How To Get A Girl's Number (THIS WORKS)

So, you really like someone, and you're wondering how to get a girl's number. Well, this is very simple.

In this post, I’m going to explain:

  • Easy ways to get a girl's number, whether she's a complete stranger that you just approached or somebody you already like
  • The best way to ask for a girl's number
  • When's the best time to ask for a girl's number

And so much more. Let's get into it.

How To Get A Girl's Number

The following methods are going to give you some options for getting a girl's number easily.

But remember, they're only going to work if you approach her properly and she likes you, or if she's interested. Nothing you text will matter if you didn't do the approach properly.

You have to build a connection, otherwise nothing else matters. So, let's start with:

When To Ask For A Girl's Number

When To Ask For A Girl's Number

Whether you approached her cold on the street or you already knew her, the best time to ask is before you split. This is because it's easier to ask as you're leaving and make that part of your exit.

Although, some of the downsides of doing this is that depending on the situation, something might distract her and she'll run off.

So, if you're at a party and her friends suddenly show up when you're talking to her, it might have been a good idea to get to her a little bit earlier.

But, you can fine tailor this to your situation. Usually, if I've approached her on a street, I always wait until the end.

The Best Way To Ask For A Girl's Phone Number

The Best Way To Ask For A Girl's Phone Number

After chatting with her, simply say, "hey, I gotta get going, but let's have a coffee sometime". Then, if her response is positive, ask for her number.

Do it in an assertive way, it's much more attractive and it's more consistent with showing some balls. You could try something along the lines of: "Great, I'll grab your number then".

Remember, assertiveness is attractive. Women love it when men are assertive. That doesn't mean being rude or pushy, it just means asking for what you want in a direct manner.

So, with these kinds of methods, don't ask her "would you like to?" Or "can we?" Or "maybe sometime”, “maybe we could". These kinds of things show a little bit of insecurity.

It's kind of like asking her but not really believing she's not going to say yes, or being overly polite. Instead of being overly polite, just be assertive.

Your body language, eye contact, voice and other things are going to communicate what kind of guy you are.

You don't have to be a pushy guy, but being assertive is going to be much better for you, it's going to get you a lot more girls.

If you want to be more clever, there's other ways to ask, but you really don't have to be creative or clever or make this complicated. You're just getting her phone number.

If she's into you and you made a connection in your conversation, then she's going to be very interested in giving you her number. It's not going to be a big deal.

Alternative Methods To Ask For A Girl's Number

However, if you still want to try something different, try one of these:

#1. Downplaying It

Downplaying It

This one is going to be specific to the situation where she says, "oh, I'll take your number". Usually it's a deflection, it means she's not going to contact you back.

So, what I usually do is just kind of break it down, rationalize it and downplay it. Basically, I'm saying: "hey, this is not that important, but I'll take your number, alright?"

And I usually say something like this, "you know what, how about I just take your number and I'll text you later? If we have time, then maybe we can have a coffee sometime".

That way, I'm downplaying it and saying: "if we have time", "maybe". And it works very well. I've gotten dates many times by doing this.

If you give her your number, she's not going to send a message to you.

#2. Using A Pickup Line

Using A Pickup Line

The next one is kind of stupid, it's basically a pickup line. Just say something like, "hey, I forgot something". And she's like, "what?" And you say: "Your number".

I've never actually done that before, but do it if you like. Pickup lines actually can work if you use them as a joke and you're not serious about them.

In any case, give it a shot if you like and you want to be creative. Just keep in mind there's no point to being creative in this case, because you're just getting a phone number. So, it’s best to stick to the straight-to-the-target method.

If you want to learn more about texting girls, check out this post.


Here is the ultimate guideline to getting a girl’s number:

When to ask for a girl's number:

  • No matter the situation, the best time to ask is before you split so you can make it a part of your exit
  • If you’ve approached her on the street, it’s usually best to wait until the end

The best way to ask for a girl's phone number:

  • Ask her out for coffee or something simple after chatting with her
  • If her response is positive, ask for her number
  • Always ask for it in an assertive way. It’ll make you seem more attractive and less insecure
  • Your body language, eye contact, voice and other things are going to help you make a connection with her so she’s interested in you

Alternative methods to ask for a girl's number:

If you want to try something different, try:

  1. Downplaying the situation and your interest in her
  2. Using a pickup line
How To Get A Girl's Number

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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