’t want “to lick their trans-click” (referring to their penises) they (the lesbians) were sexist and oppressing the hipsters.

[48:39] The lesbians respond, asking, “Are you kidding? We’re lesbian. We want to have sex with women, not with guys.” And the transgendered group said, “No, no; you don’t understand. We may be female bodied but we’re not female.”

[48:46] This is what college campuses–that video is (probably) the best example of what college campuses are becoming. You’ll see how they dress! One of them is wearing a cape, has no shirt on–her breasts are hanging out–and is wearing a neon skirt. The other looks like Justin Timberlake and they’re screaming at these lesbians, saying, “You don’t understand! We’re more oppressed than you–you should feel bad.” And the lesbians response is “what in hell’s going on? You guys are crazy!” And it goes back to what I was saying earlier: they’re expanding that group. Talking about gay men being lesbians instead of just straight men? Well, now they’re going after lesbians instead of just straight women.

[49:29] So, “at the end of the day”, I don’t know what that “most oppressed” group’s going to look like but that (haha) video might give you an idea of where it’s going.

Eddy: Was that a satire or was it a real thing?

Metokur: [49:38] No, that is a very real thing. This was an argument that was filmed on a college campus. I don’t know who filmed it or why, but they were probably thinking, “Holy hell, what’s going on?” (It should still be up: it has one or two parts.) It’s just their argument and it’s so insane when you watch it. You find yourself thinking (haha), “What am I watching? What happened to colleges?”

Eddy: I was just joking when I asked if it was satire because I had assumed it was satire when you were talking about this.

Metokur: [50:07] Oh, no! It was very much real! The arguments they use… [incomplete statement] The guy actually says to the lesbians who are having their meeting, “You need to check your cis privileges.” (He actually said “cis privileges” because this is real life on Tumblr and it’s on college campuses.

Eddy: Wow. What’s your take on the whole trans-gender thing, besides the people who get really serious about it and they get the gender reassignment surgeries? It seems like they–especially on Tumblr–it seems like people try to choose genders which don’t exist.

Metokur: [50:48] Well, yeah, yeah; I’d separate them into a few things. People have asked me this before (because I’ve had a SFM account) and then I’ll answer, but nobody’s really asked me that before, because, I guess, SFM’s kinda “off the beaten path”-kinda thing.

[51:03] My opinion has always been this: I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you are. I don’t care how you live your life. If you have a sense of humor, I will sit down and have a beer with you. That, really, at the end of the day, is my opinion.

As far as being transsexual goes, I know there’s a term for it–I think I’m using the wrong term, but it essentially means body-morphing disorder. I think something’s going on that’s compelling them to do this and I don’t think it’s because they’re female in a male body or male in a female body. [amen!] That’s my personal opinion.

[51:32] As a caveat to that, I’m not going to go up to the guy who wants to get a tattoo or a piercing and tell them, “You can’t do that. How dare you do that to your body?!” It’s your body, man! If you really wanna do it, if you wanna take hormones, if you wanna get surgery–go ahead! It’s not my place to tell you not to do it. I think you have some stuff going on, though, and maybe you should go in for that before you go have some massive surgery that could have some serious consequences, but, yeah; I’m not going to “shit” on you for it, though.

[52:02] As far as pronouns, though? If you’re up in my face calling me a “cis cum” and telling me I need to call you a “zere” and “zeer” and “zoom”, I’m just going to laugh at you. That’s not gonna happen. But, if you’re just a normal person and we’re shootin’ the “shit”, and you want me to refer to you as a “chick”, I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me.

[52:19] As far as the gender thing goes, I know what you’re talking about in regards to that, as well, kind of, on Tumblr and stuff. I think everybody wants to–[incomplete thought] With gender and, especially–[incomplete thought] I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but with mental disorders, it’s really popular, too. Everybody has a flavor of the day, self-diagnosing something. I think it’s Münchausen by Internet. You know? I think it’s this idea that people want attention. Well, how do they get attention? People get attention by making themselves the most unique cases that exist. [like Metokur, himself] I’m no longer straight or gay; suddenly, I’m A-sexual, poly-romantic, “dwarf-kin” and I have Aspergers and cancer. And don’t you dare tell me otherwise, you’re a “cis bigot”. I think, too, especially with the online world, even going back to transsexuals and, even gay people, you have all these people on the Internet who want attention. They’re misleading the groups they’re trying to be a part of, so it puts off people.

[53:25] I think–yeah–I think “at the end of the day” that’s one of the biggest issues with social justice and that kinda mentality. They pretend to be part of this group–not because they want to be, but because they want to be powerful and they want to be unique and they want the most attention and they misrepresent the group they’re claiming to be a part of and it puts forth this bad image. So you meet all these people online who say, “I’m a–you know? I’m a–all these things. I’m a feminist. I’m a vegan. I am a this. I am a that. And they’re the biggest assholes you’ve ever met! So, suddenly, you think, what they’re identifying as (that all these groups are claiming to be part of) must be complete and utter assholes.

[54:04] Think, if you didn’t know what atheism was and the only thing you ever saw was Atheism Plus, you’d think atheists are just jackasses. (You know what I mean?)

Eddy: Yeah.

Metokur: [54:17] You know I’ve been open about it when people have asked about it. I’m conservative leaning in my political views and I’m kind of a traditionalist in my life in that way. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to dislike somebody because they’re different.

[54:34] I can sit down and talk with somebody who has a completely different ideology than I do. I don’t have any problem with that; I’ll sit and argue with you ’til “we’re both blue in the face”, I’m fine with that–as long as you aren’t this type of person. This type of person really kills the ability for any type of debate and reason and argue with each other the way it was meant to be done. And, yeah! You can’t even see a contest of which ideology is best anymore because they’ve polluted everything so much that you couldn’t get a staunch conservative and a staunch liberal to argue something… Or a straight person and a gay person to argue something, because you don’t know! It could be a crazy-ass SJW in the mix and they’ve completely skewered what the real argument would’ve been and turned it into a “shit-show” of “Look at me; I’m impressed” and “How dare you argue with me? Check your privilege.”

