How To Meet Women After Divorce

If you're a man going through a divorce or you already finished going through your divorce, you know how terrible figuring out how to meet women after divorce can be.

It's also very disorienting because when you get back on the dating market, you may feel lost and not sure where to start.

Whether it's divorce or a breakup from a long term relationship, or even if you're starting as a single and you never got divorced, the principles for meeting women are exactly the same.

As a divorced man or a man going through a breakup, one of the key things here is going to be building up your confidence.

What happens with a lot of men in long term relationships or in marriages is they end up isolating themselves.

They stop seeing their friends and as a result, they start losing some of their social skills and their social confidence.

If you're a divorced man or a man who just went through a big breakup, then the idea of going out and meeting women may give you some social anxiety. But, I assure you, this is a temporary thing.

Once you actually start getting the swing of things and you start practicing talking to women and asking women out, it's not going to be a problem at all.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • The top ways you can start meeting women right now
  • How to build up your confidence and social skills so you're no longer isolated
  • How to start getting some dating options right away

And so much more. Let's jump into it.

How To Meet Women After Divorce

Here's the quick list so you can start meeting women right away after divorce or after a long term relationship has ended and also build your confidence.

#1. Join Social Groups Or can be great because it gives you a chance to meet people in a warm environment. Basically, you're all part of the same group and so it's a lot easier to introduce yourself that way.

This is a good place to start if you just got divorced and you don't feel a lot of confidence.

#2. Start Chatting With Everyone

This isn't exactly where to meet someone, but the fact is that it's better to start chatting with people and to be more social.

It can be the grocery store clerks, the coffee barista, your waitresses. If you start chatting with everyone, it's going to start improving your social confidence and your social skills.

Plus, you also have a chance to meet the women in these situations and possibly get a date.

#3. Consider Online Dating

Online dating is not my favorite way to meet people. However, it does have some advantages over other ways of dating because, mainly, it's easy.

You don't have to go anywhere and it doesn't require any balls.

Plus, if you just got out of a divorce or long term relationship and you're not feeling confident at all, it might be a good place to start.

On the other hand, there are also some major disadvantages, including being filtered out by women based on your stats.

Oh, and if you don't have any good photographs, obviously that's something you're going to have to fix in order to get some dates there.

#4. Learn How To Approach

If you learn how to approach either directly or indirectly, it's going to open up your entire dating world in a way you've never seen before.

The great thing is it doesn't matter what you're doing, whether you're walking down the street, you're buying groceries or you're getting a coffee, there's going to be women everywhere.

If you know how to start a conversation with them, that's going to give you unlimited options everywhere you go, anywhere in the world.

The disadvantage is it's also one of the hardest ways to meet women because it requires a lot of skill and a lot of confidence.

However, you can develop that. It just takes some time and some persistence.

#5. Speed Dating

Speed dating can be great because you're going to be lined up with a whole bunch of women who are interested in finding a date as well.

This means you don't need the same courage you need to actually approach somebody on the street since it's a little bit easier because all the women who are interested in dating are all in one spot.

Plus, you'll also get to develop your social skills.

In order to connect with the women at these speed dating events, you're going to have to know how to have a conversation with them and make eye contact and do all the other things that create attraction.

These are some of the best ways to meet a woman after a divorce and start building your confidence.

But if I missed any which you think should be on the list, leave a comment below.


These are a few of the best ways to meet women after divorce and start building your confidence:

  1. Join social groups or this can be great because you’re all in the same group, making it easier to introduce yourself
  2. Start chatting with everyone: doing this any place you go (a coffee shop, grocery store, restaurant and others) will help you improve your social skills
  3. Consider online dating: it’s an easier way to meet more people but it carries the risk of being filtered out because of your stats
  4. Learn how to approach: even if it requires some time and persistence, you’re going to open a world of opportunities for your dating life
  5. Speed dating: you need to know to make conversation with women because in this scenario, you’re going to be lined up with women who want to find a date as well

If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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