How To Overcome Shyness With Women (Do this)

You want to meet girls, but it always gives you anxiety when they're around. So, do you want to know how to overcome shyness with women?

If so, keep reading. In this post, I'm going to explain:

  • Steps to build social skills and kill that persistent fear of uncomfortable situations
  • Some simple tips to overcome shyness with women
  • How to build self-confidence and get the dates you deserve

And a lot more. Let's jump into it.

How To Overcome Shyness With Women (Summary)

Overcoming shyness with women requires a lot of exposure and pushing your comfort zone with them. While this can be difficult at first for naturally shy people, putting yourself out there and following these steps can help you to conquer that fear and silence your inner critic.

First off, if you're not around women on a frequent basis, that's going to make you feel anxious and a lot more self-conscious around them. That's the first problem.

But how do you start hanging out with women if you're too shy to approach them?

Obviously, in the beginning, it'll take some effort for you to build up your self-confidence to overcome feeling shy around women.

However, over time, with more and more exposure, you'll be less and less shy around them. Even the most outgoing people can feel shy in certain situations. Something as simple as a short social interaction with a women in line at the coffee shop can help with overcoming shyness.

You can start with baby steps. The low hanging fruits, if you will. Go at your own pace and do the easier things first as you build confidence.

Try the following baby steps to overcome your shyness with women:

#1. Practice Eye Contact

Practice Eye Contact

One common thing I notice with clients and guys that come to me who want to learn how to meet women is that they don't have very good eye contact, especially with beautiful women.

Practice making better eye contact when you go to get a coffee or you're dealing with a waitress or anyone else. Keep your eyes on their eyes.

You don't have to stare. You can make some natural breaks here and there, but try to hold it there longer than you're used to. This can be a big deal when talking to a women you are in to because lack of eye contact may lead them to believe you are uninterested.

#2. Chat Up Your Waitress Or Your Barista

Chat Up Your Waitress Or Your Barista

Ask them how their day is going, or make a comment about the restaurant or the coffee shop. Small talk can go a long way on the road to becoming less shy.

The conversation itself doesn't really matter but make some kind of attempt to chat with them. People tend to think they must have a long, drawn-out conversation to improve their social skills, but simple interactions like this can be a good start with dealing with feelings of shyness.

#3. Practice Simple Social Interactions Like Small Talk And Smiling with a Cashier

Practice Simple Social Interactions Like Small Talk And Smiling with a Cashier

When you're going through the checkout at the grocery store or basically any other store, put a big smile on your face.

Add some enthusiasm to your voice and try to make sure you talk with a strong tone. Maybe crack a joke or simply ask them how their day is going, to see if you can get the other person smiling back at you.

What I commonly see is that guys will go into this situation with no smile on their face, no enthusiasm in their voice, and very poor eye contact. That's exactly what they get back from the cashier who's mirroring them. Even if you're feeling shy in the moment, practice good posture and take that simple everyday interaction to work on your social skills.

If you go in with a smile and some enthusiasm, it's most likely what you're going to get back from them.

#4. Give A Cute Girl A Compliment

Give A Cute Girl A Compliment

It shouldn't be something overwhelming, you shouldn't be fawning over her. A very simple low-key compliment works best. You can also practice complimenting close friends or family members at first, but ultimately you'll want to give it a shot with a cute girl you see out in your daily life.

It doesn't have to be something overbearing. In fact, it shouldn't be. Do something very simple. Comment on the color of her nails, her hair or something like that.

You can do this in a situation where you're waiting for your coffee but keep it very casual, like you're not expecting anything back from her. You'd be surprised how a simple interaction like this can help you step out of your comfort zone.

#5. Ask For Directions

Ask For Directions

Getting out there and asking for directions even if you don't need them will be a good exercise. Especially if you can walk up to an attractive woman. You should approach these social interactions with little caution, because in all reality, what is there to lose?

Doing it will give you a chance to interact with her, to practice your smile and your eye contact, as well as the strength of your voice. Also, people tend to be very friendly in simple scenarios like this, so don't overthink it.

With a lot of repetition, this will help you overcome your shyness with women.

If you can start doing those exercises daily, you're going to get a lot of exposure to women and get a lot of practice and overcome your shyness a lot more easily than by sitting at home doing nothing. Social isolation and your inner self conscious are things you'll need to eliminate all together to make real progress.

And if you're a shy person and want to take it to the next level and start approaching more women, check out this post, which will help you learn how to actually approach a woman and get a date.


Here are some common questions about overcoming shyness women:

Why do I feel shy around girls?

Feeling shy around girls often comes down to some kind of insecurity about rejection or low self-esteem. It can also be due to self-consciousness about the way you look, among other things. If you do feel self-conscious, don't worry there's ways to get around that.

How do you approach a girl if you're shy?

To approach a girl if you're shy, try some of the following:

  1. Take baby steps. That could be chatting up a waitress or a barista, or even saying hello to people. Simple social interactions go a long way.
  2. Get a coach. By getting a dating coach, you'll have professional help that can guide you with exactly what to do, such as myself.
  3. Go out with friends or attend social events. By going out with friends, you'll have some support and possibly a good example of what to do if your friend's good with women.

Do women like shy guys?

Women don't necessarily like or dislike shy guys, but the problem is that shy guys will not often be assertive enough to actually go get a date with them.

To feel nervous at first isn't abnormal, but extreme shyness can have a negative impact. As a dating coach, I can help you get over these feelings and have more positive social interactions with women.

Since confidence is one of the major factors in attraction, being shy is going to work against you if you're a shy guy.

How can I be myself around girls?

Being yourself around girls doesn't require hanging out with a lot of girls.

By exposing yourself on a daily basis, going out as often as possible with cute girls, it'll be easier to relax and be more confident, which will make your true personality shine out.

How can a shy guy attract girls?

For a shy guy to attract girls, it really comes down to building his confidence and self-esteem so that he can develop those personality traits that women find attractive.

To learn more about shyness, check out this post.

And also, for more tips on how to approach women, check out this post.

Steps To Overcome Shyness With Women

Overcoming shyness with women comes down to starting with realistic baby steps. Here are some you could try:

Try the following baby steps to overcome your shyness with women:

  1. Practice eye contact: Practice this with anyone you come in contact with, making some natural breaks while trying to hold it longer than you're used to.
  2. Chat up your waitress or your barista: Ask them how their day is going or make a comment about the environment in the restaurant or coffee shop.
  3. Practice Simple Social Interactions and Smile with a Cashier: Put a big smile on your face, speak with a strong voice and see if you can get the other person smiling back to you.
  4. Give a cute girl a compliment: Keep it casual with a very simple, low-key compliment.
  5. Ask for directions: Doing this will give you a chance to interact with attractive women and practice your eye contact as well as your smile
How To Overcome Shyness With Women

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