Eddy: Poison the well.

Metokur: [55:22] Yeah; that’s exactly what they’ve done. They absolutely have poisoned everybody’s well; we’re all drowning in poison at this point.

Eddy: Yeah, of all the stuff I’ve seen, I consider myself very liberal and progressive; although, I don’t know if I want to use that word anymore.

Metokur: [55:44] (haha)

Eddy: But, of all the stuff I’ve seen, I found myself siding on the side of people who have conservative points of view, at least in terms of the SJWs and this kind of stuff. When they’re critiquing these people’s craziness, I find myself, quite often, on the side of the conservative people. And I’m not really conservative –I really don’t care, either–I just–[incomplete thought]

For me, he evidence matters more than anything; more than the ideology of calling myself conservative or liberal. It’s kind of like horse shit, anyway. It’s [inaudible word 56:15] you know? If you want to be with your group or whatever that have the same ideas as you [do], but more and more, I’ve seen conservative opinions that reflect my own with these kinds of–regarding these kinds of people.

Metokur: [56:25] Yeah, yeah, yeah. At least–you’re from Canada? Is that right?

Eddy: Yes.

Metokur: [56:29] I hope I’m right.

[inaudible, cross talk 56:29]

Metokur: [56:31] Okay. So I don’t know kind of the roots of your progressiveness but, I believe, in America, I think it used to be the “Bull Moose” Party that was kind of started by Teddy Roosevelt. It sure-as-hell isn’t what they call progressive nowadays.

[56:51] I mean, Roosevelt… here’s a guy who went to give a speech–[incomplete statement] To kinda give you an idea of the old progressives (haha)… the original ones: the Bull Moose, he goes to give a speech, right? For his presidential campaign, I believe it was, [Correct.] and, as he’s up on the podium, he was shot in the chest. He doesn’t go to the hospital; he stands for [nearly] one hour, bleeding, to give his speech, then goes to the hospital.

[NOTE: Actual account of 14 OCT 1912 reads: Before a campaign speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Theodore Roosevelt, the presidential candidate for the Progressive Party, is shot at close range by saloonkeeper John Schrank while greeting the public in front of the Gilpatrick Hotel. Schrank’s .32-caliber bullet, aimed directly at Roosevelt’s heart, failed to mortally wound the former president because its force was slowed by a glasses case and a bundle of manuscript in the breast pocket of Roosevelt’s heavy coat–a manuscript containing Roosevelt’s evening speech. Schrank was immediately detained and reportedly offered as his motive that “any man looking for a third term ought to be shot.”

Roosevelt, who suffered only a flesh wound from the attack, went on to deliver his scheduled speech with the bullet still in his body. After a few words, the former “Rough Rider” pulled the torn and bloodstained manuscript from his breast pocket and declared, “You see, it takes more than one bullet to kill a Bull Moose.” He spoke for nearly an hour and then was rushed to the hospital. SEE: http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/theodore-roosevelt-shot-in-milwaukee.

Despite his vigorous campaign, Roosevelt, who served as the 26th U.S. president from 1901 to 1909, was defeated by Democrat Woodrow Wilson in November. Shrank was deemed insane and committed to a mental hospital, where he died in 1943.]

Eddy: Really?!

Metokur: [57:12] Yep. (haha) But, that’s not the image that comes to most people’s minds when you say “progressive”, is it?

[57:22] I have never seen a politician do that! [duh. none have been shot in the chest, either.] Show me a politician who got shot in the chest on television and gave a speech afterwards? I don’t care who he is, I’d vote for his ass! [oh brother. there’s some real logic. metokur’s fallen for the same rhetoric he’s protesting: vote for the victim, not the one with principles, integrity.] But, you know? It’s that kind of staunch, strong, independent–make your own way kind of attitude that’s been lost. And, again, it’s been poisoned. It’s really the caricature–er, the cari-ca-ture–aw, gawd; I’m stumbling over my words! I think you know what I mean, but–

Eddy: Yes.

Metokur: [57:44] … of what it is to be left leaning now. You know? In America, for decades, when you talked about a conservative or a Republican, the joke was… people would envision in their heads some hillbilly guy in overalls, drivin’ his pickup truck down a dirt road with an “I love Jesus” bumper sticker, Confederate flag and a shotgun on the rack.

[58:03] Now that’s flipped and the left has its own version of that which is morbidly obese, 20-year-old, white kid from the suburb who considers himself A-sexual, poly-gendered, you know? Has the hipster glasses and screams “privilege” at everybody. That’s really what it is!They’ve made what it is to be part of that party a joke!

[58:27] I think what we’re starting to see is our liberals starting to wake up and say, “Holy shit! That’s not what we are; that’s not all we are.” (haha) “You are not who we are; you do not represent our ideas.” This is good; I hope they wake up to it.

[58:42] I think SJWs and those kinds of mentality in what you’re seeing kind of play out in the news–all these different groups–doesn’t do anybody any good “at the end of the day” and it just muddies the water and it “shits” everything up.

[58:53] I think it would be great if every group, regardless of ideology or political or whatever device along their line–whatever it may be–just stood up and said, “Shut the fuck (haha) up and go away. You’re ruining things for everybody.”

Eddy: Keep the crazies in check.

Metokur: [59:06] Yeah, exactly.

Eddy: Speaking of us “shitting” up, it kind of reminds me of your most recent video release of the past couple of days.

Metokur: [59:17] Oh? The Nick Bates one?

Eddy: Whoa, man! I woke up in the morning actually cringing. I couldn’t stop thinking about that! (haha)

Metokur: [59:23] Yeah, that’s a crazy one. That’s a guy who’s been around for–[incomplete statement] And, I should use allegedly a lot because I don’t want Nick crazy and filing some civil suit, though I doubt if he’d have the ability to, but this is a guy who was around for six or seven years. He would make postings online. He made music and videos and statements and had chats and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) with other people.

