How To Get A Girl To Text You Back

So, you messaged a girl and she hasn't replied back.

Now you're wondering: how to get a girl to text you back?

Well, it's easy, but it's also a matter of recognizing some truths.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • How to get a girl to respond back to your messages
  • Why this question itself may be killing your love life

And so much more. Let's jump into it.

Why Worrying About Girl Texting You Back Is Killing Your Love Life

The truth is you probably don't have very many options.

If you're really worried about one girl texting you back, then you probably don't have one, two or three other options for dates, so this one seems very important.

There's no value in waiting for one girl to respond back to you. She's either going to respond back to you or she's not.

Waiting and worrying about it is going to make you more needy.

It's obviously coming from a needy place to begin with, and that might be pushing her away, which may be why she hasn't responded to you yet.

Having some dating options will reduce your neediness because you're not going to worry if this girl texts you back since you're already getting messages from another girl.

Bottom line is, if she's not responding to your messages, she doesn't really like you or you're on the bottom of her agenda.

Nothing you say or do by text is going to change this.

The solution is meeting more girls and improving your confidence and skills to meet more girls and attract them.

In some cases, you can follow up by text and get a response from the girl you're interested in.

How To Get A Girl To Text You Back

If you're dating crush hasn't responded back to you in a couple of days, then try one of these options:

#1. Send A Question Mark

The first and simplest option is just sending a question mark. This is what I call a low percentage move.

Most girls are not going to respond back to this, but those girls are probably not going to respond back to anything you say because they've already decided to check you off their list, basically.

The question mark is a follow up to knock off those fence sitters.

Some girls will maybe not have responded back because they're kind of sitting on the fence, not sure about you 100%.

They might even be nervous about it too, because girls get nervous about dating too.

I've used this many times, but it's only really effective if you have multiple dating options.

If you have one dating option the whole year and you try this, chances are you're probably not going to hear anything.

But if you have lots of dates set up and you're meeting girls all the time, and you follow up with some of these girls who don't respond to you.

Some of those girls will respond back to you and you'll get dates with them.

#2. Follow Up On What You Were Already Talking About

If you're talking about a movie or some other topic, just follow up.

You can follow up another question about that topic and see if you can prompt her to respond.

#3. Find Another Girl

The final and best option is to find another girl and get a date with her instead.

If you want to learn more about texting and how not to scare girls off, check out this post.

Steps To Get A Girl To Text You Back (Summary)

Here are three simple options for you to try:

  1. Send a question mark: it’s a follow up to knock off those fence sitters
  2. Follow up on what you were already talking about: you can follow up another question about that topic and see if you can prompt her to respond
  3. Find another girl: get a date with another girl instead

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