How To Overcome Shyness and The Fear Of Public Speaking

How do you overcome shyness and the fear of public speaking?

If you're shy and you also want to get confident with public speaking, then this is the post for you. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Some simple tips you can use right away to boost your confidence
  • Effective strategies to calm your nerves before speaking in public

And a lot more. Let's jump into it.

How To Overcome Shyness And The Fear Of Public Speaking

Most people have some fear of public speaking, but if you're shy, it's usually worse. Luckily, you can kill two birds with one stone and overcome shyness and the fear of public speaking at the same time.

I often recommend public speaking courses for my clients who want to get good with women, because it helps with a lot of different things besides public speaking.

Public speaking will allow you to build your confidence, be less shy and improve your communication skills, which will all help you to make better connections with others.

Here are some tips to overcome shyness and the fear of public speaking:

#1. Join A Public Speaking Club

This is the most obvious one, but if you want to learn how to do public speaking and overcome your shyness, then join a club. It makes the most sense.

If you join a public speaking club like Toastmasters, you'll get a chance for live feedback which will help you improve much more rapidly. Plus, you'll be in a supportive environment.

#2. Speak On Video

It doesn't matter if you actually publish your videos or not, you don't have to have a public vlog.

However, speaking into the camera will actually help you improve your communication skills and overcome anxiety when speaking in front of others (even if you're not actually doing it).

It may sound odd, but when you start speaking into the camera by yourself and you have to speak on a topic, it's suddenly very awkward.

This is something I've experienced personally, but over time it gets better. Plus, it allows you to work on your communication and public speaking skills without the pressure of others watching.

#3. Go To Networking Events

Networking events will allow you to communicate directly with others. And because you'll be in a group environment talking with a lot of people, that's going to help you overcome your shyness through chatting and doing introductions.

Also, at some networking events they'll actually have you stand up and introduce yourself, which will also help you practice your public speaking.

#4. Take Every Opportunity You Get To Speak Publicly

If you go to weddings, parties or other events, very often there's going to be chances to make a speech which will give you more practice at public speaking and overcoming your shyness.

You need to keep in mind that everything on this list works more, the more you work. The more you practice your public speaking skills, the better you're going to get, and the less shy you're going to be.

Common Questions About Public Speaking And Shyness

Here are all the answers you've been waiting for:

Why Am I Afraid Of Speaking In Public?

Being afraid of speaking in public is a very common fear. There could be a lot of reasons for this, but one of the reasons is obviously insecurity.

This can be caused by the fact that you have a lot of eyes and ears looking at you and listening to you or that you could make a mistake while you're speaking.

You might also be afraid of judgment generally or attention being brought to something that you may not like about yourself physically.

How Do I Calm My Nerves Before Speaking Publicly?

To calm your nerves before getting on stage, try some of the following:

#1. Breathe

By breathing deeply and exhaling slowly, you'll calm your nervous system.

#2. Practice

As they say, practice makes perfect. By practicing your speech a lot, you'll be more confident, because you're going to know that speech inside and out.

This makes it less likely to make a mistake which in turn will make you feel more confident.

#3. Pay Attention To Body Language

Make sure you're not exhibiting insecure body language, like putting your hands in your pockets, walking around and looking at the ground or rolling your shoulders forward.

Instead, stand tall and exhibit confident body language, because doing it will make you feel more confident.

Can The Fear Of Public Speaking Be Cured?

Yes, the fear of public speaking can be cured, although the fear may not completely go away.

Through practice, repetition and getting on stage over and over and over again, it'll become like second nature to you.

How Do Introverts Get Better At Public Speaking?

Introverts get better at public speaking in the same way everyone else gets better at public speaking, through repetition and practice and getting out there and doing it.

To learn more about overcoming the fear of shyness, check out this post.


How to overcome shyness and the fear of public speaking 

Here are some tips you can try out:

  1. Join a public speaking club: you’ll be in a supportive environment which will help you improve more rapidly
  2. Speak on video: doing the exercise of speaking into the camera, you’ll be able to work on your communication and public speaking skills without the pressure of others watching
  3. Go to networking events: you’ll get the opportunity to communicate directly with others and publicly introduce yourself
  4. Take every opportunity you get to speak publicly: the more you practice, the better you’re going to get and the less shy you’re going to be in general

How to calm your nerves before speaking publicly

To achieve this, try these tips out: 

  1. Breathe: it’ll help you calm your nervous system
  2. Practice: this makes it less likely to make a mistake which will contribute to making you feel more confident
  3. Pay attention to body language: to feel more confident, stand tall and exhibit confident body language 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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