[59:48] Basically, he was saying that he wanted to molest kids and that he was molesting his eight-year-old sister… er, eight-year-old half-sister and, then, spent the better half of the next years following those statements of those actions saying, “No, I didn’t really mean it.”

[1:00:01] Well, finally, the law steps in and says, “You’re in a lot of trouble, Nick, because the girl finally came forward and said that it was completely true.”

But it makes you wonder because there was this guy who ran around the Internet for six or seven years saying, “I molest children! I totally molest children. Here are videos of me talking about it and music with me singing about it, and here’s me, confessing to it.”

And, nothing happened. I know it’s kinda crazy because different Web sites, boards did get involved–kinda around 2011 when they heard this–and wanted to contact the parents involved and see if they could take action, or wanted to contact the police and get somebody kind of cute into it because they thought, “Holy shit. If this is legitimate, this guy’s a danger.”

[1:00:50] But, it took her coming forward to really get any action. And, what makes it even more horrific than just the molestation, really, is who he was as an individual and the fetishes he engaged in. (Because, when you find out that he’s a corprophiliac and he’s into scat play and all this stuff and he doesn’t shower and he doesn’t shave, and you think of what that poor kid had to go through–not just to be molested, but to be molested by somebody like that–I feel for her!) I can’t imagine what her childhood was like.

I don’t know if the parents intervened; I didn’t get to talk with–I think there was some stuff I didn’t get to talk about. I know that the parents intervened around 2010 or 2011 that made it so he couldn’t come around to their home. They found some erotic stories he’d put on her laptop, that he’d written on her laptop and that made the stepfather uncomfortable and he said, “I don’t want this person around.”

Eddy: Understandable.

Metokur: [1:01:51] Yeah, and I know he ended up going to live with his aunt in an apartment she provided because he said he had social phobias and he couldn’t get work and he couldn’t leave the house and he couldn’t stay at home, so he kind of was sequestered for a time. So the girl–I guess it gave her time to kind of go through things on her own until she came to what the hell happened to her and kinda comprehended it and came to terms with it and finally said, “You know what? I’m gonna go forward and talk to police.” But, yeah, just a disgusting individual.

[1:02:24] I know a lotta people talk about [inaudible word 1:02:24] calls on the Internet. You know, these people who are, essentially, the butt of every joke–who do really ridiculous things and everybody likes to laugh at them? (One of the prime examples of that would be somebody like Christian Weston Chandler–Chris Chandler. If you’re unfamiliar with him, just look it up and, believe me! You will be amazed at his history.)

[1:02:46] He is facing jail time because he was upset at the new Sonics game that came out because it had a mascot cutout that didn’t have the correct arm colors. So he went to a Gamestop and pepper sprayed toys.

Eddy: No shittin’?

Metokur: [1:02:54] But he has this entire crazy history… he’s had some other crazy things that have happened, too, but that’s kind of like the typical thing people think when they think of this kind of person.

[1:03:07] Nick Bate, on the other hand, is something well beyond that. He is a very disturbing individual. I guess that’s kind of why I used him for that first episode for that series. I had originally–the Internet and Sanity series was originally more about legitimately crazy people. It wasn’t really making fun or talking about it to bring attention to it; it was just kind of using it more like a sample of a specific thing.

[1:03:38] The first one I did was about gang stalking and I used a guy who really believed in gang stalking.

Eddy: Oh, yeah; I saw that one.

Metokur: [1:03:40] Yeah, and I felt really bad for the guy. The problem with it is–if you have ten or 20 subs, that’s fine; but if you have less than that, you’re really screwed because 20 thousand or 50 thousand people watching those videos, one or two of them are going to go screw with them. So that’s why I switched kinda the scope / point of what it was about. I figure if I’m going to talk about crazy people on the Internet, I probably ought to focus was on the ones who deserve ridicule rather than the ones who legitimately are in a bad spot, as interesting as that is to me.

[1:94:11] Yeah. So, that’s why I kinda changed that out, but Nick Bate is a… (well, I should probably call him by his proper last name, but that’s what he’s known by online), but, just a really horrific individual. I’m just really–[incomplete thought]

[1:04:26] And the defense video–which kinda closed out the video with the audio track that I played (because I obviously couldn’t put this video on YouTube of him)–his whole defense strategy being, “I’m a corprophiliac. I couldn’t have molested my sister and I’m going to prove it by masturbating with feces” is insane!

And the craziest thing about that is, if the police are involved, it means that that video is going to be logged and that, at some point in the future, some poor jury is going to have to sit and watch that video in a courtroom full of witnesses and judges and bailiffs, and this photographer. And they’re going to watch this morbidly-obese man who’s horribly unkempt masturbate with shit for five minutes.

[1:05:09] I don’t know what he’s thinking! His situation right now (if I’m up to date on it) is: he has$150,000 bail, we obviously knowhe’s going to pay that for him, so he’s in jail right now. (I think that’s where he’s going to stay until he gets his trial.) I can’t imagine him being found guilty with the enormous amount of evidence that exists. (I mean, what I showed in the video’s nothing compared to the wealth of stuff out there and it’s stuff from people who know him, personally; from people who’ve contacted him; from people who have logs and stuff and records of all these interactions. There’s no way he’s getting off: I don’t know what the prison sentence would be, though somebody threw out the figure 40 years. But, yeah; he’s gonna be going away for a long time for what he did.

Eddy: When I watched, I literally had physical reactions. I was grabbing my face–you couldn’t help it! It was insane.

Metokur: [1:06:04]Yeah, it’s very cringe-inducing; especially that last video. Yeah, I think he might be one of the worst people I’ve ever seen on online, to be honest, and I’ve seen a lot of really messed-up individuals. But, he’s hidden all those watermarks for just being a truly terrible person and it’s pretty remarkable; I’ve never seen them all gathered together in one individual (haha)–like Nick Bate.

Eddy: I’ve never heard of something like this before. It was very… [incomplete thought] Your content is very eye opening. I could say that.

Metokur: [1:06:44] Well, yeah. And the crazy thing is I like–(I guess I should mention this right now. I don’t mean to ramble…)

Eddy: No, go ahead.

