How To Not Be Dry When Texting A Girl (6 Ways To Have Juicy Conversations)

If your text conversations seem a bit dull, then you'll want to learn how to not be dry when texting a girl.

But better yet, how about not texting?

In this post, you'll learn:

  • Why you should avoid boring text conversations
  • The steps to not be dry when text a girl

And so much more. Keep reading to find out:

Why You Should Avoid Boring Text Conversations

Boring text conversations and guys texting their whole lives by text will kill getting options.

A lot of guys who aren't really good with women think they can compensate by sending a lot of texts, and somehow she's going to be magically attracted. But you really can't.

The real magic happens in person. You can't fuck her over text, and you also can't turn her on through text if she doesn't like you.

If she's not attracted to you, that means you need to work on the skills that you use in person when meeting a woman to get her attracted to you, as well as your confidence.

The best option is to skip the text and get her onto a real date, unless she messages you and she wants to chat.

However, if you're already having an ongoing text message conversation with a girl and you want to keep it going, then here are a few steps you can take:

How Not To Be Dry When Texting A Girl

#1. Focus On Her

People like talking about themselves.

#2. Tease Her

If there's anything funny about her, something she did or a mistake, throw some humor her way.

#3. Get Her To Open Up

Get her to share something important about herself.

#4. Talk About Meaningful Topics

Again, the most meaningful topic to her is going to be her.

#5. Push The Envelope

Take some risk and see if you can get her to open up.

#6. Get Her To Meet You In Person

Go on a real date. If she actually likes you, then text conversations should be pretty easy overall. But if you're having trouble, just set up a date. You could say:

"Hey, let's get together for a drink next week. Which day is good for you?"

For more info on how to text girls, check out this post.

Steps To Not Be Dry When Texting A Girl (Summary)

Here are the six steps you need to remember:

  1. Focus on her
  2. Tease her
  3. Get her to open up
  4. Talk about meaningful topics
  5. Push the envelope: see if you can get her to open up
  6. Get her to meet you in person: Go on a real date. To set it up, you could say:

"Hey, let's get together for a drink next week. Which day is good for you?"

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