How To Meet Asian Women In Vancouver

If you're a guy living in Vancouver, you may have noticed that there's no shortage of beautiful Asian women everywhere.

But how do you meet them?

This comes down to your own balls and conversation skills. However, in this post, you'll learn a few easy ways to answer the question of how to meet Asian women in Vancouver.

How To Meet Asian Women In Vancouver

To meet Asian women in Vancouver, you're going to have to step out of your comfort zone and start conversations with them in public.

The majority of time, you're going to be walking down the street or you're going to be shopping and you're going to see a beautiful asian woman there.

If you want to meet her, you're going to have to know how to engage her.

Effective Methods To Meet Asian Women In Vancouver

There are two basic methods you can do that:

1. Doing it directly: that means going up to her and letting her know that you think she's cute.

2. Having an indirect conversation starter: this could involve some comment or asking a question, or anything that isn't actually telling her that you think she's cute.

Both these can work really well, but it takes practice and it's actually good to learn both.

If you do that, you'll have more tools in your toolbox, which will give you the ability to meet a woman in a different situation.

Keep in mind not to step into their personal space and to not touch them. That means don't tap them on their shoulder or do anything weird like that.

Nobody likes it when a stranger gets in their personal space, and you can come across as threatening as well.

For specifics on how to approach women in these ways, check out this post.

Another way to meet Asian women in Vancouver is simply by joining a cultural group or a cultural club, maybe a language group or language club where you're going to find lots of Asian women.

Now, alternatively, if you don't want to do it in real life, you can go online. Adjust your filters for race and choose Asian women and filter everyone else out.

But you need to remember that meeting Asian women is no different than meeting any other kind of woman. You're just going to be filtering out the other women you're not interested in and going for the Asian women in Vancouver.

Do you have a favorite method of meeting Asian women in Vancouver? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’ve got any comments or questions, also leave them below.

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