Metokur: [1:06:53] The videos I like on YouTube are long videos. That’s why mine are a half hour. I consider them white noise. I don’t expect somebody to sit there and watch their monitor for 30 minutes. What I expect is that, if they’re interested in the content I produce, they’re going to have it playing in the background while they’re doing something else. So, kinda like a radio. It’s white noise, it’s in the background; it keeps you occupied so, maybe, you think, “Holy shit! Whaddid he say?” and you go check out the computer monitor (haha) to make sure that you didn’t mishear something.

[1:07:22] So, I try not to go too long. The problem with Nick and his whole story is there’s so much stuff out there and there’s so much stuff I didn’t get to include. I mention it in the video and then I watched it again, recently, and I was (thinking), “Oh, gawd, I completely forgot to put this in there!”

[1:07:40] I had mentioned briefly that he likes to paint with feces. (That’s not just me saying that.) He has Tweets and different journals and blogs and statements out there talking about how he likes to paint his walls with poop and urine, and he thinks that’s great art.

Eddy: [hushed] Wow.

Metokur: He can’t understand why people have problems with that.

[1:07:55] This is a very messed-up individual.

[1:07:53] And then, even on the assorted information you can kinda find online that’s been passed around, there’s this psychological evaluation on him. I wanted to include that, too, but I couldn’t trace it to anything.

Eddy: [hushed] Wow.

Metokur: [1:08:07] A lot of the stuff I can trace to his actual accounts or trace it to people who know him. With the psych. eval, it was just a [inaudible word 1:08:13] so I couldn’t put it in, but it seems like–it looks like it would be real. (haha. It’s a lotta stuff to fake if it’s not a legitimate psych eval.) But, you know? It talked about him and, basically said, no, he’s not autistic; no, we don’t believe it’s this or this or this… he actually has a really high IQ; he has a social phobia, and that’s it. Those are his issues.

[1:08:30] At least for me, that gives me some comfort, because I don’t think he’s going to be able to go into court, even though the Internet is called Internet Sanity, I don’t believe he’s going to be able to go into court and say, “not guilty by reason of insanity”. They’re gonna say, “No, that’s not gonna cut it; you knew what you were doin’. You knew that it’s wrong. You even made statements–[incomplete statement]” Even he had made statements that pedophilia–I’m a pedophile but I don’t act on it, so it’s not wrong. But, by his own statements, you know? In his mind, he made statements damning himself because, if they can prove he acted on it, he’s wrong.

[1:09:01] He knows, yeah; so I don’t think the “I am insane” is going to work in his specific case.

Eddy: You reminded me of something else. No relation to this guy, but related to a painting creativeness. Did you see the thing about the feminist who painted with her period blood and painted on her face, too?

Metokur: [1:09:23] Ah… I’ve seen–and, again, if we were talkin’ five years ago, it’d be a one-time thing, but I think it’s symbiotic.

[1:09:41] Did you hear about the one where the woman put paint balloons in her vagina and squatted them out onto a canvas?

There’s a movement called Free Bleeders who don’t wear any pads or protection and think it’s totally natural to bleed all over the floor and on their shoes.

[1:09:57] I’ve seen some really horrific stuff when it comes to this kind of free woman spirit stuff. (That’s what I call it.)

There’s one woman who took period discharge–(I don’t wanna gross anyone out who might be listening here, so you might wanna fast forward a minute so you don’t have to listen to this.) But she took–you know the part of the period that sluffs off?

Eddy: Maybe…

Metokur: [1:10:17] ‘Cooked it up in a frying pan (‘cuz she said it looked like bacon) so she cooked it up in a frying pan and ate it.

Eddy: That’s brutal.

Metokur: [1:10:23] That’s horrific. So, like I said, if we were talkin’ five years ago, I know this specific thing you’re talking about because the Internet is crazy now; it’s hard to nail it down, so what, exactly, did this person do? (haha)

Eddy: (haha) I’m not even sure anymore after hearing that.

Metokur: [1:10:44] (haha) I know; it’s mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Eddy: It might’ve been on–[incomplete thought] … Maybe you’ve followed Sargon of Archive? I’m sorry, Sarga?

Metokur: [1:10:48] Oh, yeah, Sarga?

Eddy: Yes, that guy. He made a video where I saw this–or, maybe it was somebody else. There’s so much shit out there. But, yeah, I think it was just a picture that was posted up and she period blood on her face–like face painting–and she also made a painting with period blood. It was some kind of feminine liberation bullshit.

Metokur: [1:11:12] Yeah, that is getting kind of a boost right now, I’d say. Over the last year, let’s see… I’ve mentioned the Free Bleeder thing. There’s another one where they’ll take their period blood and use it to cook. They make cookies and brownies with it.

Eddy: Wow…

Metokur: [1:11:30] Horrific, actually; I don’t wanna take anything that’s been discharged out of somebody’s body, really, and cook it up and eat it. But, there’s nothing, really, that you can tell me you’re producing that I’m interested (haha) in consuming. (haha) Anything that you could name, really, is going to make me wannu vomit.

[1:11:42] So, I have no idea why this is a thing, but it is and, if you dare to go on these blogs and say, (haha) “This is horrific! What are you doing? This is horrific!”, you’re going to be screamed at, being cave man and not understanding the modern world.

Eddy: You know? This kinda stuff confuses people, too; it confuses guys about women. It’s funny because I’ve seen a kind of distinction here between guys who say, “women are crazy” and “I don’t know what they do because they say this and that.” But it’s more like crazy feminists who say one thing and then, regular women, who are not part of that crazy camp. But it’s confusing a lot of normal guys who see this stuff and think, “Oh, women!” But it’s not women: it’s feminists. [FYI: not all feminists are female and not all are nutcases!]

Mr. M: [1:12:28] Right; I suppose dating culture is really going to take a hit–especially, in any school setting, from high school to college at this point. What–I mean, what are we creating?

[1:12:42] We’re creating an environment where women are going to be made to think that every guy’s a rapist, so they’re going to be scared to go to parties; and, every guy is going to think that every woman is a crazy person who is going to call the police because he held her hand.

