How To Overcome Shyness As A Teacher

Is teaching giving you some anxiety, and you're wondering how to overcome shyness as a teacher?

Then this is the post for you. You'll learn:

  • Simple methods you can employ in front of the classroom
  • Frequently asked questions about shyness as a teacher

And a lot more. Keep reading to find out:

How To Overcome Shyness As A Teacher

Overcoming shyness as a teacher is like overcoming shyness generally, except with one big difference, which is that you're actually doing public speaking in this case.

Since you're speaking in front of a classroom, that's going to cause additional nerves and shyness. This means that to make it work, you need to build more confidence.

How Do I Become A Confident Teacher?

Following these suggestions are some basics to help you overcome your shyness and build confidence as a teacher:

#1. Take A Public Speaking Course

A public speaking course will help you overcome your shyness in front of the classroom so you can speak better and more confidently.

#2. Find More Opportunities To Teach

You may be teaching in a regular classroom setting, or maybe as an ESL classroom or some other kind of classroom.

However it is, you should find other opportunities where you can actually get in front of a classroom and teach, including volunteer opportunities.

The more you get in front of a classroom and teach, the more confident you're going to become at it.

#3. Learn Confident Body Language

You don't want to have your hands in your pockets or be slouching and looking at the ground.

Make sure that you stand tall, have your shoulders back, breathe properly and have your head straightforward so you can make eye contact with all your students.

#4. Become An Expert In Your Field

Whatever it is that you're teaching, you want to become an expert at it so it's very easy for you to explain to other people how to do it and so that they understand.

This is going to make you feel more confident because you're going to know this topic inside and out.

#5. Get Further Training As An Educator

You probably have some training already, but you should find some other courses that will help you speak more confidently and teach more confidently.

There are a lot of different things out there that will actually help you to explain better to students, and that will make you feel more confident as well.

Now, here are some questions that people ask:


Can shy people make good teachers?

Yes. Once you work on overcoming the realization there's actually nothing to be afraid of, you’ll become more comfortable and confident and be able to teach your classes without any problem.

How can an introvert teacher survive?

Plan alone time for when you’re back home or in other areas that you enjoy. That way you can do what you have to do, and then go recharge.

What makes a teacher confident?

It’s two things: knowing the topic matter inside and out, as well as being good at public speaking. This will help a lot when you're actually teaching these lessons.

To learn more about overcoming shyness, check out this post.

Steps To Overcome Shyness As A Teacher (Summary)

Here are the key steps to get over shyness and feel better as a teacher:

  1. Take a public speaking course: it’ll help you lose your shyness and speak better and more confidently
  2. Find more opportunities to teach: get involved in opportunities (including volunteer work) that allow you to get in front of a class and teach
  3. Learn confident body language: make sure you’re not looking at the ground and that you’re making eye contact with your students
  4. Become an expert in your field: it’ll allow you to know the topic inside and out so you can feel more confident
  5. Get further training as an educator: get involved in courses or studies that’ll increase your confidence

If you have any questions or comments, leave your questions below.

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