How To Tell If A Woman Is Single And Approachable (3 signs you need to know)

What are the signs that a woman is single and approachable?

There are a few things you can look out for to make this guess, and of course, that might make your approach a lot easier.

But, if this is your main concern, to see if she's approachable, then you're looking at the scenario all wrong, and you're gonna miss 99% of the opportunities you have out there.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • The 3 best signs that a woman is single and approachable
  • The reasons why you're not getting any dates

And a lot more. Keep reading to find out:

The 3 Best Signs That A Woman Is Single And Approachable

Here are the three main signs:

#1. No Ring

If there's no ring, at the very least, she's probably not married.

#2. She's Not In A Rush

If she's not in a rush, it's probably going to be easier to talk to her.

#3. She Smiles At You

If she smiles at you, at the very least now you've had friendly contact and she's aware of you. That can make it easier to approach both for you psychologically and when you arrive, because she's already seen you.

The Reasons Why You're Not Getting Any Dates

Here are the reasons why waiting for signs is ruining your dating life:

#1. Most Women Won't Notice You

They're going to be walking about doing their own thing and minding their own business, and they're not going to notice you. It's normal, right?

They're not going to notice the majority of people who walk by because we're all kind of trained to tune out our environment and focus on what's most important to us. And if she doesn't notice you, she's not going to smile at you.

#2. Rings Don’t Say Everything

No ring doesn't mean she isn't in a relationship.

#3. Waiting For Signs Is Passive Behavior

Waiting for signs like this is passive behavior, and women like assertive behavior. It's attractive to them.

So by looking for these kinds of signs and reading a post like this, trying to figure out the signs that a woman is single, approachable, it's likely that you're exhibiting this kind of behavior on a regular basis.

It's a pattern, and you're going to be repelling women instead of attracting them. But there's an easy solution to fix this:

◉ Start Being Assertive

If you see a woman you want to talk to, go talk to her. If you want to ask a woman out, ask her out. Stop waiting for signs that she's interested in you or that she wants you to approach.

◉ Take The Initiative

You'll learn really quickly whether she's single or not or whether she's interested or not after you go approach.

And by being assertive, by approaching her and starting a conversation, you have a chance to influence her and change the outcome from no date to a date.

If she never noticed you, but now you walk into her life, there's a chance for something to happen. You guys could end up on a date.

Plus, by showing balls, by approaching, you're going to influence how she feels about you.

Because again, it's an attractive quality to women, and assertive guys are going to get first picked. Either way, you gotta go present yourself or nothing's going to happen.


Here is everything you need to remember:

  • The 3 best signs that a woman is single and approachable:
  1. She’s not wearing a ring: This means she’s probably not married
  2. She’s not in a rush: It’ll be easier to talk to a woman who’s not heading somewhere fast
  3. She smiles at you: Now she’s aware of you and you’ve already had friendly contact

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