[1:12:58] It’s making men and women afraid of each other. What in the hell are we doing? Yeah, it’s limiting human interaction; it’s bizarre! It’s a bizarre thing to watch happen when you’re creating situations where people are afraid of each other! For what? For fear of something that might happen, but not something that has happened.

[1:13:21] I mean, my gawd, take a look at the recent cases that have been taking place on college campuses. You know? You bring up feminism.

[1:13:27] Was it [Meg Lanker-Simons, Univ of Wyoming, OCT 2013] Meg Lanker Smith (I think) who was a female college student who had posted about harassment she was receiving on the school’s Facebook page.

A statement was put up that read, “I want to ‘hatefuck’ Meg Lanker Simons so hard…” I’ll teach her how to be a good, conservative bitch. [actual post: “I want to ‘hatefuck’ Meg Lanker Simons so hard. That chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it. I think its hot and it makes me angry. One night with me and shes gonna be a good Republican bitch.”]

[1:13:45] (That was what it was saying, essentially.) I’m condensing it, but… [incomplete statement] Police investigate. College holds a rally because, obviously, this is terrible and patriarchal andmisogynist. The police come back and tell them, “You don’t really need to hold your rally; the person who posted was Meg, herself.

Eddy: Oh, no shit.

Metokur: [1:14:08] Yep; it was her and her husband who orchestrated it.And, the craziest thing about it? They still held a feminists’ rally.

Eddy: Even though the facts showed that… [unfinished question]

Metokur: [1:14:15] Yeah, exactly.

The mattress case? The mattress girl–I can’t remember the specific name of the case–but, you saw what happened to him. A German student. He kept quiet, did what he was told. The school had found that he was not–[incomplete statement] They had done three or four investigations by that time and said they really didn’t see where he’d committed rape against this particular student.

[1:14:39] He got slandered in the papers; she made herself out to be a victim… does this school art project where she carries around a mattress to remember her rape, and, basically, he’s made to be a pariah. on the college campus. Finally, it’s enough and he can’t take it anymore and he says, “Because, guess what? I have chat logs of every conversation we had, before, during and after her allegations.

“Here’s [s/b ” she is”] her, talking about wanting to have sex with me.

“Here’s [s/b ” she is”] her, talking about getting drunk and getting STDs.

“Here’s [s/b ” she is”] her, calling me up afterward and telling me I raped her.”

[1:15:04] Did anyone turn around and say, “I made a mistake?” No.

[1:15:15] Look at the Rolling Stone article: what in hell’s going on there? Another classic example–and I wish I could remember the name of this particular video–but, it was shot on–ya know? I’m tryin’ to think of where this exact location was. [Ohio State Univ, March 2013 – at the window of the Chase Bank] It was off the college campus, but it was kind of in a district where there were bars and restaurants for college students.

It was a drunk couple: girl’s drunk, guy’s drunk. Girl has the guy on his knees, eating her out, in public. [eww, yuck] They’re both just completely hammered. All the college students are clapping and whistling and doing what you’d expect college kids to be doing.

She gets filmed. She’s waving at the camera and smiling and grabbing him by the hair and whatever. It gets posted and she says she was raped.

Eddy: Ah, I remember that.

Metokur: [1:15:58] Everybody looks at the video and asks, “What in hell are you talking about?” The thing, too, was, people on scene were saying, “Yeah, she told him to keep going–even though she was grabbing him by the hair.”

[1:16:14] And, it’s true! Every woman will view a man as a rapist for any action he takes; and every man will view every woman as crazy! So you’re creating this environment–this atmosphere where nobody’s going to want to interact with each other! (I’m not saying that’s entirely what college is about; I’m not saying you’re supposed to go get completely hammered and have wild sex at a party or anything like that!) But you should be able to hang out together and hold hands and study together and walk by each other on a college campus without feeling afraid of each other!

[1:16:43] Why create an environment of fear? What does that serve?

What were those rape statistics? One in four women will be raped?

Eddy: Yes, 1:4, 1:5. Something like that.

Metokur: [1:16:55] Yeah. That was based on flawed data, essentially. [according to whom?] People [who, specifically?] have pointed out it’s wrong for a lotta reasons. [name those reasons] But, if you go look up the crime statistics–let’s say, in Detroit, you’ll find that your chances of getting mugged in the worst possible neighborhood that’s possible–at midnight–are less than being sexually raped on the campus of Harvard. [unfounded. Specifics needed. NAME the credited study that proves this is factual. get real; whole lot of speculative rhetoric spewed here.]

[1:17:16] Okay, something’s really screwed up, if that’s what [unclear WHO] you’re trying to tell me. If [unclear WHO] you’re telling me that being on a college campus in broad daylight is more dangerous than being on a the streets in Detroit at midnight with a wad of cash hanging outa your pocket, then you have an issue: something is really screwed up, here.

Eddy: Or, South Africa! I don’t know what the rape stats. are for South Africa, but I saw a comparison for them before and I was asking, “Really? Are the campuses in the USA more dangerous than the country which has the highest rape stats. in the world for people getting raped?”

Metokur: [1:17:48] Well, yeah, I know it’s funny you bring up that. I know it’s an African country–I can’t remember which one–that’s at the top of the list, but I know the second-place one (because nobody ever believes it): it’s Sweden. Sweden has, in the world, the second-highest rape statistics.

Eddy: Oh? No kidding?

Metokur: [1:18:10] No kidding. (Now, that was a year or two ago; maybe it’s changed radically since then, but yeah; that’s off-topic.) But, I’ve always been really stunned by that particular number because nobody would really expect it.

Eddy: Must be all that black metal.

Metokur: [1:18:18] (haha) Yeah; it’s all their music that’s doin’ it.

Eddy: [inaudible word 1:18:23] and blonde people: it goes together.

