Is Online Dating The Only Way To Meet Someone?

Is online dating the only way to meet someone?

If you're asking this question, you probably haven't been outside in a long time. Hell, you can even go online and look at statistics.

There are something like 7 billion people on this planet, and the vast majority of those people did not meet online.

Online dating is a relatively new phenomenon, it started in the 90's or whenever. Before online dating started, there were obviously some different ways to meet people. Otherwise, we wouldn't be alive.

So strap on your seat belt, I'm going to blow your mind and talk about all the different ways there are to meet people that are not online dating. Let's go.

Is Online Dating The Only Way To Meet Someone?

Well, the short answer is no. Before online dating happened, there had to be some other ways to meet someone or we wouldn't be here right now.

In fact, even though online dating is so popular, most people have met in other organic ways.

However, if you're asking this question, maybe you're used to swiping on your phone or going online and checking profiles to try to meet someone.

You have obviously not tried any other method. I'm going to outline all the different ways you can meet someone without online dating.

After that, it's going to be up to you to pick the method you like the most and learn how to do it effectively. Let's go.

#1. The Street

Actually, it's one of my favorite places to meet someone.

If you have the balls and you're willing to stick in it for the long run, learning how to approach a woman directly can be very fruitful, both for relationships or for quick relationships. This category probably requires the highest skill level.

It also requires the most courage because you're going to be direct in the situation and opening with a compliment.

#2. Anywhere You Can Go Shopping

Any kind of shop or retail outlet, basically anywhere you can buy any sort of good.

Bumping into someone and starting a random conversation is a great way to meet someone.

This requires some good conversation skills as well as some confidence too, but not quite as much courage as it does to approach someone directly.

#3. Bars Or Clubs

It's still a common way to meet people, although it's probably not the best.

Especially not if you want a high quality, long term relationship because everyone's drunk and the demographics there aren't going to be the best if you're looking for a quality relationship.

However, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. You could find a relationship there or something short term.

#4. Speed Dating

This is something I've never tried personally, but anytime you're lined up with women, anything can happen.

#5. A Matchmaker

Hey, if you just don't want to do any of the work at all and you're like, "f*** it, I want somebody else to introduce me to someone", then try a matchmaker.

It's going to cost you a pretty penny, but if you have the cash, it might be worth it.

The only problem is, of course, that now you're relying on somebody else to get you dates instead of getting your own dates.

#6. Social Events Or Parties

They're a great way of bumping into someone.

They're all part of the same group, so it makes it easier to talk and have fun and meet friends as well.


I know that's online, but it's not online dating.

You're not going to be meeting women online or going to be matched up with them, but you get to choose groups which can be about drinking, drinking wine, beer, whatever you like, sporting events, hiking, anything.

You can go meet people in person and mingle there. It's a good chance to practice your conversation skills as well as making friends and meeting women.

#8. Beer League

You can find beer leagues in different ways, probably online. But again, it's another way to meet people in person.

Go have fun, get to know people, and have a few beers while playing a sport.

#9. Classes

One of my students is taking a life drawing class. I know he's meeting people there. He's talking to the women there, lots of different women.

You can choose any class you want, even doing adult upgraded learning or whatever.

Go pick something that you're interested in learning about or a skill you want to acquire, and you're going to meet other people who have a similar mindset or have a similar interest.

#10. Work

Probably the worst place to meet people ever, but...Work.

This is something that's very common, and I don't recommend it. However, it can work out.

There are also some downsides like potentially destroying your entire career or getting fired or just creating a really toxic work environment.

But forget all that stuff. You want p****, so go do it at work, I guess, and risk your career. But hey, it's not online dating.

There are other non-online options for meeting people as well.


Here are the top 10 ways to meet someone without online dating:

  1. Walking on the street
  2. Going shopping
  3. Visiting bars or clubs
  4. Speed dating
  5. A matchmaker
  6. Be present in social events or science
  7. Searching for a group on
  8. Go to Beer League
  9. Attend classes
  10. Going to work

If there's something I missed, leave it in the comments section below.

Have you got any comments or questions? Also  leave them below.

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