Marriage Coaching Near Me: What to Know Before Hiring a Marriage Coach?

If you Googled "marriage coaching near me" and found this article, then you're probably eager to hire a marriage coach to help resolve conflicts and improve communication in your marriage. You may have already tried everything, and now you need professional help.

At this point, the most critical question to ask yourself is this: Am I 100% sure it's a marriage coach I need and not a therapist, psychiatrist, or some other professional? This article will help you answer that question before you make the investment.

In this article, you'll learn the following:

  • What marriage coaches do and don't do
  • The difference between a marriage coach and a counselor, therapist, or mediator
  • Signs you need to work with a different professional
  • Signs you need a marriage coach

Let's start at the beginning:

What Marriage Coaches Do and Don't Do

Marriage coaches are professionals who help married individuals and couples solve problems related to their marriages and households. They listen to their client's issues, create goals out of them, and then plot out the concrete steps they need to take to achieve them.

Marriage coaches help their clients with various problems, including the following:

  • Improving their relationship skills
  • Becoming each other's "safe space"
  • Money, stress, and communication challenges
  • How to identify and process complex feelings
  • Working through personal issues that get in the way of the marriage

Marriage coaches give couples a structured approach to problem-solving that's easily followed. They also offer ongoing guidance as their clients do all the things necessary to overcome their problems in the relationship.

What Will Marriage Coaches Not Do for You?

Few people know this, but marriage coaches are not marriage counselors. While marriage coaches focus on the "how" part of solving marriage problems, counselors are trained to focus on the "why" part. Counseling is a discipline different from coaching; knowing what you're facing in your marriage will tell you which service you need.

Marriage coaches are also not divorce mediators or lawyers. If a divorce is almost inevitable and you want to minimize the damage it'll do to your family, finances, and feelings, then a marriage coach can't help you. Turn to a good divorce mediator instead.

Lastly, marriage coaches are not couples therapists. Likewise, marriage therapy is a different discipline--it focuses on diagnosing and treating known medical issues plaguing a couple and their marriage.

If you're struggling with chronic anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts, a marriage coach won't be able to help you much. Instead, get medical help or immediately head to a nearby hospital's emergency department.

How to Know if You Really Need a Marriage Coach

To be 100% sure it's a marriage coach you need and not some other professional, try to tick these boxes:

  • You're sure you know the reasons behind your marriage problems, and now you want solutions, strategies, and ongoing guidance.
  • You're sure you're not suffering from a physical or mental condition causing the strain in your marriage.
  • You're sure you want to avoid divorce at all costs and instead want to exhaust all possible solutions available to you first.

When all of the above applies to your situation, a marriage coach is precisely who you should get expert help from. Find someone who's a good fit for you and your partner, and let the training begin.

Find the Right Marriage Coach for You Today

  • In this article, we covered the following:
  • What marriage coaches do and don't do
  • The differences between marriage coaches, counselors, therapists, and other professionals
  • A handy checklist to help you be 100% sure it's a marriage coach you need

Is there something about marriage coaches that we didn't mention in this article but you feel we should have? Let us know in the comments below.

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