Metokur: [1:18:24] (haha) There you go. But, yeah, yeah; it’s crazy. I don’t know why it’s being allowed. I think one of the other problems you have when students are involved and, whether it’s a hoax or somebody throwing something out of proportion (like this) in those three specific cases, nobody ever steps back and says, “We were wrong. This didn’t happen. We should make a system–or, put something in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

[1:18:53] Look at the Duke Lacrosse case. You had the infamous letter of 88: eighty-eight Duke faculty members all condemning the Lacrosse players and saying they all were horrible rapists and should never be allowed on campus. And then, it comes out [that] it’s completely fictitious! This never happened!

[1:19:05] Those 88 professors are still employed; they were never fired, and they never apologized. [stammers] I–I–I just don’t get it. If they screwed up on that level, you would expect them to say that, “As an institution and as the faculty of that institution, we made a really big mistake. These people were [are] innocent. We had faulty information or we let our emotions lead us, and we should’ve looked at it more critically.”

[1:19:30] But they just don’t. So I feel bad for college students: they’re walking into a mine field. (haha) Find a good college, really pay attention to what-the-hell’s going on–I wish there was a version of Rate My Professor for colleges, where it would just be people getting honest impressions of what the college environment’s like–so you could see there before you go to apply there.

Eddy: Yes, these kind of people have a free pass. They can make a rape accusation or other egregious claims and, if it’s wrong, you still don’t have to retract it, because men are rapists, naturally so.

Metokur: [1:20:07] Well, yeah; and that’s another crazy thing to me, especially in the situation you brought up, earlier, I think, with the whole drinking thing. (You were talking about how the college, talking about how if women are drunk and men are drunk, the men are at fault–because the women can’t be at fault if they’re drunk–for some, magical reason.)

Eddy: Yes.

Metokur: [1:20:23] But what is that saying about women? I mean, you have these people supposedly pushing for the notion that men and women are equal in every conceivable notion and every conceivable way. Then you’re telling me that, if a woman suddenly drinks alcohol, she is a baby, whereas a man isn’t?

So, alcohol affects them differently? Then, they are not equal. Is that because their brains are different?

[1:20:46] They’ll never go beyond that, right? They’ll just say enough to say that, magically, if she has a glass of wine or a beer, she can’t consent to anything–because she’s a child, unable to make her own decisions. We need to coddle her! But, that horrible man over there can drink a bottle of Bacardi 151, straight, and it’s totally acceptable for him to make decisions!

[1:21:04] Even using the alcohol example, guess what? If you get drunk and get into a car and get picked up, you could go to prison if you get caught. They don’t care that you’re drunk! You can’t say, “Well, I was under the influence, so I’m not responsible for my decisions.” No! You were totally responsible for your decisions! You chose to get drunk; you chose to get into that car.

[1:21:22] Yeah. I just don’t understand modern society. Something got totally screwed up somewhere and it really got outa hand, I guess. I keep thinking, that for somebody to just say… I kept waiting for the cameras to pop out and [someone to] just [s/b “say” not “go”] go, “You know what? It’s all been a joke: this has been one, massive reality TV show that’s been running for 20 years. And, I hope you thought it funny ‘cuz, that’s not what the world’s like.” But, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Eddy: Like the Jim Carrey show where his whole life was a movie?

Metokur: [1:21:50] (haha) Yeah, exactly!

Eddy: Yes. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to get that.

Metokur: [1:21:58] Yes, I have a feeling that this is not going to be a Truman show; this is the real deal; so, hopefully, people will dig in their heels and fight back a little bit.

Eddy: There was a case over here, I believe in Vancouver. Anyway, it was a Canadian case which happened that ended up being a kind of a positive thing, actually. This girl accused this guy of raping her and, of course, spread rumors about him all over social media and he’s getting harassed and death threats–the typical stuff. But he wasn’t even in the same city at the time of the rape accusations! And, he had solid proof that he wasn’t in the same city.

Metokur: [1:22:31] (haha)

Eddy: The good thing that came out of this is he won the right–and, I think this should be a criminal case, as well–but, at least, civilly, he won the right to sue her because there was solid evidence that she had made a false rape accusation.

Metokur: [1:22:46] Yeah, that’s the other thing, too, that I think is really stunning in a lot of these cases where they turn out to be completely fictitious or where a real rape has occurred and it’s complete bullshit, right? It’s amazing to me that the people, then, who have made these false accusations and caused all this trouble for the people involved who have wasted the time of local government and universities (or whatever institution they might use to perpetrate their lies) are never held accountable for them.

[1:23:09] If I go to the police and say, “My neighbor just killed somebody! You need to investigate it.” If they find out I just made that up, you bet, my ass is going to face some consequences! So, why is it that if I went to the police and say, “Oh, no! He raped somebody!” suddenly, that’s okay?

[1:23:23] I mean, [those who make false claims are]ruining people’s lives! They’re using the police to exact some sort of petty revenge on somebody and that’s ridiculous! There should be consequences. I think if there were consequences, you’d see this happening quite a bit less. But, right now, people know they can get away with it so they’re just going bananas with it.

[1:23:43] So, you have people like Meg Linker-Smith. You have people like the case of the girl and guy on the strip next to the bar. You have the case of the mattress girl. You have all these different examples of people who have popped up more and more as we’ve gone forward over the last couple of years and nothing ever happens to them! Or, if something does happen to them, it’s only ever a slap on the wrist and they’re allowed to go.

[1:24:03] I’ve seen some crazy rhetoric to defend these kinds of actions. I’ve seen some people say things akin to, “It’s terrible that this person was accused falsely, but at least it lets them [unclear. them who?] realize how prevalent rape is. They should be happy they learned a lesson.”

[1:24:19] What the hell are they talking about? They’re willing to destroy somebody’s life because they have some bizarre, grandiose vision of what your ideology is? Go fuck yourself! You can’t do that with people! Yeah, it’s just disgusting! It really is.

Eddy: I saw an argument on social media–obviously, a place where credible people speak!

Metokur: [1:24:45] All the time! (haha)

Eddy: All the time… But it was funny in this piece about the mattress case where they had all this texting showing the fact that she wanted to hang out with him after this alleged rape. People (obviously, they were S-E-Ws) were arguing that giving everybody who makes a rape accusation gives anybody a free pass for anything.

