How To Pull A Girl On Text (3 Tips To Get More Dates)

How to pull a girl on text?

This is basically pickup artist language for how to take a girl home, which is easy if you set the right foundation.

In this post, I'm going to explain:

  • How to set the right foundation to pull a girl on text
  • What you can say to invite her home

And a lot more. Let's jump into it.

How To Set Your Foundation For Bringing Girls Home By Text

Your foundation is all about how you attract women and what you do in person when you meet a girl to get her interest.

That's when you make the impression that's going to make her decide if she wants to see you again or not. Nothing you do by text is going to make any difference at that point.

If you want to text her to set up a hook up, then you better do it right.

To do this properly, basically you need to focus on:

  • Your eye contact
  • The way you use your voice
  • Your body language
  • The way you use your touch
  • Being assertive
  • Using your personality and your confidence

And many more aspects. I won't go into all these details right now because that is a different conversation about how to attract women.

Let's just jump into how to pull a girl on text:

How To Pull A Girl On Text

Well for starters, assertiveness is attractive. So just go for it.

You don't want to hold back when you want to invite a girl over and be worried about what her response is going to be.

Assertiveness is all about what you want, so you’ve got to put that on the table and then see how she responds to it.

You can invite her home by text in a number of different ways. You can try the drink invite:

"Hey, Jenny, how about you come over for a drink later this week?"

Or classic Netflix and chill. If you want to get a little bit more elaborate, try inviting her home for dinner.

Dinner is something that I used to rely on heavily and it's great. Women love it.

They love it when a man cooks for them and it also gives them plausible deniability.

They go over your house for dinner, you guys end up having sex, and the deniability basically is, "Hey, I just went for dinner and sex just happened".

Regardless of what you want to invite her over for, it doesn't really matter. You just have to put it on the table and stop thinking about it.

I met one girl years ago while teaching a bootcamp. We had an instant date, and I went for a kiss.

Later on the night, I didn't have anything going on, so I texted her. I just asked her what she was up to.

She said she just finished a movie, and I said, "Hey, how about you come over?" And she took the invite.

I didn't have to invite her home for dinner, I didn't have to invite her home for a drink or anything.

It was kind of that time already, it was already 12 or 01:00 a.m; or 02:00 a.m; whatever it was, I remember it was a long time ago.

That invite was pretty clear at that moment. I didn't have to say anything sexual, I just had to invite her home and be assertive about it.

If you have a different way to invite girls home by text, leave that in the comment section below.

And if you want to learn more about texting girls, check out this post.


Next time you're trying to pull a girl on text, remember these key points:

  1. Assertiveness is attractive, so just go for it
  2. You can invite her home by text for a drink, the classic Netflix and chill or even for dinner if you want to get more elaborate
  3. Regardless of what you want to invite her over for, it doesn't matter, just put it on the table and stop thinking about it

Have you got any comments or questions? Leave them below.

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