John Anthony Dating Coach: Legit or Scam?

Is the dating coach John Anthony a genuinely successful, effective dating coach... or is he a scam artist you should avoid at all costs? This article will dip into the claims and controversies surrounding John Anthony in an attempt to find the real deal about him.

You're about to learn the following:

  • About John Anthony and his company
  • His products, services, and current marketing practices
  • The controversies surrounding them and whether they're true

Let's start at the beginning:

John Anthony's Business

John Anthony is a dating coach who teaches men how to get rid of anxiety, approach women, and take them home for sex and romance. John's company is called John Anthony Lifestyle, and he offers his dating coaching through digital dating products, private coaching, and 3-day boot camps.

At first glance, John gives you the same vibe the pickup artists of old (Mystery, Neil Strauss, and the like) used to provide. He's pretty blunt, straight-to-the-point, and sometimes abrasive when expressing his opinion on society, women, sex, relationships, and the dating industry.

This straightforwardness may be the root cause of the controversies surrounding him and his business, as we'll see later in this article. For now, let's look at his business and how he helps the men who come to him for advice.

Dating Programs

John offers a variety of digital dating products on his website, including:

  • First Time Fast Track, a systematic approach to losing one's virginity in 30 days
  • The Leads Machine System, a system of effectively getting numbers and dates from dating apps and cold approach
  • Occams Razor, a system of approaching women, talking to them, attracting them, dealing with their objections, and taking them home
  • Platinum Dating System, an 8-week program that aims to upgrade your physical appearance, getting women's numbers from cold approach and dating apps, running dates, taking women home, and making a woman your girlfriend

Any guy wanting to get John's advice and/or guidance fast can plug into one of his digital dating products quickly and easily. They consist of eBooks, exclusive videos, and other easy-to-digest digital media.

Dating Bootcamp

John also regularly holds 3-day boot camps, which are in-person events held in big cities worldwide. In a boot camp, John and his team teach inexperienced men how to approach and attract women and then lead them out into town to put the lessons into practice.

John attests that his boot camps are the best shortcuts a man can have to start meeting and attracting beautiful women in 3 days. Days 1 and 2 are all about theory--the "classroom" portion where the guys are taught the basics of approaching women in clubs and bars. Here, you're also taught how to keep conversations going and deal with a woman's friends and other men.

Then, on Night 2, John and his team will take you to real bars and clubs and watch you as you try out your new confidence and skills. After a few hours of approaching women, they'll take you home and review your performance, giving you additional tips and fine-tuning.

Lastly, on Day 3, you'll go to town and approach girls in the streets, cafes, and malls--a different setting with a different dynamic, but perhaps more your speed.

The Controversies

As might be expected from John Anthony's products, promises, and aggressive marketing method, controversy has hounded his business for years. Some aspects the public objected to include:

  • His "body count," where he unabashedly and persistently claims he has slept with over 1,500 women in over 30 countries (most likely to attract his target audience: insecure, inexperienced men), which some people find distasteful
  • Attacking other coaches. John regularly criticizes and attacks other dating coaches for men, calling out the supposed inefficiencies of their products and services. Experienced marketers will see this as likely clout chasing since prompting a response from a more well-known public figure will only bring more attention to his business.
  • Doxxing and not giving refunds. This one has been difficult or impossible to verify, but there have been reports of John doxxing unsatisfied clients and refusing to give refunds. It's undoubtedly worrying if it's true, but it may also be another example of John's aggressive marketing tactics.

All-in-all, the controversies surrounding John seem typical of any dating coach who gives off the "pickup artist vibe" in a post-#MeToo world. Whether any of them is a sign of fraudulent business is anyone's guess.

Is John Anthony a Scam or Legit?

In this article, you just learned:

  • Who John Anthony is and whether he's a fraud as some say
  • His products, services, and current marketing practices
  • The controversies hounding him over the past few years

Clearly, John Anthony is a dating coach catering to a specific audience--inexperienced men who take to the old-style "pickup artist" approach to women and attraction. That may very well be why his business seems to be chugging along despite the controversies.

That said, anyone can find his methods distasteful, and if that turns you off from his business, that's your right. You'll be much better off working with a coach whose vibe matches the kind of man you want to become.

Is there anything about John Anthony we didn't mention in this article that you feel we should have? Let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, if you're a man who wants to become more confident and attractive to the ladies but not in a creepy, pickup artist-y kind of way, then I'd love to talk to you. Click below to learn how I can teach you how to approach, befriend, and attract women anytime, anywhere: Dating Coach Vancouver

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