Is Having Sex On A First Date A Bad Idea?

Is having sex on the first date a bad idea? No.

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This question does require some consideration, because the answer depends on what you want and how you feel.

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Most guys would say yes. For many guys, having sex on the first date is either a goal or a dream, but not for all.

You might have religious ideas that are coming into play or you may have grown up with some shame around sexuality that is inhibiting you.

You may even have some other moral consideration or even insecurity about how you'll perform.

For guys who have any of the above checkboxes ticked off, you may want to think about it a little bit more before you jump into bed with someone.

However, if your issue is a lack of confidence or some sort of sexual shame, then for sure this is something you're going to want to get handled.

Personally, I did grow up with some sexual shame because my mother was catholic. Even though I didn't adopt any of her catholic ideas, the negative feeling towards sexuality did stick with me..

When I started getting interested in sex and I started getting laid by myself, I always felt some sexual shame afterwards, like I was doing something wrong.

Later on, I learned that that feeling was complete bullshit. I was brainwashed with religious negativity about sex and I wasn't even religious myself.

It took some time, but that feeling started going away as I got older and started dating girls.

So whatever is holding you back, you deserve to get it handled so it doesn't hold you back any longer and you can enjoy the sex life you deserve.

To overcome these feelings, it's important to start exploring your own beliefs, possibly even get counseling if you might need it, and work on your confidence by dating more girls.

It'll go away with time. Oh, and there's one more consideration when you're deciding if you're going to have sex with someone on a first date: your health.

Your health and the idea of whether you want kids or not is very important. So, protect yourself if you're going to jump into bed with anyone.

That should be a given, but not everybody's doing that still. You do you.


The answer to this question is simple: having sex on a first date is not a bad idea. And remember:

  • You deserve to handle whatever is holding you back so you can enjoy the sex life you deserve
  • You should always think about your health before getting into bed with someone
  • The lack of confidence in your abilities or sexual shame for religious reasons are things that go away with time if you work on them

Have you got any questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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