Is The Mall a Good First Date?

If you're planning on asking a woman you're interested in on a first date, you may be wondering, is the mall a good first date? While the mall can be a good place to hang with friends or to get girls numbers, if you're planning a first date, it's not the best place to have it.

Maybe in the past you've had a date at the mall that just didn't go as well as you had hoped and you're not sure why. There's also certain scenarios where it could be a good first date idea, but it's not always crystal clear when you're looking for advice.

In this post I will go over:

  • Reasons why the mall is not a good first date
  • Exceptions where a first date at the mall could be a good option 
  • A couple better first date ideas 

Reasons Why the Mall is Not a Good First Date Idea

You may be thinking the mall is a good place for a first date because it's a free public space, laid-back, and has options for food and cool places to shop. While these are all nice qualities for something casual, they don't really make up the ideal scenario for a first date. Especially if the girl is someone you want to pursue something serious with.

When you go to the mall, a lot of the time you're walking around aimlessly or sitting at a crowded food court surrounded by children and custodians constantly cleaning around you. Not exactly the best setting to get to know someone. From a girl's perspective on a first date, it can make you look indecisive and can end up just being awkward.

Here are some of the reasons why the mall is not the best first date idea:

It can come off as impersonal

When you go on a first date, you want to make a good impression. The mall is an open space for everyone and it doesn't take much thought to plan this venue as a date. A women will notice this and might take it as a lack of effort on your end.

Walking around or squeezing in at a table at the food court between two families will make it harder to interact with her in a way that's natural and comfortable. If you have a definite plan to go somewhere specific, you'll have a better chance of good conversation. It will also make her think you're taking it more seriously.

You may end up spending more money than you planned on

Another reason the mall can be a bad first date is because you may end up blowing a ton of money. People go to the mall to shop. Walking around with your date, you'll find yourself most likely checking out a lot of different shops. If she starts buying things, you might start feeling like you should too. You'll end up with a bunch of things you don't really want or need and a hole in your pocket. 

On top of that, food courts can be overpriced just for some mediocre pizza. You also don't want to overextend yourself. It's okay to pay for lunch, but with all the shopping options you might feel pressured to buy something for her.

The mall is too distracting 

There are always plenty of people at the mall and this might seem like a good thing at first. Bars and restaurants are similar but in these settings you are usually allowed a certain amount of privacy to get to know your date in a more intimate way. In the mall, unless you're sitting at the food court the whole time, you won't have much time to have a real interaction with her. 

Walking around the mall, there's a chance she might run into other people she knows and lose focus on the date. All the potential distractions at the mall can kill the mood of the date. She might end up getting turned off by this first date selection. She should be focused on you and you should have time to get to know her. Window shopping at the mall makes this a lot harder.

It may come off as boring 

The last thing you want to do is bore your date. One reason the mall is not a great first date is because it can be boring or unenthusiastic. Most malls are very similar. They have a bunch of the same shops and a food court with a Panda Express and some pizza parlor. If you want to impress your date, it's not necessarily the best place to go. 

You definitely won't want to sit in silence over some bad food while you realize the date isn't what you thought it would be. As a guy, it's best to take initiative and choosing a place or activity that you know has some appeal to it among your peers is a good start. Being a man with a plan will be attractive to her and there's a better chance she's going to enjoy the date.

Exceptions Where the Mall Could Be a Good Option

While I wouldn't suggest meeting at the mall as a good idea for a first date, there are some circumstances where it could be okay. Here are some scenarios:

  • You use it as a place to initially meet and adventure elsewhere, spending a brief amount of time there.
  • You work at the mall and get some type of discounts or private access 
  • There is a nice restaurant attached to the mall
  • She lives nearby the mall and is most comfortable meeting there

Some Better First Date Ideas

When you're getting ready to take a girl on a date, you should have a solid idea and plan of where and what you'll be doing. You want to take your date somewhere with minimal distractions. A setting where you can have a fun conversation or engage in a fun activity together. 

Here are some ideas that are better than the mall:

  • Drive-in movie theater
  • If you're both into reading, a low key used books store (shopping dates aren't always a bad idea)
  • Meet up at a coffee shop
  • A board game cafe 
  • Go to a local farmers or flea market

For more info on first dates, check out this post.

Is The Mall a Good First Date?

If you're wondering if you should take your first date to the mall, it might not be the best idea. Here is a summary of some of reasons why it's not as well as a couple exceptions where it could work:

1. It can come off as impersonal

It doesn't take much thought to plan a date at the mall and it probably wont be that memorable. 

2. The date might end with a big hole in your pocket

Food courts can be overpriced for mediocre food and with all the stores, chances are you'll end up impulse buying. Or worse yet, feel pressured to buy something unnecessary for her.

3. Too many distractions

The mall is usually busy with children and families. It will be difficult to find a good place to chat and you'll end up doing a lot of aimless walking. You or your date might run into someone you know.

4. There's a large chance she finds it boring

Let's face it, if you've been to one mall you pretty much know what to expect from another for the most part. Lots of the same stores and food court choices. Nothing to really spark interesting conversation and one of the last places you'll want take a girl to impress her.

A couple reasons it could be a good choice:

1. Use it as a starting point for the date and then venture out somewhere else .

2. She lives nearby and the mall is where she feels most comfortable meeting for the first date.

3. If you work at the mall, you might get certain discounts or private access that can be appealing.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, leave them below.

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