They’re stating that, basically, we have no right to judge how a person reacts after a rape! That, maybe, it’s just how she reacted, personally, to that rape–by messaging him to hang out again.

There’s no standard.

Metokur: [1:25:20] It’s crazy! I do know that people do react to crimes differently–gawd, I’m sure everyone’s watched one or two true crime episodes on TV, where they’re talking about a murder (usually it’s a murder). But they show the spouse or whomever found the body acting a particular way and, sometimes, people do act really screwed up.

[1:25:42] But she [Emma Sulkowicz?] was acting this way weeks and months after this. It wasn’t like it was the next day kind-of-thing; it was a week later [actually, two weeks], she was asking if he wanted to get together to have sex. So this is how she’s dealing with it??? After reporting it, that’s how she’s dealing with it? Are you kidding me???

[1:25:56] You don’t think the police would’ve informed her not to ask him to have sex with you once you’ve accused him of rape? That college should’ve said, “You guys shouldn’t have any contact with each other. That might be an issue going forward.”

[1:26:05] It goes back to that notion that nothing’s going to happen to her… and she knows nothing’s going to happen to her! [FYI – Sulkowicz is getting Art Performance class credit for hauling her mattress about campus? She’s benefitting further from her unmitigated false claim!] So, we’ll see whatever she wants. And the mainstream media and Rolling Stone magazine, for example, will publish it and smear somebody without fact checking! It’s absurd.

Eddy: Yes; a total, free pass. I believe, in the same social media article where people were arguing that we can’t judge people by their reactions, that they kind of want to change the whole legal system to where, in the case of just rape, the man is guilty until proven innocent. So, now, he has to prove that he didn’t rape her, as opposed to proving did rape her. [no, the burden of proof lies with the claimant, not the accused in U.S. courts; the accused would still prove innocence]

[1:26:34] Yes; I think a lot of these people don’t understand history very well. They don’t understand what that kind of legal system looks like where you prove innocence and are innocent until proven guilty, rather than guilty until proven innocence.

[1:27:06] (haha) How do you prove you didn’t do it? [in the Vancouver case Eddy cited, the fellow had solid proof he wasn’t even in same city at time of alleged incident!] Do you know what I mean?

Eddy: Yes; prove the negative.

Metokur: [1:27:10] Yes; exactly. Glenn Beck (famously, you know), he would always do these shows where he would say, “Now, I’m not saying Obama’s a communist; I just want to know why Obama won’t tell us he’s not a communist.” (That kind of stuff.)

[1:27:23] So, people, in reaction to that, use that approach to him. They said, “We’re not saying that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl behind Arby’s in 1998 in Florida; we’re just asking questions as to why he won’t prove he didn’t.” (You know, that kind of thing.)

[1:27:37] That’s the kind of logic for you: why can’t you prove you didn’t do it? Well, no, the burden of proof should be [is] on the person who’s making the accusation. [ah!] I shouldn’t have to defend myself when you can’t even present evidence that I’ve committed some kind of a crime because, in that kind of scenario… in that kind of a world, why not just go accuse everybody of having done something? Then, if they can’t prove that they didn’t do it, then they’re going to jail! (What a great way to get rid of people with whom you just don’t agree.)

[1:28:03] You’re creating gulags and they don’t realize that that can switch on them really quickly. You put a system like that in place and, one day, their ideology isn’t the one that’s going to be running it and they’re going to find themselves in some prison camp because they had wrong thinking or didn’t agree with the ideology of the day.

Eddy: Hmm…

Metokur: [1:28:24] They’ll have no way of proving their innocence and will wish they had never put forth that kind of an idea.

Eddy: It reminds me of a famous time in history where–oh, you know–this whole witch thing. They would put people under water for five minutes and say, “Prove you’re not a witch!” If they died, well, they weren’t a witch.

Metokur: [1:28:41] Yes; it’s brilliant, isn’t it? If you die, whoops! We’re sorry. If you died, at least you were innocent; if you didn’t die, well… we’re going to kill you, anyway!

[1:28:53] They’re trying to recreate the Salem Witch trials, really. That kind of a system is what’s happening right now. If you really look at this, that is what’s being put into place on college campuses right now. The college campuses are being asked to investigate these kinds of cases on their own–outside of police investigations–and make their own determinations of innocence or guilt, using their own criteria. If they find a college student to have committed some crime, regardless of what it is, they can expel them, they can publish their names. They can do whatever they want! And, they’re being compelled to do this now! It’s sort of a government mandate thing.

[1:29:31] So it’s scary when you start hearing these sorts of accusations on social media because you start to see these systems put into place in the real world. I think this is what’s going to happen: (I think historians will probably get on my ass about this if I don’t get it right.) But the Salem Witch trials stopped when they accused the governor’s wife. [he’s right. Verify at US History.org site.]

Eddy: Ahh… !

Metokur: [1:30:00] They accused somebody a little too high up and the people said, “Okay, that’s enough of this crazy shit.” I think somebody’s going to make an accusation against somebody who is the son or daughter of somebody who’s very powerful or wealthy, and they’re going to have picked on the wrong person, and that parent is going to unleash holy hell on them. But, how long is it going to take until that happens and how many people will be expelled and have their chances for a degree and their futures ruined before that takes place?

[1:30:29] There really should be safeguards in place. I think the educational system here in America — I don’t know how it is in Canada, but at least here, in America, it’s very biased towards students. It’s an industry! I’m paying money to get a service so there should be some kind of a safeguard in place to protect my consumer rights. I think that’s lacking and that’s why you have all these people and outside organizations like the AOUSLU and Fireway–all these different groups that exist because college students have put all their money into these things and now they’re having their lives ruined because somebody else on campus is triggered or offended. And that’s wrong. It’s disgusting.

Eddy: Have you seen… ? This reminds me of a Simpsons episode a long time ago (when I used to watch it) in Flanders, the Christian–they wanted to see the future and were on some college campus and Flanders was the overlord. Everybody was being sent to get a lobotomy so they could be good Christians.

