How To Meet Women IRL

Deciding you want to learn how to meet women IRL (in real life) is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a man. Why? Because it is a huge confidence booster.

If you can walk out of your door anytime you want and meet someone in real life, no matter what you're doing, that's going to make you feel very self-sufficient.

You're not going to have to depend on meeting women in different ways.

No more meeting through friends, meeting at work (that's one of the worst ones), or meeting online, which is actually not a great place for most guys to meet women.

Meeting women IRL will give you unlimited options, because most of the time you're going to be in public.

Unless you're somebody who's like the unibomber and the shack in the woods. Or you just work at home and you don't get out.

But... if you just drop your bombs, I mean, put them down gently and get out of your shack, you're going to have more dating options that you could possibly have ever dreamed of. After you learn how to do this properly.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • The top ways you can meet women in real life so you can start getting dates and relationships right now
  • What to do in different scenarios

And so much more. Let's get into it.

How to Meet Women IRL

Here's a list of places you can meet women in real life.

The real trick is going to be getting out there and practicing and learning how to do this properly.

There are lots of different ways to meet women, some of which are not very good. You're going to have to figure out what works for you.

#1. The Street

This will be a very uncomfortable place for most guys to meet women in real life because this probably requires the most skills and the most balls.

The majority of time, if you're going to meet women on the street, you're going to want to go direct.

That means you'll tell her why you're talking to her. You're not going to run up to her and start talking about the weather.

You're going to tell her that she looks really good and you wanted to come say hi.

#2. Grocery Stores

The grocery store is a nice, casual environment. Most people aren't going to be in a rush to get anywhere.

It's a great place to start casual conversations in real life.

#3. Coffee Shops

While you're in the line up to grab a coffee or while you're talking to the barista or the cashier, there's going to be an opportunity there to get a date.

Even better if you sit down at a table and there happens to be a cute girl at a table nearby. Make a comment, say something to get the conversation going and see where you can take it.

#4. Bars and Clubs

This is a classic way to meet women, but obviously it's not the greatest place if you don't like bars or clubs or you don't like drinking.

Of course, you can go there without having to get alcoholic drinks. But if you're really not into the party environment, this is not going to be the place for you.

If you are into the party environment, then the bars and clubs are going to be great options to find lots of different attractive women.

#5. Social and Cultural Events

Check in line to see what events are being held around your city. You should be able to find lots of options where there's going to be lots of people and lots of women to meet in real life.

#6. Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are usually full of women. These are great places to start casual conversations which you can turn into a date.

These are some of the simplest ways to meet women in real life and some of the most common.

But it isn't an exhaustive list, so make a comment below about your favorite place to meet women in real life.


These are the top places to meet women IRL:

  1. The street: even if it’s sometimes uncomfortable and challenging, meeting women on the street allows you to do it with a direct approach
  2. Grocery stores: most people there aren’t on a rush, so it’s a good place to talk casually
  3. Coffee shops: these work because you can meet someone while you’re waiting online, while you’re ordering at the register, while you’re sitting down and having your coffee. There are a lot of possibilities
  4. Bars and clubs: if you don’t really like drinking, this is not the place for you. But if you do, it’s a great place to find attractive women and talk to them
  5. Social and cultural events: search up what’s going on in your city and go for the options that interest you. You’ll surely meet tons of women in real life there
  6. Farmers markets: these are places that are usually full of women, so it makes it easy to get a date

That’s all for today. If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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