How Women Like to Be Approached (Insights)

I'm going to dispel some myths about approaching women and also cover how women like to be approached.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Two myths about approaching women; and
  • 10 tips on how to approach women.

So, let's get into it.

Two Myths about Approaching Women

Myth #1: She looks busy

And in reality, nobody is so busy that they don't want to be swept off their feet.

Everybody is interested in meeting a romantic partner, especially a really awesome one like you.

And if you learn how to approach properly, you'll have no problem connecting really quickly and walking away with her number.

Also, most good approaches last less than a couple of minutes. It doesn't really take that long to make a connection.

Again, if you know how to do it, even if she's busy, and even if you're busy, you'll still have enough time for a quick conversation.

Enough to make a connection and get a date.

You can’t tell me that your future wife doesn't have two minutes to spare to talk to you.

Myth #2: Women don't like to be approached

I've been thanked countless times, even by married women and women who have boyfriends, because they love the fact that I had the balls to go talk to them.

It's a big ego boost. And who doesn't like to get a sincere compliment from a cool guy?

Plus, women are attracted to guys who have the courage to go speak to them. They don't want a guy who's a wallflower and just looks.

Women want an assertive guy, and that's what you're showing as soon as you approach her.

And keep in mind this is an opportunity for both of you. It's not just you trying to get a date.

This is an opportunity for her to get a relationship, a date, sex, or whatever ends up happening.

And it's true, not everyone's going to want to be approached, and it's true not everyone's going to want to be approached at every moment of every day.

So, if you do your approach properly, you're going to give her the opportunity to walk away without any kind of friction.

Just make it easy for her. But the better you are at doing this, the more women will appreciate your approaches.

How Women Like to be Approached

#1: Be assertive

Women like guys who are assertive. And as soon as you approach, you're demonstrating assertiveness because you're going after what you want. You're asking for what you want.

#2: Give space

Nobody likes it when somebody's up in their personal bubble, especially a stranger. So don't walk up right to her face. She's going to feel much more comfortable when you approach.

#3: Smile

Smiling is disarming. It shows you're friendly, and it's a good way to make a connection.

#4: Speak to be heard

If she can't hear you, it won’t start well. Speaking quietly also shows a lack of confidence.

I see this a lot with a lot of guys. They will start speaking quietly, especially if there are any people around the area because they don't want to be heard.

And that comes across as insecure or possibly creepy because it's kind of weird. She’ll think: “Why is he whispering? Is there something wrong going on here?”

#5: State your intentions.

If you're direct and upfront about what you want and why you're talking to her, there won’t be any beating around the bush and there won’t be any ulterior motive. And women appreciate that.

#6: Be sincere

Don't try to trick her. Tell her what you actually think. Give her a sincere compliment.

Don't embellish or make up stuff because you really don't have to. Just be sincere about it.

If you're nervous, you can even tell her that. If you start stuttering, you catch yourself in a downward spiral. It'll be easy to get out of that downward spiral if you just are upfront about the fact that you are nervous.

#7: Compliment her, but not too much

Keep it a kind of low-key compliment and not something too strong. Don't be drooling over her like, "Oh my god, you're so gorgeous."

Just keep it chill. She's cute, she looks great, or she has a great sense of style. There are many other things you can say as well.

Just don't make it overbearing.

#8: Focus on her

People like talking about themselves, so don't make it all about you. You're approaching her to go and satisfy your curiosity.

Learn about her and get her to open up and share about herself–if she wants to, of course.

If not, then that's going to be the end of that conversation.

#9: Keep it short

As I mentioned, it's a sort of myth that if she looks busy, there's no chance to talk to her because there's no time.

That said, there may not be much time, so keep it short.

Usually, under a couple of minutes is all you need, even under a minute sometimes. And that's all you're going to need for the conversation.

It does not need to be a long conversation to make a connection and get a date out of it.

So that will respect your time, and it's also going to respect her time as well.

#10: Make strong eye contact

It's really important to make strong eye contact because that's the best way to make a connection.

For physical attraction, eye contact will be one of the strongest points.

And if you have bad eye contact, it shows insecurity, so you definitely don't want to have that.

Show some confidence by looking straight into her eyes.


Start Confidently Approaching Women Today

To summarize:

  • It’s a myth that a woman is too busy to be approached;
  • It’s also a myth that women don’t like to be approached;
  • When you approach women, be assertive;
  • Smile, make strong eye contact, and give her space;
  • Use a strong voice and be honest about your intentions;
  • Compliment her and get her to share a bit about herself; and
  • Keep the interaction short.

For full details on how to approach, check out my How to Approach Women Ultimate Guide.

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