Metokur: [1:31:34] (haha)

Eddy: So I’m picturing a world where hipsters can give people lobotomies to help them be politically correct.

Metokur: [1:31:38] Yeah, yeah; it’s the kind of thing where it’s forced on you. I mean, it already is forced on you! (Kind of touching back to what I had said with regards to getting a bad grade.) It’s going to spread beyond that to, “Are you going to behave a certain way outside of class on a college campus?” If you’re going to risk offending the group with the most power right now, that can influence the dean and others in positions who can get you thrown out of school and get the school newspaper to print up how you’re a rapist and can throw a protest and do a YouTube video that gets 50,000 views that say your name, your location, where you’re from, what your studying, and say that you’re this horrible person without providing any evidence. Yeah, it’s going to create just a really shitty atmosphere.

Eddy: I think there was one of those atheists’ / skeptics’ meetings already where they made rules for your conduct outside of the convention.

Metokur: [1:32:31] Yeah. To me, though, and, again, kinda watching this (I guess kinda explode on the Internet, these crime wars… I think [verify word ] socol was kinda like a canary in a coal mine–kinda warning everyone something bad’s coming down the line. And then, I think you started getting groups slowly kinda pecked off, one by one.

The atheists (for whatever you think of that group or atheism) were one of the first groups to kind of stand up and say “No. This isn’t gonna fly. This is crazy. Take your atheism plugs and shove it. You can say what you want about our ideology and our belief system, but we’re not going to be bullied into acting a certain way at our conventions.”

There were a lot of people who put these videos out and people started pushing back and saying, “Yeah? This isn’t going to fly.”

I guess you see this so much, especially in entertainment. You have game or gay. You have so much of it in comics or movies now where these people complain about everything! And they’re getting their way every time. It’s getting more and more obnoxious and it’s starting to interfere with people’s abilities to enjoy content and, even just life, itself, because you have these people just pushing and becoming overbearing, and trying to create (I guess) the left version of the moral majority.

(If you’re from America and you remember the nineties, you’d remember this: conservative family values, the moral majority; “we’re gonna tell ya how t’ live your life.”) People didn’t want politicians doing that; it kinda gave the Republicans a black eye for a while. (They learned from that!) But, now, it seems like the other side is doing it. And, for some reason, no one is calling them out on it!

I just can’t believe we’re not seeing people from all spectrums aren’t coming out and just saying, “Stop! Please, stop it! You’re ruining everything!”

Eddy: It holds true of everything, where everyone’s crumbling in the face of an argument. Instead of defending themselves, they back up.

Metokur: [1:34:41] Oh, well, yeah; I had a video on the Aristocrat Channel (SEDA), which is the… (oh, gawd! what was it?)… the something-education-debate-association. (You can look it up: SEDA debates.)

If you want a kind of idea of this pervasive, just ridiculousness of how arguments are structured, if you think in your mind of what a classical debate is, I think most people will have the same kind of image of two different opposing points arguing and making their points with each other. And, whichever put forth the best argument andcauterized their opponent the most, will win!

[1:35:18] But, again, that’s one small example! If you go and look up the SEDA events from the last couple years, you’re going to see people who aren’t making any arguments, who are rapping talking about oppression and about how the debate, itself, is racist, and how they should win (by default) because it’s racist because it’s a racist, patriarchal thing and there’s no way they can win, so therefore, you have to let them win.

[1:35:39] That’s one small example. I mean, but, again, go look at the SEDA stuff: it really ismind boggling! Again, I’m looking at this and I’m thinking–are you kidding me? And then, I find out who runs it and it’s run by the heads of 15 or 16 really large universities and they’re all for it. They think it’s–they think it’s the best thing ever, that it’s the wave of the future–and all it’s really doing is killing what a debate was in the first place, by letting this kind of victim complex, PC, overkill, SJW… stuff… get into it, infect it and ruin it.

[1:36:18] Yeah, you know? I use image words a lot and one of the boards–(I go to a lot of boards)–and, one of the threads–or one of the themes I like the best out of these bleak visions of the future–[incomplete thought] you know? What is the future going to be like? So, it usually starts off like the year’s 2055, feminist zone 19, talking about having to take your patriarchy pills–you know? Just crazy stuff like that. It’s funny to laugh at and kind of blow off steam, but gawd, at the rate we’re going, we might not be that far off!

Eddy: Yes, people kinda gotta “balls up” and just say “no”.

Metokur: [1:36:56] Yeah! I guess, “at the end of the day”, if I could condense all of this down, that would be my point. Whatever your viewpoint is, don’t get bullied and give up just because somebody calls you a bad name. Don’t apologize to these idiots and have a laugh at them–because they should be mocked and laughed at! And, the more people who laugh at it and the less they give in, the sooner this will go away and we can get back on track and have arguments and debates and go back to being normal and enjoying ourselves. It seems they’re just making everything unpleasant for everyone, really, right now.

Eddy: That’s the irony of the bullying, too. It always seems to be these people who end up being the biggest bullies of all.

On that note, I guess we’ll end it there. It’s been a really awesome discussion. Is there anything else you want to leave the audience with?

Metokur: [1:37:37] Uh, no! Gawd, I think I’ve rambled on long enough. I don’t wanna put ’em to sleep too much, but no, no! I’ve enjoyed comin’ on. It was a pleasure talkin’ with ya.

Eddy: We’ve covered quite a lot of bases.

Metokur: [1:37:24] It was a long one!

Eddy: Well, it was awesome! Thanks, a lot, Mister Metokur:, [slight tongue twist] Internet Aristocrat. [smiles] (I can’t even think any more, at this point.)

Metokur: [1:38:03] That’s fine. Yeah, that happens to me, too, when we’re talkin’ about this kinda stuff: my mind just goes blank after a while.

Eddy: Yes; I think you lose brain cells after a while thinking about it.

Metokur: (haha) Yeah; it really does do that.

Eddy: Well, thanks, again. And thanks, everyone, for watching.

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