How To Cancel A First Date (QUICK)

You may have agreed to go on a first date, but now you're regretting it.

Maybe you decided you're not really into that BBW action, or maybe she's a bit crazy... or you do want to see her again, but something else came up that's important and you have to reschedule.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • How to cancel a first date through text
  • The best way to reschedule your first date

And a lot more. Let's get into it.

How To Cancel A First Date

This is going to be by text message, obviously. Unless you want to waste your whole day to go track her down and tell her in person that you're not going to be able to make that first date. 

In that case, that means you’re crazy, probably. But if not, try this:

"Hey, Jenny, I'm so sorry, but I'm not going to be able to make it tomorrow. Best of luck."

If you use a message like this, it's going to be pretty clear that you don't want to see her again.

It's not just about tomorrow's date, it's about forever. Meaning you plan to spend an eternity without her.

However, if you do want to see her, try this instead:

"Hey, Jenny, I'm really sorry for this last minute notice, but I can't make it tomorrow for (insert reason here)".

Whatever your reason is, you're going to put it there. Make sure it's legit, obviously, and that'll make it sincere so can it pass a lot more effectively.

"...But I definitely want to get together. How is Wednesday or Thursday night instead?"

Now, by adding a couple of alternative days to meet her, you're letting her know that you're serious. You actually do want to meet her again.

You're not just flaking, but something actually did come up. That's a good idea, because you want to make sure she knows that.

Keep in mind, if this is the first date you're rescheduling, there's a good chance that she's not going to reschedule with you.

Girls are like squirrels, because they'll run for the smallest thing. So if you're canceling that first date, there's a good chance she has other options, and she'll just go for those easier options instead.


Here are some common questions about canceling or rescheduling a first date:

Is it disrespectful to cancel a date?

It is not disrespectful to cancel a date, because we all have different things going on and different things in life will come up which will require you to cancel your date sometimes. And sometimes you just don't want to go anymore.

What is a good excuse to cancel a date?

A good excuse to cancel a date is pretty much anything under the sun. Including that you're just not interested.

How do you politely cancel a date last minute?

To politely cancel a date last minute, all you really have to do is add the word "sorry" to your text message and then ask her to reschedule.

Why do people cancel first dates at the last minute?

People cancel first dates last minute because very often they'll get nervous, and sometimes there just may not be that much interest there in the first place.

How do you go on a date you don't want to go on?

To go on a date that you don't want to go on, simply don't go. There's no compelling reason to go on a date that you're not interested in.

If you're not interested, then it's a good idea to cancel and save yourself and the other person a lot of time.

What if she cancels the date last minute?

If your date cancels the date last minute, that basically means she's not interested and it's time to move on and find another date.

For more info on first dates, check out this post.


Here are some key points to take into consideration when you’re thinking of canceling a first date:

  • If you don’t want to see her again, you need to make that clear through the text. Be polite but don’t give options to reschedule
  • If you do want to see her, in addition to apologizing, make sure you mention the reason you can’t go anymore on the text and that you give her options to reschedule right away
  • Keep in mind that if it’s the first date you're rescheduling, there's a good chance that she's not going to reschedule with you and instead she’ll go for an easier option

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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