Why a Life Coach Wont Improve Your Love Life

Looking for a personal life coach in Vancouver B.C. for your love life? You might want to consider an alternative.


Professional coaching which targets specific life skills can help you experience amazing relationships, dating, career, business, and social confidence.

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You might be going through a life transition right now and are looking for support and mentorship. At Conquer & Win, coaching is focused on social skills, confidence, dating & relationships, and becoming a better man.

Although there may be some good life coaches out there, most are too vague about what they offer. There’s rarely any tangible benefits and I’ve seen many tout “clarity” as a selling point. Yes, clarity is good, but that’s only the first step and shouldn’t be sold as an end product.

It’s even worse if you want to improve your love life.

Something tangible, measurable and attainable should be set as a goal when starting any coaching program. Before choosing a life coach it’s important to clarify exactly what you want to accomplish.

Ask yourself if they’ll be able to help reach your goals to become a confident man or improve your relationships. Most life coaches are jacks of all trades, and don’t have relevant experience that can help men socially.

What Do Life Coaches Do?

Life coaching generally focuses on:

  • Happiness
  • Inspiration
  • Being positive
  • Clarity about desires
  • “Potential”

The problem with these focuses is that they’re generally a product of the work done to reach a goal. Not the goal itself. By working on specific problems, building character with challenges, and doing tangible work, happiness will develop. Focusing on happiness itself won’t produce happiness.

Before selecting a coach, ask:

  1. Have they ever approached a woman naturally before?
  2. How much dating experience do they have?
  3. Can they demonstrate how to start a conversation with women in public?
  4. Is this a part time job or are they fully committed to coaching?
  5. What objective results have their clients gotten?

Alternatives to Life Coaching

Dating, relationships and social confidence are Conquer & Win’s main focuses. Here’s some details about how dating coaching will help you get better results than life coaching in Vancouver.

Dating & Relationship Coaching

Dating and relationship coaching focuses on social skills and emotional intelligence (EQ). By developing specific qualities and learning the steps it takes to meet and attract women, you’re dating an relationship options will increase dramatically.

I’ve seen many guys settle for whatever happened to come their way. In many cases they end up with women who have emotional baggage and treat them poorly. Bad self esteem, neediness, a lack of confidence, a lack of vision for the future, low EQ, and ultimately a lack of options leads many guys into terrible relationships.

After a bad break up or divorce, the feeling off loss and helplessness can be overwhelming. It’s even worse when guys stay in a bad relationship with an emotional vampire just because they don’t feel they could meet a better woman.

Dating coaching can repair the damage from bad experiences. You don’t have to be without options anymore, and you can become the kind of man you were meant to be.

Coaching Programs

We would meet in person where you’d get a live demonstration on how to meet women. No role play, just real women we meet in public. I’ll show you how you can meet women without being restricted to online dating, pubs, clubs, or social events. You’ll also get confident at the same time and learn advanced social skills that create attraction.

Online Coaching

For men outside of the Vancouver area, online coaching is available. I can also fly to places like Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Seattle, New York, and even Asia to cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei and more. Just ask.

Social Confidence

Dating may not be your specific focus, if that’s the case I’d recommend confidence coaching.

The Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

“Do I Need a Coach?”

The answer is yes and no.

Coaching of any kind will provide support so that you don’t have to do it alone.

Having someone who’s solid and reliable in your life, and who will provide honest feedback is invaluable. Even though your friends and family may be well meaning, these people’s opinions will be clouded by their personal relationship with you. You’re not likely to get the whole truth because they’re going to be afraid of hurting your feelings.

Without an honest assessment of your situation and how to fix it, there’s little room for growth. That means more weekends alone.

This is where professional coaching & mentoring has a major edge. If you’re not reaching your highest potential, having someone sugar coat their opinion isn’t going to help.

If you find yourself saying, “I need a life coach” then you may want to give dating coaching a try.

About Me

After overcoming depression and social anxiety in my early twenties, I set out to learn how to meet women. I experimented a lot, eventually got good at online dating, and then learned how to meet women naturally in public. After thousands of approaches, and over 1000 dates, I’ve figured out the keys to attraction and social confidence.

I’ve also been featured on Global News, the Menprovement Podcast, and Roundhouse Radio among others. My writing is featured on Elite Daily, the Plenty of Fish blog, Zoosk, Vancity Buzz and many other sites. I’ve also spoken at SFU and for different men’s groups in Seattle and Vancouver.

All of my coaching is based on years of experience getting men results. I’ve seen and experienced what works, and so have my clients. Check out my reviews on Google.

It all starts with a quick call. There’s no obligation and no sales people will call. Learn how to meet the kind of women you deserve by clicking the button below:

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