How To Overcome Camera Shyness

You may want to make some videos or just not be so awkward when your friend's taking a picture.

If so, you need to learn how to overcome camera shyness. In this post, I'm going to explain:

  • Some simple tips to help you overcome your camera shyness
  • Tips to do better in front of the lens

And a lot more. Let's jump into it:

What Is Camera Shyness

Let’s start with a few common questions that people ask about camera shyness, and then we're going to get into the actual tips to overcome them.

#1. What causes camera shyness?

Camera shyness is a lack of experience in front of a camera. I know when I started vlogging years ago, it was really awkward looking into that lens.

I'm by no means any kind of expert on this, but I remember when I first started, it was really difficult looking into the lens there and coming up with anything to say. My mind would literally go blank.

However, camera shyness, especially the kind where friends are taking a pic or a family's taking a pick and you want to just disappear, can also come from different insecurities.

You may not feel 100% confident in the way you look, and that could be your clothing, your style, it could be your fitness. 

If that's the case, you're going to want to deal with these insecurities to be more confident in front of the camera.

#2. Is being camera shy normal?

Yes, being camera shy is normal.

But it can be a problem if you want to get in front of the camera to make your own videos, or just be comfortable at social events where people are taking lots of pictures.

#3. Why am I so awkward in front of a camera?

Awkwardness in front of a camera is often a sign of low confidence.

For example, if your hands dart into your pocket or you start fidgeting when somebody pulls a camera out, then you might have some insecurities about yourself.

The good news is camera shyness can be overcome.

#4. How do I become camera friendly?

Here are some tips to overcome camera shyness so you can start moving on with your YouTube career or whatever it may be. 

To become more camera friendly, try some of the following:

How To Overcome Camera Shyness

#1. Work On Your Insecurities

If you have some personal insecurities, physical insecurities, work on those. 

Upgrade your clothing, get more fit, get better sleep. Do whatever you need to feel more comfortable.

You might need to just go to a barber, get a good haircut, get a good shave, and do these little things that are going to make you feel more self loved. That's going to make you feel more confident in front of the camera.

#2. Get Experience In Front Of The Camera

Instead of shying away when somebody pulls out a camera, you should be jumping right in there.

Obviously, shooting some videos is going to help with this too, especially the more often you do it.

#3. Include Yourself In Group Photos

Jump in as soon as somebody pulls out a camera. Don't try to shy away from them.

Don't be just the person who's taking the picture, be the person who's in the picture.

#4. Take Some Selfies

Selfies aren't really my favorite thing either, but if you're trying to overcome camera shyness, take some selfies just for yourself.

Just to be more comfortable in front of the camera. It's an easy way to do it.

#5. Shoot A Personal Vlog

It doesn't have to be something you actually upload for anybody else to see.

But if you can talk on topics that you like and shoot a personal vlog for yourself or even just a personal vlog of the events of your life, that would be an easy way to start getting more comfortable in front of the camera.

#6. Try An Acting Class Or Improve

If you're doing an acting class, that's all about being in front of a camera. 

Or improv as well, it's also about performing in front of others, and that's going to help you become less camera shy.

#7. Ask A  Stranger To Take A Picture Of You

If you're outside seeing or doing something that has nice scenery, ask a stranger who walks by to take a picture of you there. 

That way, you'll be able to get in front of a camera. Plus, you'll also be interacting with a stranger, which can help overcome shyness.

For more information on how to overcome shyness, check out this post

Why Is Overcoming Camera Shyness Important For Your Dating Life

How you present yourself to the world of potential romantic matches is one of the most determining factors on getting dates. 

Overcoming camera shyness will help you get used to the idea and get better pictures in contexts like:

  • Dating sites
  • Sending a text to someone who you’ve just met
  • Taking a picture with your dates if they suggest it

Steps To Overcome Camera Shyness (Summary):

  1. Work on your insecurities: identify what you need to feel more comfortable and do it 
  2. Get experience in front of the camera: you should take advantage of every opportunity to be in front of a camera
  3. Include yourself in group photos: become the person who’s always in the picture 
  4. Take some selfies: it’s an easy way to start getting more comfortable with the camera
  5. Shoot a personal vlog: you don’t have to upload it, but it’s good to learn to talk about topics to like in front of a camera
  6. Try an acting class or improv: they are both initiatives that will help you be more comfortable with the camera and performing in front of others
  7. Ask a  stranger to take a picture of you: it’ll be good for you to talk to a stranger and get in front of a camera at the same time

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below.

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