How To Meet People In Real Life

How to meet people in real life?

Believe it or not, this is a pretty simple question to answer.

In this post, I'm going to explain:

  • How you can get more social
  • How you can start meeting more people in real life with confidence

And a lot more. Let's get into it.

How To Meet People In Real Life

Meeting people in real life is all about working on yourself because when you aren't meeting anyone new, typically it's because of a lack of confidence.

There's also a lack of understanding on how to start conversations, how to use body language and eye contact, and maybe a fear of rejection.

These are a few basic methods you can start using right away to start building up your social confidence and start meeting people in real life:

#1. Say Good Morning

Literally. When you're walking down the street in the morning on your way to school or your way to work, say "good morning" or "hi" to people.

It doesn't have to be the morning, it could be afternoon, but say hi. It doesn't really matter what you say.

The point is this is going to be a very quick greeting as you walk by.

Obviously, allow there to be enough space so you can say that before you get to them and before you pass by so they have time to respond.

One thing that I see guys commonly get wrong is that they'll say hi just as you're passing by. That person won't know what happened.

They won't have any time to respond and then they'll be gone. This leads to the possibility of you, the guy who said hi, thinking they weren't friendly, when actually you said it too late.

#2. Have Good Eye Contact Game

Similar to when you're walking down the street and you're saying good morning to people, you can use eye contact at the same time.

We'll call this soft eye contact.

You could be walking down the street, scanning around looking at things and your eyes are going to pass the eyes of somebody else who's passing by.

If they don't look at you, you just continue on your way. You don't keep staring at them and trying to get them to engage with you.

However, if they look over at you and smile, smile back. This is also going to be a great way to meet women too.

When you get a smile from somebody, you can open up using the fact that they smiled at you and start a conversation that way.

If someone does make eye contact with you, but then they look away and they don't smile, just continue on your way. Don't stare at them.

#3. Start Conversations With Anybody Who Serves You

Basically anybody you run into: a cashier, a barista, a waitress.

Don't just say the typical, "hi, how are you?" "I'm great. How are you?" And then stop right there. Continue further, ask them about their day, make a comment on the place you're in.

Look for anything you can start a conversation with.

It doesn't have to be a long conversation, but go beyond the typical questions so you can go into a bit more of a real conversation and practice your conversation skills.

These three basic methods will help build up your confidence and start developing your conversation skills. It'll make it easier and more comfortable to talk to strangers.

Alternative Ways You Can Meet People In Real Life

In order to take it further and start making friends with people, or to get dates, you have to further develop your conversation skills and your courage to ask people out.

Another way you can meet people in real life is by going to sporting events, or going to clubs, or associations, or meetup groups.

Pick an event or even a class for something you're interested in learning. That way, you could start meeting people in those situations, which will be a lot easier than on the street.

If you combine that with those exercises that make you more confident, you'll be well on your way to meeting more people in real life.

What's your favorite way of meeting someone in real life? Leave me a comment below.


These are the three main methods you can start using to meet people in real life:

  1. Say good morning: try to quickly greet anyone you see on the street so you can get more comfortable talking to people
  2. Have good eye contact game: it’s a great way to get people to open up to you and possibly start a conversation
  3. Start conversations with anyone who serves you: make it a point to get into conversations that go beyond the typical questions so you can perfect your skills

If you’ve got any comments or questions, also leave them below.

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